Today's practice (Monday)

According to this website, unless somebody here knows otherwise, :?
Jamie Boreham is on the active roster at this time.

Probably the 4 man reserve roster with a short term injury. :expressionless:

In 2004 our offense was not crappy.

-Troy Davis lead the league in rushing.

  • DMac was fourth in total passing yards (over 5,000, 2nd time in his career)

  • Points scored we were in the middle of the pack.

  • Total yards from scrimmage Troy Davis was second, and Hamilton (and only one other team) had three players in the top 15.

Jamie Boreham's FG pct. was 59.5%.

Yes he was on the 4 man reserve last game and you would think he would be on it again this week, unless something changes.

I think IF Myers shows comsistancy over the next couple weeks Jamie might be let go, if Myers struggles we'll be right back where we started. Mediocre and inconsistant kicking.

It's easy to recover your own punts when they're only 25 yards down the field.

He never angled a punt on purpose...those were shanks.

Its funny but noone wants to take a guess as to the import that will come out of the lineup so they can have Meyers as our kicker .

They say Powell is ready to go on the O line so that means Donnelly is out as a starter . So who will they take off the roster so they can keep Meyers as kicker and move Powell to the O line ???

Ir`s also funny to see someone making excuses for Boreham missing chip shot field goals and blame it on the offence not being very good, but he never stuck up for a QB who was doomed to fail with terrible recievers and a joke of an offensive coordinator . Did you see the Clagary kicker the other night . Now that is a CFL kicker !!!!

Its funny but noone wants to take a guess as to the import that will come out of the lineup so they can have Meyers as our kicker .
Fefeheri (sp) is off, Cook or Randall have been awful so if Cheron is back thats 1. Collier sat last game.

Ive listed 4 imports is that good enough for now?

First of all, they don't have to take an import out of the line-up for Myers to be our kicker. An import was removed last game, so it's already been done. As for Powell, who ever said he was going to start over Donnelly? Just because he's an import doesn't mean he's going to start. Besides, Donnelly has always played well whenever he's been thrust into the tackle spot, including last year. If they get Powell into the line-up, then my guess is he'll take the roster spot of Mike Echols our new DB.

Heard that Eakin on the scout team was shredding our D, thats not good considering who we are up against thurs

I gotta agree with Crash here...


If the shoe fits...

Some things just don't change :lol:

An import was removed last game because of injury . If your trying to say that we dont need another import on the O line cause Charon is back then give it a shake ok . Our running game is awful and they will use the import on the O line to try and get one going . If we have a one dimmensional offence against Montreal it`s not hard to figure out what will happen to us .

As for imnports on the Dline , we need an extra .We have one guy playing with a cast on his hand . Dunbrack is the player we really miss thier but he wont be in their .

If they do have to I think it would be a reciever but im not sure . I m just saying it will be a big decision and you can yell out names on here but injuries happen and just when you need the import you find he`s not thier .

How have the imports performed on the O-line? Poorly.

Dunbrack is hurt.

Cotton is still playing very well.

Besides, we usually start more Canadians than we have to.

As well - Maybe Morreale will "start" over Yeast?

A bad back is great cover story for Boreham's eventual exit. Not true of course but it sounds perfectly plausible.
If I was one of the Boreham bunch who still refuses to see reality I would latch on to this one while its still fresh.
It's either that or another Katzo/Lancastrian conspiracy theory to rid the team and put to the curb players and /or coaches who are nice and try hard.

You cant have both.

I`ll bet you Montreal never plays and import short !!!

Habman, I just don't understand your obsession with imports. I too, believe the team should start the full complement of imports, BUT if a Canadian can do the job just as well or better, then I'm all for it. I just want the best players on the field regardless of nationality. Do you really think Jamal Powell is some super O-lineman because he's an import? Right now I'd rather start Donnelly, because Powell has limited experience at the tackle position (he didn't play tackle in B.C.), plus the fact that he hasn't played in five games this year.

P.S.: Cheron has nothing to do with this as he will probably be filling in for Wayne Smith this week.

mikey...i don't know where to start!! there are very few players, game to game that don't play hurt....injured, probably not but hurt, absolutley!! it's the nature of this game!! with the exception of the last man hits, all your points mentioned about boreham.....that is every kickers job!! with respect to holders.....i mean, 8 holders and they were all bad??...c'mon, this excuse used by kickers is as old as the game itself!! lastly, if boreham is such a tough guy and is known for playing thru pain...what's up with this recent injury.....coincidence maybe....missed 44 yarder, loses the game....ouch , my back hurts!!

donnely is hardly starting material..the guy is horrendous and to make up for lack of ability gets in pushing matches every play to make himself look tough. you can thank marshall he is still around....i believe when marshall was there if you were a mcmaster grad you had a job period.

I dont know about you folks, but i myself would love to see an all Canadian offense/defense. Wouldnt it fill your with pride knowing that we can field such a gathering of cannucks? The hardest thing to find i think would be some fantastic Canadina DBs and a good Canadian QB. But since QBs dont count towards the ratio, it is technically possible to start an all Canadian offense right now. Picture this:

Peterson, Brock at Wideouts.
Morreale, Fleming (off the practice squad) at SB.

Donnelly, Hudeson, Hage, Smith, Cheron as the oline

Radlien at Fullback

Aidoo at Running Back (gasp this could be exciting if the Oline could run block like the tops in the league and if Radlien would leage through the holes :o)

And Maas of course at Qb.

I dont know about you guys, but if this was the case i really wouldnt have a problem. Of course Flick would probably sub in for Kamau "cathing isnt my game" peterson, but i still think that this could work out. Lemme know what y'alll think and lets keep it civil because ive seen what you people can do to Mikey when he gives you a truly imaginative post.

Three things:

  1. We have the depth to start Canadians (or, at least non-imports) at all starting Offensive positions; QB excepted. The thing is, are they comparable to the rest of the players the will be replacing?

  2. Radlein (born in Kingston, Jamaica)and Hage (born in Beiruit, Lebanon) are actually designated as non-imports.

  3. You forgot about the defence and ST.

i understand your logic sigpig but im only saying they COULD field an all canadian offense, but it would be irrational to do so because there is no gurantee they woould be better than the imports. As for your radlien/hage comment, i am aware they are landed immigrants and do count as non-imports, although i myself was surprized as well (Aidoo fits in here too after moving here from ghana). As for defense and special teams, the jury is out still. I dont think we have many Canadian DBs, aside from Shaw, Beveridge, Gordon and Hitchcock if you can still call him a DB (these guys all play safety although Shaw belongs at corner). Apart from the secondary however, we could start some on the front seven

Mariuz/Barrenechea/Hitchcock at LB (Again Hitch in the mix although he's lost a step and shouldnt really be a starter nemore)
Belli/Dunbrack at Tackles if Dunbrack was healthy

aside from that, the all Canadian defense would be quite difficult to field.

special teams could have Fleming doing punts, and Boreham doing kickoffs (and maybe field goals, although a bad idea)

As i said before, we could possibly replace this imports, althought the talent/skill factor of the imports may exceed that of the non-imports