Together We Ride: Stampeders reveal 2023 uniforms

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders revealed their uniform set for the upcoming season on Tuesday, giving fans some excitement as they patiently await kickoff of the 2023 campaign.

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Get rid of the black third jersey try a Grey .

I noticed in the home red jersey

in some of the pictures the shoulder patch is missing and the numbers did they run out of jerseys for the shoot . pic 17 .

Oh man, those barber poles are ugly. The red is better than the white (I hate the red pants). The black one is the only one I would buy.

PS they should go back to the barbed wire helmet stripe. And I really liked the special helmets they wore a while back that faded red to black with the chrome horse.


Those only come out of the stable on Labour Day now…

Shame. Those are cool.

Yeah I always thought Calgary's colours were fine for CFL jerseys. I'm not a Stamps fan so you guys out there tell me what you like best.

Last years red and whites with the stripes were not great. The cowboy was also not great to me, but I understand its a like a retro thing?...

The black jersey looked fine to me despite some opposition I see above, and I didn't mind the 6 shooter on the shoulders from way back. I'm not sure if that got flack to be removed entirely...?

As for the burst helmet. I think they're ok for Labour Day. Someone mentioned thats what US College teams were doing for a while, and that turned me off of it a bit. But still its not the worst.

The Stampeder symbol as a whole is super easy to design for. You can't really go wrong with the running horse. So red or black helmet is going to look great for you guys.

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Got to agree. The barber pole look is not good. Solid red and whites look best.

Not a Stamps fan, but I really do wish the team would finally move away from black in their colour scheme. 90's fad and Ottawa's history should have nixed this long ago.

Always liked this concept for them

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There was a Calgary player who died in a shooting in 2016. The team covered up the revolver on their Outlaw jerseys for the rest of the season and they haven’t made any new jerseys that use it. I think Calgarians would probably be fine if they used it, since a revolver is much more a symbol of cowboys and sheriffs than of modern gangs, but as long as there are still guys on the roster from the time of the shooting, they probably don’t want to.

It’s also been a while since we’ve seen the logo they used to feature on the away jerseys: a horse’s head with a flaming mane, surrounded by an upturned horseshoe. Because it’s mostly black, they could use it directly on a white background, unlike their plain-white primary logo. They’ve changed to having red sleeves on the away jerseys now which lets them just use the horse.

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Yes I knew about the player incident. (Hence the helmet stickers that and the next year) Its tricky when a revolver means one thing and the insinuation means another…