todays BIG meeting**

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With the shadow of commissioner Tom Wright's uncertain future hanging over them, Canadian Football League governors are in Winnipeg Tuesday to discuss the use of instant replay, ratification of a salary management system and potential return of a team to Ottawa.

The salary management system, approved in principle in January, did not receive approval at a meeting last month because of language that needed to be changed in both the collective labour agreement with the players and the league's constitution.

While those changes might seem like mere formalities, the fact that at least two clubs — the Montreal Alouettes and B.C. Lions — are fiercely against the salary management system means one more vote against it could kill it.

If approved, the system, which would limit each team to $3.7-million in spending, would come into full effect next season.

Instant replay, which had been auditioned during the recently completed exhibition season, would go into play immediately if approved.

On the Ottawa front, sources say the league has received several inquiries from potential investors interested in a franchise for the country's fourth largest market. Governors are expected to discuss conditions and timelines for re-establishing a presence in a city where teams have twice folded in the past 10 years.

Wright was recently told by the governors that he did not have the necessary 75-per-cent support to have a second contract extension approved, meaning his term will be up after the Grey Cup game in November. The commissioner has given no indication that he plans to leave before then.

The league is also slated to elect a new chairman of the board to replace Tom Robinson. With Wright's departure on the horizon, the choice of chairman could be critical because the league's constitution states that the chairman serves as the commissioner when the job is vacant.

Doesn't sound promising for Wright...does it?

Our newspapers out here says replay is a done deal and will be in place for Fridays game....How would they know that or comment on it if the BOG haven't approved it. Maybe I should get the newspapers to pick my 649 numbers! :wink:

Or maybe said newspaper is one of Marty York's alleged "sources". :lol:

....yeah and didn't the press in lotus land...state that Barrin Simpson was definitely going to sign with the Ti-Cats.....i'd hold off using their info. sporty...they don't seem to be very credible sometimes... :roll:

Well, at least Ottawa seems to be on agenda which is good.

As for Williams, several clubs remain incensed that the league allowed Toronto to alter the standard player contract, [b]which states that no player can be under contract to another league while playing in the CFL. [/b]The league has defended its decision to remove that provision from the $240,000 deal for Williams, who is still under contract to the NFL's Miami Dolphins.
huh? I have never seen this before, where does it say this?

under that substance should a CFL team not sign a player in the NFL or elsewhere, not counting suspensions, cuz hey, if the NFL will not play them, the CFL should.