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To all you Maas bashers -what can I say. Please start entering your apologies. As we have witnessed for the past season and a O line, receivers not running their routes, etc. You love to blame Jason, well now you should be able to see for yourself...Chang is fairing no better. The 8 points thus far have come from the D and the kicker. Chang has looked like a high school QB because he does not have the support. What do we have 4 first downs? We are only into 2 quarter but unless the coaching staff start watching and filling the real holes, this is what we are in for, for the rest of the season. They couldn't find a spot for Holmes. How about kick returner and RB. Armstead is suppose to be a specialist. He has looked like crap. 4 punts and he has played them all short. I think it is time to fix the real problem, the coaching staff!


Maas is 5-19

Don't blame the fans for wanting a change......Chang is our #2 QB and in any professional league, the organization ensures the #2 is ready to take over.....sadly, the Tiger-Cats have for years neglected the QB spot and refused to take care of it in spite of fans actually staying away......

.....this QB debacle was easily predicted and voiced loudly from fans.....managements refusal to believe the fans is why we are in this spot now....

.....quit blaming fans!!

Where have I blamed the fans? I am blaming the coaching staff for doing nothing thus far to improve the Offense. I am also saying that the problem is not the QB but those surrounding him. I am not blaming the fans, however I am saying that those who feel that problem is Maas, are IDIOTS!!!


but aren't HAmilton fans the most knowledgeable in the CFL??? ha ha ha Oh wait...sorry.. the complain the most... that's it !!!
Get a grip guys... Ya'll come on hear bickering over everything ya can. No wonder Hamilton is the shame of the league. Check out other sites for CFL teams... do they treat their team like we do??? No !!!

The problem is, the hindsight is 30 minutes old. LOL

Not sure how that solves the situation. Firing the staff in midstream might be delightful insight, but after the Paopao-Marshall situation last year, your flavour of 1-17 tastes like...1-17. Whoopdidoo.

Your juvenile gloating is missplaced considering Chang was only given one half to show anything.
Maas hasn't shown anything since coming to Hamilton and yet they go back to him. You're right about the whole team (not including the D line) being lousy however. I was gonna go to the game in Toronto next week but I don't think I'll bother now.

Maas produced. Chang didn't. What's the problem?

It's time for the MAAS bashers and the Chang
bashers to unite.

The team should have a tandum QB system to the
end of the year. (MAAS & CHANG)
This gives chang time to develop and with maas
playing we still have a chance to win.
As chang improves, slowly reduce maas's play

Did any one let Chang look at the play book? He seems to have limited accees to anything. Perhaps 3 different plays?

Williams is more promising than Chang.. Williams is the better quarterback from what i've seen of far

Williams was looking good and then got goofy in the last minute.

the whole team look goofy!! :lol:

Maas still deserves to be cut. There is no crow here at all. I said all along that the first few games would be ugly but we MUST find out whether we need to look yet again for a new QB. Jason Maas won't be here next year so lets find out who will

My God you're blind.

so it's chang your guy? or can you finally realize this offence is lost and has no direction before we move on into the future?

How I long for the good old days of 3-15.....

Chang Williamssomebody else I don't care. Maas has had a year and a half to prove he isn't the guy. Is this offence lost. Yup. Its lost because the playbook is designed for a lame QB

Until Maas’ arm is proven to be 100% the starter shold be Williams. He has the experience Chang lacks. With Chang on the sidelines he is able to see more of the play development and the defence deployment and LEARN with no pressure. Give him a quarter a game.

When Maas’ arm is good give him the starts and let the other two study and learn, then give each a quarter to play.
We all seem to feel the season is over so let the learning begin for the QBs.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Printers. Why would he come here?