Told You.. Where there is smoke, fire is usually near by

As we have seen, Tillman isn't always in his right mind. :wink:

I just can't help but think that he (Tillman) hasn't enquired about Jyles though, especially with the reports that he is prepared to ship out Ray for a package of NI o-linemen.

If we don't sign Jackson and Jyles isn't ready to go, what do you think Mack does for TC?

Stick with 4-5 of the QB'S we already have

Trade for another teams backup
Another American QB scouted
Another Neg List QB (on our neg list)
Trade for another teams neg list QB

I suppose other options could be to bring DiMichele back (had to say this because i like this kid), sign another FA is highly unlikely as Mack stated but there is Joseph, Bishop, Leak, Printers (i know LOL) ...... What ever happened to Graham Harrell, the Riders big on him weren't they?

Mack will look for a back up with experience, and not Porter/Leak type of guys either. Maybe Joseph or someone like that depends who is available. Right now it's Jackson.

I would like to see what Frank Wilczynski can do in TC and pre-season, he looks like a darn good qb and is fast which is perfect for the CFL

Then we'll be gritting our teeth listening to Rod Black and Duane Forde mispronounce that name. . .

LOL ---- we can make it simple, like a dictionary and if they still don't get it then, well they are dumber than we think

Wil - Chin - Ski


Duane Forde wouldn't mispronounce it. When he does mispronounce a name it is after Black has and I think he does it so Black doesn't look more stupid. I'd be worrying about Suiter mispronouncing it too - he's had some good ones.

If the line on Buck is that he shouldn't lose his position due to injury, why isn't the same true for Jyles?

....good point discipline.....It would be a double standard to say the least....It would also be completely irresponsible of Mack and Bomber mngment. to not have a bonafide replacement in the wings IF Jyles is not ready to go this season...hence the pursuing of Jackson....If Jyles isn't throwing now and won't be until April that would leave me to believe his injury was a lot worse than Bucks....It would also mean all of this trade rumour stuff is a bunch of bunk....It might not be off the table all together.... Once Jyles regains his health i think it may resurface ...For now, I hope we sign the best qb. available and that would be Jackson..We'll see how things progress...He also has other suitors and it's not a slam dunk signing him :roll:

Add Maas to the list of veteran stop gaps available, Esks just released him.

I cannot see Mack going for Jason Maas, he is 35 Years old and has not thrown a TD since 2007 in fact he has been brutal every year since his best year in 2004, i would rather have Elliot as #2 to be quite honest!!

It would be a mistake to make Elliot #2 at this point IMO. He's hasn't even been in the league for a whole season. Don't rush him. It does sound like Mack really likes him though based on his comments in the FP.

My uneducated guess is that if you took a fan poll (and I'm not suggesting that the team should make decisions based on fan polling, mind you) in here, the majority would say that Elliott appears to have more upside than does Brink.

While it is not nearly enough upon which to base a valid judgment, the numbers they produced in limited action last season would provide justification:

Brink, 15 out of 40 for a 37.5% completion rate, passer rating 36.5 (and the only QB in the league with a lower passer rating last sesason was Jason Maas at 25.3).

Elliott, 35 out of 73 for a 47.9% completion rate, passer rating 58.9 (which is, interestingly enough, a higher passer rating than Montreal's highly-touted Adrian McPherson).

Neither saw enough playing time to get an accurate read, for sure, but I have to say that was impressed with what I saw from Elliott, given that he was raw and had no training camp. I didn't see much in Brink that would lead me to think he'll develop into starter material, whereas I do believe Elliott very well may.

But I've been wrong before. . .

Why do you guys still have Peirce? He obviously has injury issues, if I were you guys I would trade/release Peirce and Brink, sign Jackson, have a Jyles vs Jackson/Elliot Competition, Winner starts losers go 2nd and 3rd strings and you have depth, I know I'm your arch foe and such but I just wish you guys release Peirce it's getting painful to watch him play football... :roll:

Jyles likely won't be recovered from his shoulder injury in time for training camp, can't fly on one wing.

