Todays Game EE Vs Bombers

EE Win
Eskimos 33
Bombers 17
With Dikensons performance last night Ricky's gonna show why He's the Best Quarterback in the League and Continues to Rack up the Stats!
It's gonna be a Battle in the Trenches as I read in One Article.
The Bombers are no Longer a gimme W this year, but I think the Esks D are Better!
Also look for Sean Fleming to get back on his Game we all know he struggles in the beginning of the Season, this is hopefully the end of Confidence Issues with the other Jason holding the ball.
Which was the problem before I guess that's what was heard anyways.
Go Esks Go

Proud to be a Fan of the EE and the 2005 Grey Cup Champs.
All the way with Ricky Ray!

I hope fleming does well today, otherwise the media and alot of fans in Edmonton will be calling for his head like last year. I think Ray’s going to have a great game against the bb’s today.

BWHAHAHAHA Winnipeg is up by 19 points at the half...

The worst beating of any team yet this year. I would be worried EE.