Today's poll question

Is it just me, or are there a lot of people with slightly warped senses of humour? I ask, cause after I jokingly voted for Nealon as the best backup in the East, I find that over half of the votes have gone for him.......

It's all about the joke, right people? He's not actually that good of a QB, remember......

I would have voted for Kevin Glenn if they had listed him! :wink:

No , i think Nealon is at his best when he does come off the bench , cause everyone expects so little from him, he can sneak up on an opponent who takes him too lightly.

well I guess if we're factoring in the reduced expectations, yeah, it makes a bit more sense..... I just thought that since I voted for him cause it was funny to me, and saw that that many people had "agreed" with me....... I had to find out what they were thinkin.

Sportsmen, that was the other reason I was surprised.... with all the talk about Banks being better than Glenn (potentially anyways) I was sure he was going to run away with the poll results.....

Actually, if Glenn falters I wouldn't be surprised to see more of Banks this year.

ESPN is currently running a poll right now about the NHL mvp for this year. The selections are: Jagr, Kipper, Thornton, Alfreddson, and Marek Svatos (who was out a third of the season with an injury). Currrently Svatos leads with 75% of the vote.

I find it funny that we are basing a poll on high expectations from players, and the one with the lowest expectaitons is leading!!!
Glad to see him gone from Sask, too much contraversy and not enough performance from Greene. He can perform he has just lost a lot of confidence in himself, maybe the move will give him his swagger back.....

I would hope so if he does..... but I do still think the riders traded the wrong guy away a couple years ago... I always liked Glenn, it didn't seem like he got a real chance with the Riders..... probly cause Barrett and Shiv were set on Nealon, but that's another story really.

..........I voted for the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese one.....

The best back up qb in the west is Joseph.
That is about as good as he will be!!He is just a back up q.b.
God bless him.!!!!

Ah Saskargo a hint of return to your old ways. But I agree with you. The thing here though is he is better then anything they had and behind thier oline you never know. Basing on his last couple of years he is a good backup at best.

I see that people are finally coming to their senses, Nealon no longer has over 50% of the vote.

I guess's voters pretty much all come from Colorado, or they vote in non-binding polls like I do.... or, some completely different reason....

why they even HAVE a poll for that is the frist place is a joke to me!

ah ha ha ha :lol: ha ha ha aaaaaahhhhhhhh

and when in the WORLD did Banks become WPG's secord!

BTW, when they do the West, guess who I'll be voting for if he's listed?

You don't think Martin or Michna will be second???Do you???

Martin: he still on the roster? CUT HIM ALREADY!!!
Michna: Maybe
Quinn: likly
Banks: so so

and let's not forget back in '98 or '99 the online TIME man of the year award was awarded to a write in.... WWE wrestler Mick Foley! That's some fanatical loyalty by wrestling fans!

Hamilton fans probably think they have the best back up in the league in Kevin Eiken, but until he proves himself some more I would have to go with Nealon Greene. However, before the season's over it could be Kevin Glenn if Brad Banks turns out to be as good as some people think.