Tom Brady may tie another record today

TB has lost 3 SBs. Only Jim Kelly has lost more at 4.

Fran Tarkenton is only other to lose 3.

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw has each won 4 and lost none.

Food for thought about the goat :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure Elway lost 4... I rem mocking Broncos as a kid.....

*edit - nope it was team; Denver had more Super Bowl losses than any other team in NFL

Plus I was a Montana / SF fan so prob biased :slight_smile:

yeah, but I fogot to note that Elway did lose 3.

He never played in a Grey Cup so I won't call him the greatest. Did I mention he also cheated with deflated footballs


Let not forget that the refs like him.....a lot


Too bad we were robbed of a better game by Mahomes foot injury.

Still Tom Brady is the greatest NFL quarterback to play the game behind Colin Kaepernick and he played a hell of a game.

We were robbed more by the officials in that second quarter.


Borderline calls, maybe, but a pro team should have been a little quicker to pick up on the standards being used by the refs. I learned that different referees have different standards very early when coaching hockey. They rarely change, and give credence to the adage that if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Significant that the Chiefs’ DBs did alter their style of play in the second half. But they are infamous for “hands on” coverage. And I had no dog in the fight, but was definitely expecting a much better showing by KC, expecting the game to go right to the final gun. This one was essentially over at half time, and definitely over when Tampa scored early in the third quarter. With no particular interest in who won, the game bordered on boring at times.


Right with you well said - most fans like me were expecting far better officiating let alone more consistency in officiating not only for this game but throughout the season.

You don't have a crew call one game loose in the playoffs followed by a Super Bowl called beyond tight and to your term "borderline," well that was so tight and questionable I think that's being gracious as well not there is much wrong about being diplomatic about what many have seen as lower-level folly as compared to some of the even more egregious calls in the NFL playoffs of recent years.

This is a rotten egg upon the NFL and it shows today and folks will be howling about this, and it's far beyond fans of the Chiefs of course, for some time.


In retrospect this could become known in Super Bowl history as "The Brady Bowl" and not simply for his MVP trophy, for which most have no issue beyond obviously the fans of the Chiefs.

Love him or hate him, you gotta admit that Brady is one heck of a competitor, and among the all time best at QB. I realize that commentators and team-mates over-do the G.O.A.T. thing, and don’t know how you can effectively compare eras anyway. But the man certainly is a player, and should be on every fan’s list of the top QBs, if not at the top. His longevity at the top, and number of records, certainly support that.

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Tom Brady is the GOAT in the opinion of most.

I'm saddened that Brady's last two Super Bowls were awful sporting product though of course in the prior one in 2019 I understand how those who are overjoyed by defence would have thought highly of it.

The bar in the sporting and entertainment respects has been re-set low for the NFL in my opinion. From an entertainment and sporting perspective, last night's Super Bowl not a good product at all. It was garbage come the second quarter with the negated interception for a laughable made-up call.

It does not matter sure such that people will watch anyway especially when the entire rest of the US media clear the programming slate as if the NFL even needs more help here in the streaming age.

I'm happy if Brady retires now and we move beyond Brady and last night's officiating folly is not at all on him or other players.

One Brady Bowl was too much for me though he is the GOAT and got another deserved MVP to go with another Lombardi Trophy for a different team too.

We'll see what the NFL does or does not do next season. I'm not looking forward to any more "favoured son" status for sake of officiating though, for the referees definitely were friendly to Brady earlier in the season.

Last night's folly I do not agree was about him just a terrible officiating crew with a bias to making calls beyond tight after so much "let 'em play" all season with the statistics on fewer calls of penalties bearing that out.


Kaepernick? Are you serious? This is a perfect example of sarcasm no doubt!


And Brady chases down Mathieu, has words, and Mathieu gets flagged for Unsportsmanlike. Hmmm...


Just a little :grin:

So Montanna and Bradshaw are possibly better because they couldn't get their team to the Superbowl as many times?

Yes for the bad officiating that was like fuel to the fire for the fans and Exhibit C. It was all just awful.

I tuned out early in the third quarter.

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A far bigger issue is that in modern days you can not hit the QB
I am not advocating for bums to try and take out premier players but we all know (even in CFL) they used to run the QB far more often than they do in modern days

Just look at list of greats who were injured and retired young....

Jim Marshall is only NFL QB to crack Top20 who did not play into late 90s early 2000s (6th all time in games played)

There only are 3 QBs in Top50 (incl Tarkenton) who did not play in modern era.

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Montana is a classic example of a player who was greater than his stats
Heck even Young in SF did better than Montana but I suspect far more people equate Montana as greatest


Say what? bla bla bal