Todays game...

Here we are towards the end of the season. Never mind the pathetic record again this year but how can any team score only 11 points in a game...all by the kicker?
Nothing seems to work with this team! Why has there been no improvement whatsoever despite the new coaching staff and a core of genuinely good players.
Marcel's plan for a Montreal Alouettes Part 2 in Hamilton has been a dismal failure.
The Caretaker and Scott Mitchell need to start again....unfortunately. Leaving this team to the present GM and coaching staff for one more year will be a waste of time.

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Bzzzt! Wrong again, Mr. 62Cats! The only way to get out of this mess is to go THROUGH it, and that means keeping continuity, while you tweak and improve the obvious areas of need. A wholesale gutting of this programme would be useless and futile. There are several areas where we have quality people who need to be kept. Renovation by dynamite is a fool's game.

I'm with BatlCat on this one...

And I'll third BatlCat's comment.

What your basicly saying is don't play to
make the play-offs next year either,
because they will be tweaking all the area's
that needs to be improved until the team
starts to gel, and that usually takes
until sept. before you see any real
improvment. right?

And I'll make it x4. This team we are seeing is the result of everything being "blown up" and starting from scratch. There are some changes that might need to be made, but I'm sure there are players and coaches on it now who will be there when this team starts to get somewhere.

I will be X5…As a riader fan I have been through what you fans are going through. It is not easy and extremely frustrating. I remember when we had a quarterback by the name of Kevin Glenn sitting behind Nealon Greene. There were people(including me) that wanted Greene out and Glenn in and Glenn ended up leaving and establishing himself in Winnipeg(Congrats to him). Also Henry Burris left because he didn’t want to go through that drama. People think it was all about money…it wasn’t. The point is you have to battle through with what you have and honestly you have one hell of a foundation for next year. If the o-line can give CP some time and when the recievers decide to help him out by catching the ball then you guys will be right back to the 1999 team you guys had. It may seem like a huge deal but it really does not take much. Maybe a veteran to patrol the secondary and take some pressure off a very young secondary would help. But come on, if you “clean house” then you will still be at phase one next year. Charlie needs actual experienced guys around him to coach and you would see a dramatic turn around. Like I said you might be 2 or 3 guys awat from going from a pretender to a contender. Confidence is a funny thing and when a team has it then it shows…big time.

PS. You fans think you are upset? Come on we haven’t won since 89 lol and had a home playoff since 88!!! Be proud Ti-Cat fans! Your day will come again soon!


  • "Tweaking the areas of need"???? If thats all you think we need to do you are generous man. Too generous.
  • What "program" are you talking about??? There is no program. All we have is an ad hoc operation with no discipline and no sign of improvement.
  • "Quality people". Yes we do have a core of quality people as I mentioned. But they are surrounded by too many poorly performing players and inexperienced coaches. We'll be lucky to keep the quality players next season. They probably want no part of this team and who can blame them.

I felt the same was as you did about the state of this football team until a week ago. No longer. The coaching staff seems unable to get this team to perform at the current CFL level. Until Printers was signed Charlie looked like a beaten man....but he shows all the signs of returning to that state of mind. I think he has had enough.
There comes a point in any business where you seriously have to consider replacing management people. We were there a year ago. I believe we are there again.
"Continuity"???? You have to be joking.

Bill Belichick record in his first year as the New England head coach.

5 - 11

3 years previous?


Boy there really should have fired the coach and GM THAT year. Boy are they regreting sicking with them now.

OMG, you really can't be serious about this team just needing to be tweaked to be competitive. This team will be very hard pressed to equal even last year's truly pathetic record. Yes, they do have a few solid guys on the team but a very few--maybe 5 or 6? The rest are just names on the roster. Fortunately, the key guys are still young and the team can be built around them but it means far more than just a tweak here and there. I mean how many ways can you spin 2-14!!

I expect to see lots of new faces in the starting lineup in 2008 and I wouldn't mind if they started the "tryouts" this Friday when I'm freezing my butt off at IWS.

An Argo-Cat fan

Speed kills: As a Raider fan you should be used to coaching changes.Its not the end of the world. Thats why you finally have a competitive team now.

