Today's Exhibition Game (Mon @ Tor)

Is today's exhibition game availablton CFL broadband?

I don't think so because it is not televised.
You can listen to it at

Or The Fan 590, if you want a Toronto perpective. :slight_smile:

Actually it would be nice if TSN or CBC did broadcast some pre-season games. Since the CFL off season is so long it would be nice to watch any game, even if they dont count.

yep, somebody should televise exhibition games, even the Score or Rogers cable. But it was only a couple of years ago that half the regular season games weren't even televised! Then the networks in their infinite wisdom finally realized they had a goldmine on their hands drawing record tv ratings with the CFL. CBC ignored the CFL until Sept for years, then they started televising them and were drawing record numbers on Sat nite in the summer, duh... TSN said they had tripled their ad revenue from CFL broadcasts over the past five seasons...Before long somebody will get the bright idea to televise CFL preseason games! :thup:

and p.s...didn't the Atlantic Bowl draw tremendous TV numbers for a Spring preseason game in Halifax?

is anyone else having trouble trying to listen to the fan590 online?

i guess im gonna have to listen to the CJAD broadcast of the game.

dg, yes there's a problem conncecting!

this one guy calling the game on CJAD sounds drunk...haha

too bad jesse palmer retired so soon.

he woulda played in this game, then we could judge him on his CFL games and not on his bachelor days.

he mighta been real good and had other CFL teams interested, but now we'll never know.

LOL!!!! That's TOny Proudfoot, ex-Als all-star :smiley:

then hes earned a few "brew-ha-ha's" b4 a

bishop seems to be driving the argos early...sounds promising...8 plays for a TD...i expected a 2-and-out for bishop.

I can't believe a CFL game is actually taking place - even though it's pre-season. Pinch me - am I dreaming? the off season is too long - maybe now we'll see more post that have nothing to do with expansion (an interesting topic - but only so much can be said) :rockin:

WOW! Bishop picked up exactly where he left off in the playoffs. NICE!

Not exactly sure why we left half our defensive starters at home versus the Argos though. They will disect us it seems.

Brady isn't looking too good 1st drive. Can't wait to hear when Kingsbury and Perry play.

i agree. without new speculation and news stories, there isn't much more to discuss on that topic.

WTH!! I think he IS drunk!!!

is anyone else getting sick of the expression 'bend but not break'?

it seems it is used every game to describe every defense now.

crouch picked off...not gonna help his case.

I have been sick of that expression for years!

I have not heard a lot of other football radio announcers but I find Tony Proudfoot and Rick Moffet to be very good. Don't forget, they have to get back in shape as well

stalla needs to be cut...this guy had one LUCKY season and has shown nothing since...3 dropped balls on so called 'perfect' passes should not happen at this level.

Sounds like penalties is still a problem for the Als.