Today's cuts, WTF!




im peeed off about tim carter. i hate brendan taman, hes a dick and hes made alot of bad mistakes the last couple of years. whos mennie? ive never seen him play when im at the games.

Oh I sure he is feeling the heat. He knows he is the maker or breaker of this team…His job will on the line too if things don’t start to brighten.

Frist the Jerseys, then Eric Carter, now Mennie!

I am ONE pissed off BB’s fan this year!!!

I’m pissed! I mean all this player that I think are really good (Carter, Mennie) are just traded away or cut!

I’m just very diappointed in the BB’s this season.

Hey KK…Think of the bright side…The Bombers will get first pick in the 2006 Draft! :slight_smile:

That’s ture!

BTW, I’m just angry that I barrly get to know some of these, in my eyes, great player before they are traded or cut that it makes me question the team mangement who is running the show. I was think of firing them for poor choices from the team, not folding them (which I never want to see happen to the BB’s, debite my last post). and We have seen the resuits of there actions in the past 2 weeks, if I was the owner, I’d fire some of my manement and play the season out with the great player I got now and see how they do.

Keep an eye on Chad Rempel, WPG just added him, He has very good size speed and hands. HE played for my school for the last while, and he is a great reciever. If he can stay healthy. Plus I want him to start playing so it will make it to 3 friends that made CFL teams this year. Free tickets, yeah.

Thanks Billy, a guy (and a friend of someone a “know” :wink: ) that I can watch and enjoy as he becomes a great Blue Bomber if the club doesn’t do anything to him. :frowning:

You know, someone made the comment abou Winnipeg filling up it’s roster with American players and trying to win that way but failing, and I think their right!

It was Brewbomber who said that! Maybe he could say it again here on this topic.

Actually I don’t know that they’d get to keep it anyways. The Bombers obtained Wynn from the Lions for future considerations which was originally assumed to be no more than a 3rd round draft pick, but there was a clause that stated if the Bombers were to re-sign Wynn before his contract ran out (was to become a FA agent in Feb '06) the pick would become a first-round pick. At the end of May the Bombers locked him up with a two year deal. Therefore they now owe the Lions a first rounder. I don’t know what the Bombers 06 draft (pick) situation is, but it would suck big time if they ended up with the first pick and were forced to give it away.

KK, I have watch Mennie play on special teams this week and he wasn’t very impressive. Of course, he’s a green rookie. Time would have gotten him better. Maybe he’ll be back. Cut players often reappear. What if he became a Rider? Would you still love him? :wink:

Speaking of cut players, anybody knows whatever happened to Tay Cody in Edmonton? I wanted to see him play eventually, but he doesn’t even seem to be on the practice roster anymore…

I’m surprised that after the incident in Calgary last Friday, the Argos didn’t cut Robert Baker.

why would they cut Baker, he’s a great receiver…he got out of hand, and he is getting his punishment, it’s no reason to cut him.

I think they should cut baker immediately and that he should report to Bombers head office as soon as he is able…

… Go to Jail. Move directly to Jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00. :roll:

Three phases. Definitly cut, Maybe cut and I’d never cut.

Definite-Cloman deserved to be cut. I got 2 for 5. That’s not Fg’s thats balls caught- balls thrown at. Sad.
Never- Mennie shouldn’t have been cut/released b/c he hasn’t done anything wrong. But he hasn’t done anything right either. I’d put him on the PR.
Maybe- What’s up wit the Tim Carter thing. He was injured and he is as close as the best the bumbers got. I may have cut him for being inconsistant but that would have been a close call.

Tay Cody never showed up for TC and they placed him on their suspended list.

Should have keeped Mennie and put him on the O-line, oh well.