Toilet humor allowed

I think toilet humor should be allowed in the forums. Or at the very least allow people to post toilet stuff once a month. C'mon man we need to spice up the talk with Saturday Night Live-like comments!

Get, permanently, lost.

No thank you! I appreciate the effort to lighten the tone, but - and of course this is really just based on a personal opinion - I think we can do without potty humour. :slight_smile:

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I'm sure you are not alone in your opinion...Lots of other place that he can go to instead

I never tell someone to act their age, however, I sometimes ask them to act their IQ. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to come up with wittier jokes than "haha poo is stinky" which is all that toilet humour amounts to.


Here ya go Tidy Bowl Man may I suggest you sign up on this forum . It might just be more to your liking . :poop: :toilet: :roll_of_toilet_paper:

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This reminds me never to bring my phone into the bathroom so I don't let anyone know my IP address .

My psychiatrist says to quit posting here . He is strange and I never knew why the psychiatrist never makes any noise in the bathroom then I realized the P is silent .


It sure is :laughing: . Classic comedy right there.
I believe Bob Hope had a bit on that back in 1952.



I'll look into that. Thanks for posting!

It sure looks like you have your s- together now sir.

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Thanks for posting that. Not sure why toilet humor cannot be occasionally introduced into a forum message.

If it's a father and son company request the father . :laughing:

One of those

Funny because it's true . :laughing:

I'd watch what you say , you might get flagged . Apparently somebody in here obviously doesn't like Hank Hill . :roll_eyes: It's amazing what some others can getaway with posting on these forums but apparently an innocent cartoon has sent somebody screaming to their safe place .

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The toon was pretty innocent stuff compared to Family Guy stuff which is also funny and was good advice on choosing a plumber . :smiley:

Well it couldn't have been that innocent because apparently it offended some snowflake in here enough to get me a flagged notification . Maybe from now on I'll just post about safe topics such as unicorns and rainbows and big fluffy clouds . :carousel_horse: :sun_behind_small_cloud: :rainbow:


That was not such a bad public service message in the end. I am not so sure why somebody was offended by it, for it was helpful for plumbing problems.

Anyway, clogs did not happen as much with older toilets. I still have an older one where I live now.

These modern so-called water-saving models are junk. Lots of water is saved they tell you - yeah right when you have to flush 2 or 3 times right? And the clogs of course.

For commercial toilets, apparently some are moving to automated flushers and they clog a whole lot less but here's the scam I discovered.

Inside the tank is some sort of unit that looks like a computer. In a toilet really now? And so they have to call the guy out just to unclog your commercial toilet because there is no manual flusher on some any more. What another so-called green technology scam that is too.

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Thanks for all your support guys . I just wish that the so called mods or whoever had the balls to flag me could actually tell me who the guilty party was and what and why the reason was that it made them try to cancel me and center me out over a completely harmless and inoffensive cartoon .

In the meantime as promised....Unicorns , Rainbows and Big Fluffy clouds for all...
(Sure hope this isn't to offensive to anyone :roll_eyes: )

The fact that it was flagged probably means it got twice as many views. Myself included.

I was going to post an inoffensive picture here of the Teletubbies, but remembered there was some questions about the sexual orientation of one of them. So much for that!