The buzz: 5-11 in Belichick's first year! Wow. I'd settle for 5 wins in a season from a first year coach. Thats more than double the wins we have this season. Contrast what he did with the Patriots to what is going here. Sorry but I don't see any area of comparison with the Patriots.
What we need to examine is how good coaches started with their teams. Look at Doug Berry, Don Matthews, Wally Buono, Parcells, Belichick, Sean Payton for example. There was an immediate improvement in play that did not always mean a win right away. But the improvement showed. The players responded!
We do not have any sign of that..yet people still seem to think it will all change.
Sorry folks. It looks to me like we have the wrong people in charge....again.

Belichick was far from a 1st year coach.

He had previously coached Cleveland from 91 to 95.

An immediate improvement? He took over a 8-8 team and went 5-11.

Don Matthews? Was 6-12 in 99 his 1st year with Edmonton. The coaching great Kay Stephenson had lead them to a 9-9 record in 98.

All I'm saying is that if you think ANY coach was going to take the players we had last year/ begining of this year and lead them to a playoff you might want to re-examine the talent level on this team.

Also, IMHO opinion, and from what I read I'm not the only one on these boards who thinks this. The biggest problem the Ti-Cats have had in this decade is lack on consistency. It hard to build a good team when you are chaning GM/Coaches/Players/philosophy every year.

I watched every brutal game last year, and most of the games this year. I can tell you at least this year we have a couple players to get excited about.

The problem (as I see it) from the changes the previous 4 years is the lack of experience in the coaching and front office: I believe the team should have gone after a current, established GM (not a business guy or former assistant) and HC (not a CIS coach or coach who has been out of the CFL for 6 years), then followed that by recruiting current assistants from other teams ( a Cortez or a Stubler).

Therefore, if they make these changes for 2008, it will not be starting over from square one, but rather starting with an experienced crew that would fly out of the gate.

Let's not beat ourselves up over the past two losses to a very good opponent. Ya, I would have liked to see us do a little better, but we were up against arguably the best team in the CFL (I predict the Riders will win it all this year), and we were on the road this week. Their execution was much better than ours, as you would expect, so the results were not a real shocker.

We played a much better game at home the previous week, and put up a better showing. Again, not a real shock considering the inexperience of our team.


Just to give you a glimmer of hope, being at the game, I was impressed with the amount of pressure the TC got on Joseph, now the Rider Oline has had its issues, but I think the TC dline did a not bad job.

Not sure whats up with Bauman, he did not drop as many with the Rams.

I can still see that Printers has some skills.

Do not give up yet.

"Do not give up yet."

I'm certainly not giving up hope. I hope coaching changes (assistant coaching changes for starters) will be made soon.
All these continual mental errors, dropped balls and stupid penalties do not disappear unless there is some pressure and discipline from the coaching staff. I have not seen that. And discipline should have been the FIRST change that should have been made, especially with all of the young new players and the departure of Hitch and Mike. Discipline does not come from "wait until next year", "continuity" etc.
These players also need to be evaluated on earth can a talent like Richie Williams have escaped this coaching staff when we were desperate at the QB position before Printers arrived? Maas was pulled, Chang was a disaster but Williams showed he could move the ball downfield ( for a change) and then we learned that Williams was not given any reps!
There are just too many problems with this team that go straight back to coaching. So unless changes are made there I don't see any of this years on-field problems disappearing by next season. So you keep changing coaches until some improvement shows. Then you build on that. Its not the end of the world when coaches change...and remarks about protecting continuity blah blah are nothing more than an excuse to avoid change and ignore problems that are staring us in the face. Too bad we don't have an ostrich emoticon. :stuck_out_tongue:

speed kills wrote: "As a riader fan "....

speed kills: My apologies. When I replied to your post I thought you were talking about the Raiders...not the Riders. Should have read the rest again and put two and two together! :oops:

Your plan would give me reason for optimism, ETM.

Let's do it!

Cortez and Stubler aren't likely to be available

but lets hire some proven CFL coaches

Top notch people looking for a new challenge.


Les Brown would love to prove he is ready
to take on a defensive co-ordinator's job.

He may even be itching to
get back into football

so much that he would take a job
as a defensive secondary coach.

He does live here in Hamilton.