Told You.. Where there is smoke, fire is usually near by

HERE we go....

leads me to believe the jyles trade talk isnt just another rumor like some say it is...

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Ya.. jarious jackson.

You can bet your butt if he signs.. Jyles goes for draft picks.

People assume things... but the answer as to why is the easiest one

why do you trade jyles? probably because he wants to be traded.

Just sayin.

Wont happen? hmm.... IT WILL HAPPEN. Pierce is number 1, Jackson is #2 but not really the starter, just the fall back guy if pierce gets hurt during a game or if #3 elliot or brink struggles. Its really a smart thing to do. Baressi was the qb coach of jacksons eh? Hmm.. Yup.. Jyles wants out. Dude probably was told buck is the starter and Jyles probably said.. K trade me.

Did Jyles tell Mack that he wants to be traded ? You may very well be correct on that guess, Killer.

I'd suspect that is reasonable. Getting a starter and a high pick is probably overvaluing Jyles' worth on the trade market; but getting 2 picks, or one pick plus a backup player might be more do-able.

Heard some reports that Jyles isn't rebounding from his shoulder injury.

If he wants out we better trade him, remember what happenened with KG?

I hope Jyles realizes he isn’t going to start right away for any team but Toronto.

And if the other GMs are aware of that, then his trade value drops some more. . .

one word to begin with ---- DUMB

If this happens i lose more faith in the new Bomber Brass especially Mack ---- Yeah let's trade a 28 year old QB who had great stats and still has an upside and sign a 33 year old QB who has NEVER won a starter's job in BC and has 3rd string career stats.

Not to mention Jackson turned down a $125,000/year offer in BC and he is not even worth that, how much does he want? what is he worth, sure as hell not more than what Jyles iis worth.
Let's see:
Jackson: 33 years old, $125,000 year, NO upside
Jyles: 28 years old, $100,000 year, still has upside.

If we trade Jyles and sign Jackson for six figures than Mack deserves to be fired immediately, six figures for a 33 year old QB (not to mention had MANY injuries himself in the past 2 years), six figures could of got us Bauman, much more worth the risk than Jackson. Last i heard Jyles was excited to be back with the BB'S and is working hard to push for the number one spot, as someone commented the only team he would start for is T.O, i am sure he would rather stay here and compete for the starters job (which he could win) than play behind Ray or Glenn (for sure starters).

By the way Killer, who and when has ANY of the BB'S Mack or Lapo stated Buck will be the starter? NO ONE, NEVER!! It's February and the BB brass ARE NOT going to pull a Kelly and SAY that Buck is going to be the starter. Again your hatred for Jyles shines through by stating Buck is #1 (with NO PROOF) ........ My guess is this is just more BS, another reason i think this is because Jyles was expected to be in the Peg early in March for training.

...He'd have to pass a physical (Jyles) ...I think he'll be traded as a future starter, if the phys.examination pans out :roll:

Funny in Lapos interview not too long ago he stated that ALL our Qb’s WILL be ready to go come TC, Brink is already fully healed, Buck is close to 100% and Jyles is ahead of schedule and will begin throwing in March (when he was supposed to come to the Peg to train), reports are not alway’s correct and i’ll believe the people who are following his rehab (the Bomber Brass) before i’ll believe some report. This is not going to happen, if it does all my faith in Mack and his so called plan is gone.

This is just another BS RUMOUR (and that is all it is) made up by none other than Perry Lefko who has a HORRIBLE track records of RUMOURS, the FP story by Tait was just a retread of Lefko's BS, after all it is a slow news day and i guess Tait needs to write about something.

If by chance this rumour is true and the Bombers are willing to sign an older, slower, injury riddled Jackson who has worse career stats than Jyles, it is only for insurance purposes in case Jyles isn't 100% in camp, signing Jackson for a contract with no upfront money would be smart just in case because you can cut him and not pay him a dime if Jyles is ready.

Jyles would have to pass a physical if traded and that won't happen if he were to take it this soon ..... Jyles can't pass a physical because he won't start throwing until next month, why would another team risk trading for Jyles at this stage? THEY WON'T, if Jackson is signed it is only for insurance reasons and as i said would not cost us a dime if no up front money is given .......... THIS IS MY GUESS, Jackson signing true IF there is no upfront $$$, Jyles trade FALSE because no team is going to trade anything of value at this point for a guy who won't even start throwing for a month.

