Tolliver re-signs

Can't Be DeniedVerified account ?@TToliver80 3h3 hours ago

Excited to announce I will be back in the hammer for the next two years #cfl

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Great news. Now, if he can just stay healthy.

I would argue he has stayed relitively healthy. Last year he clearly rolled his ankle but perceivered. He isn't my "guy that can't stay healthy" player. He is for a tall somewhat slight of frame guy particularly durable considering the amount of tosses his way.

I think this was a very important signing if not somewhat obscured by other more established names.

Zach when he is on his game is the prototypical QB that he spreads his throws and isn't afraid to throw deep with a pretty good success rate for deep balls (prove me otherwise FenderGuy). Tolliver is so important to that deep threat. I even put him over my man crush of Sinkfield as I feel he is that important to overall offensive looks and plays in keep defences honest.

This is great news! He's a big target with really good speed. :smiley: Welcome back "T squared".

I'm in agreement with heapbag's comments on Terrence and consider this news major. I considered him, yesterday, as #1 on our list of 25 players who could become free agents on Velentine's Day (I could have typed "Tuesday" .... just a reminder, guys). So glad the guy I thought was our most likely to loose, in free agency, is here to stay.

I think Toliver still has upside. He's been getting better over the time he's been with us, and there's no reason to think his progress has stopped.

Matthew ScianittiVerified account ?@TSNScianitti 2m2 minutes ago

Hearing Toliver's two-year deal with #Ticats is worth 150K -- before incentives -- in 2017, rising to 160K in 2018 #CFL

:rockin: great news

Continuity is good and a benchmark of the team Austin is trying to build/maintain.

I like Tolliver's skill set and size. He has made some great and timely catches over the last few seasons.

One thing I noticed that I did not like was a bit of "me me me" bravado on the sidelines after some big plays. Eerily akin (and for my liking resembling a bit too closely) to that Carter kook from the ALs. It wasn't much, but it was there. Clean that up and he may well be an all-star for a long time.

Now, a lock-down corner, some quality competition at D-halfback, another solid DT, rotation safety and some up-and-coming O-linemen and bring on the season.

I am very happy.