Tolliver on 6 game IL

Louis Butko?
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#Ticats head coach June Jones said today Terrence Toliver has been placed on the six game injured list. @TSN1150 #CFL

See ya TT

With 10 players on the 6 game list, there should be some cap space available for Sinkfield . Even a speed rental as insurance would be nice . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Or anyone at this point with some experience at WR? The Cats should have some salary space available to bring in another receiver or two to add some depth to the current depleted list of players on the injury list?

That is really too bad. I’m not sure if he will be back next year.

Hadn’t done anything this year. He’s done

Really just didn’t get on track or seem to gel with Masoli at all this year.

I seriously don't think that he's fully recovered from his ACL surgery.

Import receivers are a dime a dozen

Your sympathy and loyalty to a 4-year Ticat player who has put his body on the line for our team are quite touching.

But, I don’t think the TiCats see anyone, not already here, playing this season.

In the main page video “September 9th: Coach June Jones,” the coach made it sound like Toliver, still undergoing concussion protocol, may be on the 6-Game for a lesser number of weeks. He’s impressed with McDaniel and expects that he will, eventually, be activated. I may be wrong, but I don’t think he meant this week, when I expect they’ll go with the 7 other WRs dressed last game.

The coach also suggested that their replacement plans, should they lose another receiver, beyond Toliver, won’t likely include anyone not already here, other than possibly Chad Owens. And, they also have thoughts of playing John White and Alex Green together, rather than adding a new-to-the-team WR. I think he sees what’s required of WRs in his offence as too much for someone new to learn in time to be productive this year. McDaniel for example, with all his CFL experience, has been with the team for over 4 weeks now and has yet to play.

Well if they’re a dime a dozen as you say then how come we can’t seem to sign any ? Looking at our lineup without Toliver it shows we only have 5 available (including McDaniel) left on the roster . So the question is simply this…where are the other 7 imp rec to round out our dozen ? Seems like we ain’t getting our moneys worth out of that slim dime you talk of .

On a side note I always thought it was import running backs that were a dime a dozen . I didn’t realise that import receivers could be had for the same going rate . :o

I wonder what kind of shape he was in since he missed training camp. He might not have been in game shape. I think the Cats should keep him around even if he doesn't play. He would probably make a great receivers coach.

Well, I guess I misinterpretted a couple of the coach’s comments. He was obviously not saying anything about hoping to sign Sinkfield. And, Steve Milton now reports that draft pick Justin Buren will play, and even start, his first CFL game. Jones sounds high on his talents and I’m looking forward to seeing him in uniform.