Today's Game Day Experience

Our second game at Ron Joyce stadium. Some observations in no particular order:

  1. Where WAS everybody? It was much fuller the last game that I went to. We don’t deserve a team if we get attendance like that. The small crowd, combined with a game in which it rarely seemed we were really in even though we got it close for a bit, led to a very quiet stadium at times.

  2. Again, we were completely impressed with the game day staff. Wow, were they given happy pills this year? Friendly, helpful, attentive- from gate entry and throughout the stadium. Great job!

  3. I really shouldn’t complain about something free but the free coffee- that my son and decided not to drink after all - tasted horrible. It was burnt and weak at the same time with some off flavour. Turns out that it was the new Tim Horton’s dark roast. Time for the triple-triples to be pulled out, my friends. I’m sure that some will like it- but not this family. Thanks for the free taste test though. Seriously.

  4. The music selection was quite interesting. First, my son noticed that it was Daft Punk day- at least 3 selections. Also there was an interesting addition of electronica in the second half. Second, frequently the music came in connected 10 second snippets- one after the other of music with no obvious styistic or verbal connections. Haven’t heard this technique before. Perhaps we don’t have the pay royalties with bits this short. Third, in the middle of the 4th we heard the old 60’s song with the memorable lyric, “Why do you build me up, buttercup, just to let me down?” This was played just after we scored and just before we collapsed in the last few minutes. We were laughing (cynically) because it seemed like a prediction and a whine that were likely to come true. 4. VOLUME!!! We sat much further away from the speakers and behind them this time. We hoped that the volume would be less. My 28 year old son (who loves classic rock) was actually covering his ears part of the time. It was played over the announcer frequently.

  5. The tweets: Okay, some people love them. They are frequently quite banal. Having someone tweet “Touchdown” and have that on the screen 8 minutes later doesn’t exactly add much to the game day experience :slight_smile: Also, it would be nice if they didn’t cover up significant replays.

Would we go again? In a heartbeat. The seats are nice. The walkways broad. Parking options decent (if you get there late decide to park on the street and walk). Just tone down the sound a bit.

Triple triple!!! That's only going to make your coffee even worse. Tim Horton's coffee isn't even coffee anyway, why not get one from some place where you don't feel like you have to mask the taste with unnecessary sugar?

I agree, the stadium staff was very friendly and all had smiles. Some of them were very sexy too, must have been Mac students :cool:

No use complaining about thd game day experience, that ship has left the harbour. That was the last game at Mac.

The team made the best of what they had available, a temporary sound system, a temporary video board, no in-house video crew, etc.

I saw the local customer service rep go out of her way to check on fans who might need additional assistance during the game, making sure they didn't need anything and were enjoying themselves. Unbelievable customer service, and all with a smile. The 'Cats had great CAT reps last year at Guelph, and it is great to see it has carried over to the 2014 team.

And when it comes to music, my favourite cut was when they played Everything is Awesome during the junior cheer team routine a couple weeks ago. Maybe they should play that on continuous loop at all times.

The official stance is that it was sold out and everyone was in the Beer Garden. There was alot of people there but dought it was sold out. It was our first game this year. My youngest said he is liking football now! We had a fun time!

Which harbour was that, ramoncat? Not the West Harbour, I hope! :wink:
An interesting bit of CFL trivia mentioned on the telecast of Saturday's game -- "4 years in row now the Stampeders have played their road game "@ Hamilton" in a different stadium -- Moncton in '11, Ivor Wynne '12, Guelph '13, MAC '14." And, if they git 'er dun, THF in '15 will make it 5.