Today's article by Scott Radley

He sums up this event pretty nicely here.

Great article, and I agree with him.

Bingo but will Caretaker listen? I doubt it and it's not an issue of money.

I can 100% assure you that article will have zero impact on whether the Caretaker fires Scott Mitchell. If it did we would be in much worse shape than we already are in.


I’m not turning my back on the team, love the Cats and Caretaker. Ok I understand as no longer a season ticket holder and only a cable subscriber to TSN I really don’t count in so many ways to the TiCats, their season ticket holders or to the CFL, but I’m doing my small part still subscribing to cable and TSN (I know that live sports is the reason for the higher cost of cable these days, lots of evidence to more than just suggest this) which if it weren’t for the CFL on TSN, I might just cancel my cable tomorrow. But I know, that doesn’t mean zilch to many. I get it.

You see...

If I make a mistake, I deserve forgiveness, but if someone else does, there is no room for mercy.

Kevin, it's business, you give employees a package and move on.

Believe me, employers have the right to terminate anyone they want for any reason or no reason as long as it's legal.

Nobody cares about Scott Mitchell, he's a nobody in the Hamilton community really. An exit package, see ya, that's the way the world works my friend.

Agree Habsfan.

I would expect to be canned as well if I did this much damage to my brand. People are fired on a daily basis for far less

Earl, it's business...

This team barely break even. The last thing they want to do is pay a very competent manager to go away, and then pay someone else who will be new to the job and likely less competent.

If you want him gone so bad, you and Scott Radley pay his severance.

Of course, it's all fun and games until we start talking about your money.

Oh Kevin, give it a break. Please. Competent manager? To basically give the ok to hire Briles? He should have axed this from the get go but wasn't competent enough to "get with the program".

Gonzo, quick I say. And I'm sure that some Cats fans that do care about the team would agree. Scott Radley being one.

I too agree that Bradley has it about right. If this wasn't a career ending error I don't know what is.

I hope he stays. I think he has done a good job.

I bet Bob Young wishes he'd never bought this team. I bet there are many days when he looks in the mirror and thinks, "It is so much more trouble than it is worth".

Too bad he is too nice a man to just walk away.

Kevin, yes, it’s Bob’s decision, not mine, yours or anyone else’s, except Caretaker’s. You’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know. This is social media, nothing more, nothing less.

And I agree that Caretaker does truly, genuinely care about the team. I believe he made a poor decision in hiring Scott Mitchell as he did. I might be right, I might be totally wrong, but that’s what I think.

I appreciate that Earl. I just think it unfair to ask Bob Young to fire Scott Mitchell when doing so might be the difference between breaking even and losing $1M.

Let's forgive and forget. It's easier on everyone.

Yes, money matters. But to what effect will keeping Scott Mitchell on have on the bottom line for the TiCats in the coming few years? I don't know the answer to that.

He has moved the team to profitability. Let's give him another chance and reassess when his contract ends.

Again, I would rather hold my nose and have a GM that I dislike, than not have a team at all because Bob Young gets tired of losing money.

The damage that Mitchell has done to the brand could possibly far exceed what his severance pay even is. That's not up to me to decide, but this wasn't just a local blunder this was North American wide thing. People from all over Canada and the USA were very vocal with how they felt about the team and the entire league in general. People who never knew the team or league existed now do for all the wrong reasons.

Lol. If ever there was a case for firing for cause due to reputational damage, it's this one. Your lame attempts to defend this "mistake" by somehow arguing that people calling for Mitchell's firing should contribute to his severance are misguided at best. This was not a case of a simple mistake; it was an ill conceived decision made with supposedly weeks of consideration. The resulting social media uproar has damaged the reputation of both the Ticats and the league. Mitchell has declared himself responsible for it. Without knowing the exact terms of Mitchell's contract, I would be surprised if there was not a clause covering dismissal for cause which invalidates any payout.