Today's mens hockey Gold Medal game predictions

Canada........ 4

U.S.A.......... 2

Go Canada ! :stuck_out_tongue:

(awesome Olympic games!)

USA 6 Canada 2

Hope I am wrong but I see Sliver in Our Future

But I am waiting for CFL Football Camps in June

4-3 Canada but it’s anybody’s guess on this one.

Go Canada Go!

Yeah I kind of agree, but I sure hope we’re both wrong. If the Yanks do win this, you can forget about any dead and dying American franchise ever moving to Hamilton (or anywhere else in Canada) anytime in the foreseeable future. Betman and the rest are going to start going all delusional about how hockey has finally arrived in the USA; how teams are going to be playing in pack arenas and how American networks are going to throw millions of dollars at the NHL’s door just begging for the honour of broadcasting their games.

It depends which Canada shows up the Canada minus the goaltending in the first match and the German, Russian and first to periods against Slovakia we win. If its the 3rd period Canada of last game we lose. That being said we out played USA bad the first game just lousy goaltending by Brodeur cost us (Never should've started or even been in the Olympics for that matter.) I say we win Milleris due for a bad game and I think with a better goalie in Luongo we take this 5-2

Canada 5
U.S. ...3

If Crosby finally shows up Canada wins this game by 4 or 5 I predict Canada 6 USA 2 :smiley: :smiley:

I hope Canada wins but other than that I could really care less about hockey at any level. Living here in Vancouver during these Olympics has been pretty amazing though. I have never seen so much Canadian pride in all my life.

I was at McDonalds during Nesbit's Gold medal win in long track speed skating. It is a pretty big one and has like 8x 50" TV's around the place. The whole place (which had 200-300 people in it) screamed and cheered when she won. It was pretty amazing. I did make it to 1 early event of long track speed skating at the oval. You could build a small city in the Richmond Oval. I'm no huge fan of speed skating but those are the only tickets I could afford. I bought 2 for 75 each about 6 months before the games.

3-2 Canadain victory

I think it will be a low scoring game 3-2 Canada!
Look to see the Reffs making bad calls on Canada, and allowing NO rebounds off miller!

Canada all the way. Looking at the teams, player for player, there is no question in my mind that we have the better team. I hope the police don't shut down King Street through Gore Park this time. I was only able to make two circuits in 2002 before my "fun" ended.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Great opening period by Team Canada.....they lead 1-0... keep up the pressure guys!!!!

...not only are our players better man for man, but, and that's a BIG but, we don't have the Makeme Laughs coach or gm. (LOL)

As expected... great game so far

2-1 Canada after 2

Great hockey, no stupid delaying the game fighting, the way the NHL should operate. It's going to be a tough 3rd though, we need to keep going to the net and shooting, no fancy dancy stuff.


14 Gold medals.. a NEW OLYMPIC RECORD the most GOLDS by one Nation in a single Olympic games


What a game. Now for Gore Park. YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!

Gotta love this!!

What a great victory to end off the Olympics in Canada. Does it get any better? :thup:

Well done! :smiley: