Today's Game Day Experience

Stadium half-full. Almost no energy in the crowd- it seemed liked most were season ticket holders or those with families who had been given tickets by holders so they could bring kids for ‘family day’.

The mood was unfriendly… for the 'Cats. Even before the game the cynicism in my section was palpable… AND I’M IN THE FAMILY SECTION.

Once the 'Cats got losing the game became fun in a twisted and perverse way as people were predicting the next disaster and getting off cracks about the state of the team. The game actually got more boring in the second half when BC slowed and the 'Cats got a score. At that point it became tedium. As Taafe said on the radio- he could yell out to the players from the sidelines and they could hear him. The crowd was clearly not on the side of the team tonight.

Long-time ticket holders were leaving extremely early… people who I have NEVER seen leave early.

I stayed to the end but left immediately so I don’t know how the autograph session went. Does anybody?

The team was listless in the first half. The short week has to have something to do with it. But overall… the worst experience I have had in many a year. It can’t have been fun for the team but it bodes disaster for future attendance.

Agree completely.... and it seems the team has decided that spending money on half time shows isnt important anymore, as we had the illusionist TWICE and today a band with mascot soccer.

Doesnt really matter as all I want is good football, but after today im afraid apathy has set in again.

Its sad when people sit there predicting the teams misfortunes, we did it too.

Post-Labour Day hangover.

And not the kind you have on Tuesday.

If upper management continue's to sit on their hands and do nothing..... I'm afraid that the fan's will flee by the thousands.
It's already well started....

My Game day exsperience includes a huge headache after trying to make sense why we have a team that is so hopeless!

Look on the Bright side
only 3 Home games left.
No Playoff Likely Means we get Huge Discount Next year (If you Bought the Playoff Package)

however, i just gotta say: that was some awesome marching band. i (and a lot of other people) was yelling at them to stay — i’d have taken an infinity worth of delay-of-game penalties just to keep them on (and the ticats off) the field.

my sympathies to anyone who spent money going to that game.

I put in my share of sitting through empty stadiums watching garbage teams in the early/mid 90's... I dont have the patience (or the extra money) to do it anymore.

Basically, the Tabbies left the field, waited 10 minutes, then came out for a quick 30 minute autograph session; most of them wearing the gold jerseys.

Those waiting by the southeast entrance to the field near the Balsam Gate were ticked because security couldn't find the key to unlock the gate which meant everyone had to rush to the player's entrance to get onto the field.

Most of the signature seekers were congregating near Lumsden (understandable) and Printers (why?). The guy I went to the game with picked up the John Hancocks of Reid, Hage, Setta, and Miles. I just tried my best to get some decent shots with my digital camera that decided to act up on today of all days. We left with a few minutes left in the session.

I saw the game on TV. I saw a lot of empty seats.

"my sympathies to anyone who spent money going to that game.

I put in my share of sitting through empty stadiums watching garbage teams in the early/mid 90's... I dont have the patience (or the extra money) to do it anymore."

then please don't!

8) Excellent points Mark. I agree with your thoughts completely !! I experienced the same attitude in our section, and they are all long time season ticket holders !!! :oops:

To each their own, but I loved the was like a concert, and my young guy loved the mascot game.
Great entertainment.....we went and got food in the third quarter preferring to miss part of the game instead of the halftime show.
Sad comment but true!!!

The game day experience is definitely heading downhill.

Started at the gate. I don't walk well and ride my scooter into the stadium, then park it and walk up the stairs. Security wanted to search my SCOOTER! Then she wanted to "pat down" the seat cushions my wife was carrying. They're SEAT CUSHIONS for crying out loud.

Next was Pizza Pizza. 3 registers, 3 girls, no customers. My wife walks up to the middle one and gets told "The girl at the other register can help you", then she walks away. Finally gets 2 slices that are definitely smaller than they use to be.

Finally the game itself. Nuff said.

It's getting tougher to justify the cost of admission.