I see, sucks to be you :lol: naahhh I hope for the best, bring your "A" game to Labour Day :rockin:

Who is saying that looking at trading Jyles is him losing his position due to injury? Maybe he asked for a trade, then again maybe he didn’t. Maybe Jyles is so well regarded by some other GMs that when Mack asks another GM what would it take in return for him to acquire a certain player they say Jyles. And maybe when teams ask for Jyles in return, Jyles is so well regarded by Mack he says no. Fact of the matter is that Jyles’ being traded is only rumor. There are no concrete details on the how and why his name has come up and to speculate that he’s asked to be traded or he’s lost his job because of injury, attitude, or any other reason is fruitless. You can speculate,however, on how the bombers roster at QB may look come training camp. That’s only fair and that will continue every offseason until there is a long term answer at QB. There’s no question that whether its been inconsistent play as in the past or injuries like last year, there hasn’t been a steady, if unspectacular, every game starter since Glenn was shown the door. 2010- Pierce, Jyles, Brink, Eliott. 2009 - Bishop, LeFors, Randall, Bramlet, Richie Williams. That’s 9 quarterbacks we’ve watched take snaps in 2 years! There will be more changes in the future unless someone actually steps up and shows they can win games. If Pierce can’t stay healthy he’s gone after this year. Yes Jyles showed promise but didn’t deliver the wins and it’s the W’s that matter. Madjack’s stats IMO show that Brink vs Elliott basically is a statistical wash, 3 more completions for Brink and its a dead heat. No QB on this roster should feel like they are entitled or owed the starting job, and as fans I don’t think we should anoint anyone to that position either until we have a guy that makes the W on the helmet stand for winner.

sounds like jyles is hurt and wont start throwing until late april (free-press stats late march-april) so.. i think these trade rumors can be put to rest, however.... i still think he is on the market, i mean, i would imagine if we could get a bunch of picks, some ni talent in return, id suspect mack would make that trade. WHOEVER, WHEREVER.

whether it be steven jyles or fred reid or glenn january or steve morely or jovon or terrence edwards even.

Think u make that trade if the other team gives u what u want..

however, i think jyles will be moved if we sign jackson, i think a team like edmonton would still want him... even if he is onlly throwing come late march early april. lots of time b4 camp really still to get ready. just gotta bust ur butt and if u want it, if jyles wants it, he will do it. i dont think he wants it. i think he will still be traded, just after all the teams over the cap release the players they need to 2 get under it.. just see it happening. I just.. feel jyles will not be on the roster this year, whether it be via trade or injury.. Just ppl seem concerned about BUCK.. and his health.. he seems to be busting his butt.. ive seen him around town, dudes looking pretty good actuallly. throwing already, the guy wants it. But Jyles is the one they are concerned about the most, will he ever be the same even? is it better to trade him to a team like edmonton, get a couple picks (2nd/3rd rounder even) maybe 1st and 3rd even (#1, #2 pick would rule :smiley: ) or is it better to keep him on IR and hope he returns to form one day in the future, hope he doesnt regress instead of progress, some say he progressed last year.. i say he's been in the league for 5 years and looked like a rookie still at times.

If someone offers us what we want for jyles (injured or not injured) that deal is done tomorrow.

Its really that simple.

say bombers get a call tomorrow from edmonton.. hey mr mack.. we will offer u the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 draft, our 3rd round pick in the draft and either a conditional 2012 2nd rounder or a player off their current roster (pref cdn)

would you say no? Id have to think about it and probably call back 10 minutes later and say.. Lets make a deal!!

Killer, were I to be Mack, and Tillman called me with that offer, I'd accept it right away, no taking 10 minutes to think it over.

But I really doubt that Tillman would make such an offer.

Think about it. . . the 2nd overall pick in the 2011 draft, AND a 3rd round pick in the same draft, AND either a 2012 2nd rounder or a player currently on the Edmonton roster. .. all that for Jyles with a questionable shoulder? I think you are seriously over-valuing Jyles' worth on the trade market.

Wolverine you made some very good points there, the one I just quoted being really something. . .9 QBs in 2 years, geez. . .

I guess the reason I'd have Elliott higher on the depth chart than Brink isn't really numbers-driven, it's based more on a gut feeling. Brink was there through training camp and all season, had lots of advance notice that he was going to start a game (although that decision was odd to say the least, at the time). . . and yet he looked like a deer in the headlights to me. On the other hand, Elliott came in with no training camp, minimal practice time, was thrown to the wolves and didn't look out of place particularly. . . he seemed to me to be a far more confident and calm manager of the game when compared to Brink.