This is what Toliver was running on last game! :frowning:

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OH MY GOD @TToliver80’s feet from this morning.. how do dudes play like this?!?

Could they water the turf to cool it down to acceptable levels on heat days ?
That is painful ! Running on HOT asphalt rug!
Miss real turf ...

That man needs to talk to his shoe guy, stat!

My comment on 3DN:

"In the Army, we have this thing called “foot powder? – it actually works well when you’re carrying a 25kg rucksack, wearing your “battle rattle?, and toting your weapon on a 13km timed march.
Fresh socks and good air circulation certainly helps when not wearing cleats. The good news is that his foot doesn’t look like it’s infected. The bye week will help…"

I thought that was Athlete's Foot...

Nope. AS one who has had similar issues, that looks like he had blisters underneath the calluses that accumulate naturally to toughen-up the sole of the foot. Those blisters generally "pop" on their own, and the callus sloughs off, leaving brand-new, TENDER skin on the soles of the feet.

Not knowing everything that has occurred, this, among other reasons, happens when footwear is either too tight or too loose, sweat/water soaking the calluses and not being able to get them dry (see the "foot powder and fresh socks" comment).

Unfortunately, it takes time to re-grow the calluses, so this may be a season-long issue; until cooler weather starts to come in...

I've found the best way to prevent blisters is to wear a polypropylene "liner sock" underneath the main sock. Snug-fitting thin polypropylene tends to stay stationary against the skin, but can slip against the outer sock, with the net result that most of the friction occurs between the two sock layers rather than occurring between the skin and a sock layer.

And of course, you also want to find shoes/cleats/boots that fit you as well as possible in the first place.

Even though these are advertised for the value of their moisture-wicking in cold weather, I find them great for mitigating friction in all weather (worn inside another pair of socks):

Whatever it is, Sigpig, (can I still call you by that?) they’d better find a treatment because that doesn’t look like no two week deal. How can he even practise on it? He best not be on the field on another scorcher like today…That’s a tough one… What do you do?

It seriously doesn't look that horrible I'm sure he'll be fine to practice and play, it seems like an annoyance not an injury.

They aren't on the field this he has "some" time.