i said eskees and ti-cats had NO CHANCE...and that ottawa would win by atleast 14....hahahaha

people still refuse to give ottawa any credit. including tsn's shultz, who picked hamilton to get thier first win against

hamilton has NO CHANCE until they play week!

You were right about the end result, but to say Esks had no chance is stretching it don’t ya think? They had under 40 yards to go to score the winning TD in the dying seconds of the game. Translation, they had a chance right up to the end.

You are right when you tell me that they did nothing in the first half and that they were very undisciplined with all the penalties. That said, they managed to get untracked and make it a close game at the end. BC did nothing expose any weaknesses that we didn’t already know about. They simply executed better.

BC always wins the tight ones...thats y they're undefeated!

just like i knew ottawa would come out strong in the second half ( game was tied 5-5 after 1st half )...cuz they always do. 'GADES keep it close for 1st half, then dominate the second, and last nite was no diff....

all the ticat faithful were yellin at me and my GF at the game much fun...yelling things like : 1st place ren-e-gades!!!....go home, ticats suck!!!.......hahahahahaha

Saying BC always wins the tight ones does not convince me that the Esks had no chance. BC has a lot of depth and is well coached. If Edmonton could run the ball and eliminate the mental mistakes they would have pushed the Lions that much more.

I agree that BC is the better team right now, but you need to go deeper than that to convince me that other teams have no chance against them.

Cheers pick was because of who played who...BC played and beat the better teams...edmonton only beat hamilton, winnipeg and ottawa to get 5 wins....and lost to montreal!

ottawa will finish 9-9 and make the playoffs, only to lose to montreal in first round, but gain fan support for next year!

im so embarass for some reason for the Eskies...Im a lions fan and Eskimo are my 2nd favourite team...after the lions game...

Eskimo showed its true colours...20-3...and its printers first time, our offense is not where it should be(yet)...

when i saw that score...i was really happy for my lions but disappointed for the Eskies...

I was expecting better and i got let down :frowning: ...Eskies record was like that because they beat weak teams...I hope they beat toronto...

B.C has a real problem putting teams away, and it'll come back to haunt them.

but who will be the ones to snap the streek.....????

.....tune in this friday and you'll find out........

I predict that CALGARY will hand B.C. there first loss.

No offense meant to BC fans, but I hope hellothere is right. However, I did pick BC to win, just because. . .well I don't know. It was just a hunch. This is going to be the game to watch for me, since I WANT one team to win, but picked the other. Wouldn't want to be sitting beside myself on the couch when I'm watching that one.

Holy smokes, hellothere - did I just agree with you on two points in one morning?? Better buy a lottery ticket . :smiley:

I'm not meaning to pick favorites here but in actuality I'd say Saskatchewan has the best chance of beating BC for their first lost. The next weeks BC plays Calgary and Hamilton, then Saskatchewan on Taylor Field Aug 27th. We'll be rested after finally getting the bye and we are on home turf that game eager to get the season turned around. It will be a good test for us in more ways than one win or lose against Ottawa this week. Makes for a good game!

Have to agree with UnrealRiders. Lions do not play well at Taylor Field but I hope Aug 27 will be an exceptions since I will be at that game. I've been to 2 games there and the Lions got beat pretty good both times.

Don't count out the Stamps on Fri. They played well at BC Place until the 4th quarter so if they can sustain it for the full game, should be a close one.

Don't count out the Ticats on Aug 19 at BC Place. If McManus is in, he seems to play well against the Lions despite their record.

[b]The fact that the Leos are getting better is scary and now that Printers has had his first sniff of action since last November makes the Lions even tougher. Yes they've won their games by fairly close margins, but they have won just the same. And against good teams.

Of course it's tough to remain undefeated, but there is no denying that the Leos are the best team overall in the league. They're getting production from the offence, defence and specialty teams. If Mahony hits that long 14 yard field goal, the esks don't even have that last play attempt.

If there is a weakness it's Mahony kicking field goals. Having said that, what's with the field goal kickers this year? Mahony, McCallum, Fleming, Westwood?[/b]

Also considering Printers didn't even have reps in training camp under his belt I thought I saw some rust falling off pretty good in that Stamps game. No doubt Printers will shine again this year. He is a QB thoroughbred in the mould of Warren Moon. Wait and see. 8)

Oh, goodie...maybe BC'll be 8-0 and Sask will be 4-4...chalk THAT one up to a moral victory.... :shock:

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i wouldnt be dating a heffer....hahaha

id like to see a post where we all post our G/F or wives and see whos the best looking.