Anyone know why he left the game? Did not see the play today. I saw him leaving the stadium in his civies with his gal at half time. Looked a little dazed. Did he take a head shot again? Hope he’s ok. He has had a tough year.

Coach said concussion.

Right now I don’t see Toliver returning to his 2016 form when he got 1000 yards. Since his ACL tear he hasn’t been quite the same. The new concussion type injuries won’t help his case either. Hopefully he can heal 100% during the off season.

I don’t see him back next year, Don’t think JJ is a fan of him and his durability and inability to make tough catches this year will be a factor.

It is unfortunate what has happened to Tolliver with injuries.

REC’s we have on the Practice Roster

Chad Owens
Marquay McDaniels
Justin Buren - NAT
Shakeir Ryan

Any one of these guys is a suitable replacement for Tolliver

No one has mentioned this but maybe we should go out and get Terrell Sinkfield (Rec) N. Iowa.
He used to play here.

I think he's a converted DB now. Can't catch obviously.

I also think he does not get targetted enough. We will need him for the playoffs…some of the others on practice roater may not be ready.

TOR has this Carter guy they aren't using.

I think the ACL injury has definitely hampered Toliver’s play, certainly his speed and routes. But why is he suddenly so ham-handed. I don’t remember him dropping so many in the past, and that is not due to a knee injury.

Don’t like the repeated concussions, he maybe needs to park it for the rest of this season before it becomes a chronic thing.

I hope that concussion thing works out for him. I wouldn’t want to lose TT. We saw what he did in ED at the beginning of the season. If there’s room on the passenger side, the team should carry him (to clarify, I mean it as a figure of speech and not that the team should physically prop him up on their shoulders and carry him around.) He’s a weapon you’d like to have handy when you really need it.

I saw them looking at Toliver’s arm on the sideline. Also with an ACL injury you can come back in a year but most ppl say it takes 2 years to be fully healthy again.

Not to get picky, but isn’t Tolliver spelled with 2 Ls?

Oops my bad, it is 1 L.

Isn't he like in the NFL or something?

No, you're thinking of Bakari Grant

We should have never let Jasper Collins go

Brian Tyms. The list never ends.

Oh ?

Matt Coates