....I think you could possibly be right bluengold....Jackson could be being brought in as insurance 'in case' Jyles isn't ready...If that's the case there certainly won't be a trade for Jyles...Nobody in their right mind trades for a qb. who isn't 100 percent...BUT if the reason Jyles is moved is because he doesn't want to be will happen :roll:

last thing Jyles has said is he is looking forward to coming back to the Bombers in 2011, his rumour to be traded is all made up by Leko, it’s a proven fact that Lefko made it up with no proof and in fact we all remember Mack stated the rumour was not true and he looks forward to having Jyles back in 2011. I think Jyles knows he has a better chance of starting here before he would in Edmonton or Hamilton, T.O would be his best bet if he wnated to start and there have been no reports or even suggestions that T.O is interested. In fact the last thing i read about T.O and QB’S was in Lefko’s article where he states the following:

"The Toronto Argonauts will consider signing free-agent quarterback Jarious Jackson providing he proves to the team that he has physically recovered from an injured shoulder.

Argo general manager/head coach Jim Barker told on Friday he has talked with the free agent, who had been with the B.C. Lions since 2004 and at one point started for them."

SO if Jackson needs to prove to T.O that he can throw i bet my bottom dollar that EVERY team that are supposed to be interested in Jyles are thinking the same thing, no trade will be made, if at all UNTIL Jyles proves he is healed and can throw the ball, and that is still a month away at the very earliest.

Killer, that "report" is hardly proof of anything. Ed Tait reporting a rumour supposedly reported by Lowell Ullrich of the Vancouver Province. Problem is I still can't find Ullrich's report where he makes the claim that the Bombers have offered a contract. There is nothing at the Province's website, in Ullrich's blog or his twitter account about it.

I was finally able to find Ullrich's report but that doesn't change the fact that this just one reporter reporting on another reporter's rumour.

Ok…you are coach and GM
Your starting QB lasted 3 games. Has never survived a season. He now is rehabbing a serious throwing arm injury.
Your back up has never proven himself with 3 teams and is rehabbing a serious throwing shoulder injury.
You won 4 games last year.
A proven pro who has won 65% of his games started may be available at a reasonable price.
Contracts are not guaranteed.
What would you do?

whats in the water out there? Panic?

You sign Chris Leak and laugh at him as he does the Gator Chomp after a completion, before proceeding to throw an awful interception!

Good grief, such impassioned replies for and against Jyles. Fact of the matter, as has been pointed out over and over and over by many posters who are fans of the Blue - Mack and his staff will look to make moves to improve the club any which way they can. FA has come and gone, for now, and aside from bringing back most of our own FAs there was no big move to be had. One can assume that they did not find any of the available players to be a significant upgrade over what's on the roster right now or worth the asking price. And the top of the NI pool signed before FA officially began. Through all this most a lot of people said in Mack we trust, no point overspending on FAs, etc. I doubt anyone will disagree that the team needs to upgrade the NI quality and ideally not overpay. As it stands we have only 3 picks in the draft and only 1 in the top 2 rounds of a draft considered to be mostly top heavy with only about 20-25 quality guys as I have read elsewhere. A trade would then seem a reasonable avenue for adding a quality NI player.

So why so polarized now that Jyles' names have come up in rumors? First, they are just rumors. Second, if his name is indeed being discussed with other teams this is just Mack and staff doing their due diligence in trying to find someone that can improve their team. As I've said in other posts I think Jyles is probably one of the most marketable assets on the roster at present. QB, at present is a position of excess. Where else do you find another player you can move? RB? Reids' not going anywhere. WR - we've had trouble finding quality imports so why would they trade a guy like TJH or Carr. Edwards? he might be a player that can bring something back in return. Brock, Hargreaves, other NI receivers - not likely to get much interest aside from Watson. Oline? Anyone want an import tackle? Archibald was reigning lineman of the year and he there was really only 1 taker in BC. January, who missed all of last season? You think anyone wants any of our NI lineman, aside from LaBatte? would u even consider trading LaBatte? On Dline, would you move Odell Willis after losing Phil Hunt? Doug Browns not going anywhere. The rest of the guys on the Dline and the LB core are still really young, what can you reasonably expect in return? the defensive backfield - Jovon Johnson? trade him - beyond ridiculous, Hefney just signed a new contract, however maybe there were a few nibbles. Clint Kent? He might draw some interest but personally I think he's a quality player and versatile and trading him would be a bigger mistake. Logan is staying put, unless they somehow find another position to start a NI.

