Today's article by Scott Radley

For the next several years, any casual conversation about the Ticats with anyone who doesn't follow the team closely will lead immediately to "Aren't they the team that tried to hire the coach from that rape scandal?"

what the heck was that about?

dude.... dump the bagage

you're right, probably should have just stuck with him after they hired him.

(next best solution after not even bringing the guy up...)

Ok, I carry on at times and say things not related to the topic at hand, Lenny knows I do this all the time. :wink: Guilty as charged. The baggage will stick with me for a while though Espo to a point but as times goes on, the baggage gets lighter. I got a very good package I must say in hindsight.

Hey, let's all lighten up for a bit. I'll edit the post though, fair enough. Too many baggage pills tonight me thinks. :wink:

You sure about that? Saturday night when people were freaking out about Mayweather / McGregor was anyone referring to Mayweather as that guy that beat up women?

When the Montreal alouettes signed a player with a history of domestic battery (Chad Ochocinco) did anyone say a word?

Nobody had a problem taking their kids to the games when Chad Ochocinco was downtown Hamilton looking for a McDonald's and a Starbucks

Agree, Crash. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, everyone wants to be so high and mighty. Say what they would do. Well, I wish they would give it a rest because they might think differently if they were paying the bills and hoping/trying to break even.

It sure is easy to take the high road with someone else's money/career.

If they don't want SM on the team, buy the team, fire him, and let them pay the severance. Until then, either support the team or don't. Just get over yourselves. Nothing worse than people who are self important.

I agree with Crash. A lot of self righteousness on here but how many paid to watch the serial abuser of women box last week? How many on here criticizing the Ticats did so?
Scott Mitchell and Kent Austin and Bob Young and June Jones and Eric Tillman were trying to give a man a second chance. Their judgement was off but their intentions were good.
The embarrassment is enough. The mistake was corrected.

Briles is gone. Leave it at that.

Yep, let's just move on, sweep this under the rug. Wait, that kind of reminds me of someone...who could it be?

Absolutely Kevin. Prople comment as if they never made a mistake in their lives. Shameful how noone turns other cheek! Blame blame blame... should be new TiCat cheer not Oskie Wee Wee.

Nobody is saying sweep it under the rug. What I'm saying is if you're so offended by the hire and not willing to let it go now that he's not coming tbat I have to come on here and read victim statements about how you can't look your daughter In the eye anymore.. be consistent. Chad Johnson has 2 convictions and played in Montreal. Crickets out of these forums.
Many people on this forum drank beer and ate pizza watching the fight the other night. Again.. Crickets.

Be consistent. Don't watch the NFL, MLB, CFL or NBA... Don't visit or support the United States. Don't watch a fight where a convicted woman abuser is making 100 million plus to be the showcase.

The team made a mistake. The owner of the team owned that mistake with 2 apologies yesterday. We all now have a choice. Support the team or don't. But be consistent.

Good Story in the Spec..what's done is done, it's very unfortunate and it shouldn't have happened but it did and however shameful or hurtful to the team or to our beloved fans or fans of the CFL, it's time to move on for the Tiger-Cats ownership, management, players and fans.

The season so far has been a write off at 0-8 it's time to take a step back, lick our wounds and get back in the game, only time will tell if a change in a head coach, assistants or a change at QB will make a difference and get this team motivated to win again?

We can only hope so??


His job is to make the team better and now it is sounding like briles got a bad deal.

Firstly, I haven’t posted anything of the nature you’re describing, so I don’t know why you’re directing that comment at me. If you’re coming here and seeing posts like that, DON’T READ THEM. No one is compelling you to read them, but you say that you “have to come on here and read victim statements about how you can’t look your daughter in the eye…”, and that sounds like you only want people to post what you want to read, which is not only ridiculous, but the height of absurdity. If you want to read the same opinions as your own, start your own blog where you can control the content.

Your comment about not visiting or support the United States, I assume because it elected a vile womanizer who publicly spouts crude comments, or because most of the athletes we watch in North America come from there, is a 4 year old’s logic. You’re saying that because there are some bad apples there, we should paint the entire 350 million people in the US with the same brush.

This was not a “mistake”. This was a blunder that has turned into a PR nightmare for the team and for the league.

Now, I know you don’t care for my opinion since it’s different from yours, but perhaps you’ll pay attention to Bob Young, who sees things far more clearly than you do:

[b]DE:[/b]A number of women’s groups and people who have personal experience with sexual violence have spoken out very strongly about this controversy. What would you say to them? [b]BY:[/b]That they’re right. They’re both right in their position and they’re right to speak out about it.
It's the right thing as a human being to be upset over this, and to demand accountability. Too bad you can't relate.

I never have rooted for a team or gone to a game based on who is coaching and who is in the front office. The team and players should not bear the brunt of management's mistakes. I have a real problem with those are going to give up their stx or as some media people have posted never set foot inside the stadium again. Too much drama people.

You're absolutely right. The players have nothing to do with management decisions. Cheer for the players....don't for the coaches on up. The players don't deserve any ill feelings towards them.

The fans who are giving up on the team were looking for a reason to jump ship. If it wasn't this reason, it would be another. Too bad they have to make a production out of it.

As I said before, either support the team or not, just don't make it all about yourself, while trying to poison the water for others.