At this point, if you are asking for Mack to make moves to upgrade the talent on the team, then Jyles is one of the few guys who can fetch a decent return in trade. Its a position where they can bring in another experienced guy like Jackson as a stopgap who has starting experience to replace him, in fact someone with even more than Jyles, and looks to have a bit bigger of an arm. If you can praise Mack for not overpaying for FAs and preach patience and trust, then you have to trust they are doing their due diligence on Jyles, Jackson, and anyone else.

This sort of blows the theory that Jyles will be traded to bits:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are interested in Jarious Jackson because they’re trying to cover their bases.

Bombers GM Joe Mack said Monday the Bombers haven’t made an official offer to the free-agent quarterback, but the 33-year-old, who spent the last six seasons with the B.C. Lions, knows how much he would earn should he choose to play in Winnipeg.

Mack has also made it clear to Jackson that if he did come to the Manitoba capital, it would be only for a chance to back up Buck Pierce.

“I’ve talked to Jamie (Barresi) and Paul (LaPolice), and we’re all pretty much in agreement that at this point in time Buck would be coming to camp as the starter because he didn’t get demoted; he just got hurt,? Mack said.

“I just don’t know where, if and or it’s going to lead anywhere (with Jackson). And right now we foresee Buck being our starting quarterback, so we’re not going to give any extraordinary contract to anybody, because if anybody did come in under any circumstances it would be to compete as a backup.?

Contingency plan

The Bombers are concerned about the health of current backup Steven Jyles, who suffered a serious right shoulder injury in October and won’t be able to start throwing until late March or early April.

“Let’s say it was unfortunate that Steven was having a tough time coming back from rehab or wasn’t totally rehabbed,? Mack said. “Jarious would certainly be an interesting insurance policy, if you will.?

Pierce and third-stringer Alex Brink are also coming off injuries, but both are further along in their recoveries than Jyles.

“We have three injured quarterbacks,? Mack said, “and we want to make sure that we do all due diligence to make sure we have some contingency plans if one or two of our quarterbacks can’t come back.?

And given Pierce’s inability to stay healthy, Winnipeg just might be the best choice for Jackson.

The Bombers currently have seven quarterbacks under contract, the others being Joey Elliott, Zac Champion, Frank Wilczynski and Justin Goltz. While those are plenty of gunslingers from which to choose, Mack noted their CFL experience is limited or nonexistent.

“We’re totally not discounting those guys,? Mack said, adding he’ll have to make some roster moves when it comes to their quarterbacks. “It’s a comfort level for the coaches if somebody has played before.?

Jackson’s agent, Dan Vertlieb, refused comment on Monday when reached by the Sun, but it’s been reported that the Toronto Argonauts and possibly a third team are pursuing the former Notre Dame passer. There is also a chance Jackson could return to the Lions.

“My gut feeling is that if he was told he was going to come in to maybe try to earn a backup role that he’d just stay in B.C., but I don’t know that for a fact,? Mack said. “That would be my reading.?

The GM was asked if the Bombers would still want Jyles if his shoulder is given a clean bill of health.

“Sure,? Mack said. “We just don’t know how that’s going to unfold. That’s a substantial unknown at this point.?


Pigseye, you hit the name on the head about Jyles' injury. And once again Lefko was blowing smoke out his butt with his trade "rumours".

What is a reasonable price to you? Jackson turned down $125,000/year before incentives from BC, not sure what T.O or Winnipeg are offering him but i will bet that Jackson signs with the team that throws him the highest signing bonus upfront and i have a feeling that the ombers won't be throwing much if anything upfront.

Where there is smoke, there is just smoke .... LOL .... Trade rumour was made up, fact is Jyles is likely not even going to be ready for TC and as i mentioned before Jackson is only insurance.

Bob Irving has said on Power 97 this morning that "the Bomber's are only interested in Jackson as "insurance" because the BB'S are Concerned that Jyles WILL NOT be able to go come TC and Jyles will not be moved anywhere due to this fact. Jyles was expected to be in Winnipeg in March to start throwing, but he in fact will not start throwing until at least the beginning of April."

No one in there right mind are going to trade for a QB that can't even throw a ball yet, my bet is Jyles starts the season on the IR if he plays at all. There have been rumblings that his slow rehab may suggest his injury could be career threatening, tough times for Jyles.

As mentioned Buck should be the starter, Brink and Elliot should be in camp and if we don't sign Jackson then one or two of the other 3 QB'S may be in camp to compete as well. Also heard Mack is scouting QB'S down South as well, he has also said he has no interest in Chris Leak at this point.

Stay Tuned bacause the Bomber QB soap opera is back on the air and should be interesting leading up to camp.

HEY MACK .... bring DiMichele back, after all he was better than Brink at TC and in preseason last year!!