Today was as example why Burke is not Head coach material

The play calling by the offensive coordinator Crowley and head coach Tim Burke was horrible today. This team is poorly coached from top to bottom. Burkes defense has not been very good this year and I wonder if he was given too much credit for the defense last season. That maybe more should have been given to the assistants we lost in Creehan and Harris? I can not believe that we did not try one running play in the red zone when our RB is averaging 10 yards per carry in this game. There is no balanced attack to the offence and we have success on a play and then try to beat it to death by going right back to it. There are some good players on this team and I believe that Joey Elliott would be a star if playing on a team like Calgary or BC where they are well coached. The Bombers do not know how to develop a quarter back. Those who think that Buck Pierce is the savour must have been watching his recent games with special glasses. I have not seen Buck do anything special since he recovered from injury after his 1st year with Wpg. Yes he plays with a lot of heart but we need more than just that to win. This season is done so lets hope that Mack makes some trades to get some more Canadian talent. Watson amd Kito are the only two standout Canadians we have. Both are young along with most of the players on this team. If we can add some more Canadian talent then maybe in 2 or 3 more years we can have a contender.

He sure didn't do himself any favours.

This is only Burke's 2nd game as HC, with the first being a killer for all Bomber teams, regardless of each team's record. Burke walked into a woodchipper in Regina and got chewed up and spit out like the rest of the Bombers.

With that being said, Burke showed a lack of faith in his field goal kicker and the entire defense by playing prevent with 30 seconds to play. The FG was 43 yds. with the wind at Palardy's back and is easier to control than a punt. Meanwhile, the Bomber D sacked the QB almost a half dozen times today.

If Burke can't find it in himself to believe in this team, he should resign as head coach at the end of this season. His lack of faith cost the Bombers any realistic shot at the playoffs this year. They are 2-8 while Sask. & Edmonton are 5-5.

Burke inherited a great defence last year Mark Nelson and Kavis Reed the 2 DC's prior to him built that defence it got dismantled in the off season weather that be macks choice or burke's choice i have no idea.

All i know is Jovon and Hefney were right in the off season with there tweets and got major flack for it, Jovon steps up and is a leader today kudos to him for doing that but things are in shambles right now.

It does seem as if we have the right core of players we just need the right co-ordinators to help lead em these players have heart i can tell you that much

Also a question i have to ask... Burke attempted a 46 yarder mins prior that got blocked so why punt when 3 yards closer mind boggling

Well what to say. Season is done!

I'm in the majority of bomber fans wishing Burke would've gone with the FG try. Burke clearly was overthinking things. Let's face it, Palardy and the rest of that special teams FG unit didn't do themselves any favours with that blocked FG earlier in the quarter and long missed FG's are susceptible to long returns. BUT that said I have to disagree with the fire Burke chants. The guy gets a head coaching gig in one of the most unusual circumstamces - mid season, which rarely works, with a large chunk of the fan base vocally opposed to the firing of LaPo and him getting the job. Then he has to coach his first game in the Labour day game, which is a traditionally a loss game for the bombers and watches the players come out and throw a dud of EPIC proportions on the way to a 52-0 loss. I think after last week, heading into this game a lot, A LOT of bomber fans expected the bombrers to lose and would've said you were nuts if you predicted the bombers had a chance to win it. To turn around the team from last weeks debacle to the performance this week was a significant improvement in my book. The players could've packed it in, and some players took stupid selfish penalties which could have easily derailed the team at any point of this game well before the last play. And if Renaud makes that coffin corner kick, Riders are pinned deep and Burke looks a lot better off. My overall assessment -

good - total team turnaround from Labour day game. Offense put up some numbers, better ball distribution amongst the receivers
- moving Johnson to LB and Stewart seems to have paid off despite some mistakes as Stewart showed a renewed energy at his more natural position and came out with a pick and Johnson was more engaged in the game overall
- team rebounded well after the early fumble by TE gave the Riders some early momentum
- where has this defensive line been most of the season? Vega in particular, MIA most of 2012, looked like his 2011 self, and Mainor with his most spirited effort, penalty aside.

Bad - only 9(!) carries for Simpson for 75 yards - was having a good game and got lost in the playcalling
- 7(!) FG attempts for Palardy in the game which means the offense, despite putting up better numbers, was not finishing off drives. If only 1 of those drives was capped by a TD the game could've been over a lot earlier.
- at least 3 stupid selfish penalties (Boatmen, Green, Mainor) that cost the team big - Boatman's IIRC took away a first down play, Mainor's extended a drive, Green got lucky and a stop by the D bailed him
- the lead was placed in the hands of the D to hold for the win after the call by Burke to not kick the FG - the bomber D from the first half of 2011 would've shut the door, the 2012 D shut left it wide open and got shredded by a backup. Whether they disagreed with Burke's call to not kick the FG, they can't take that onto the field and let themselves get ripped like that, its just an excuse and they should have more pride than that

This was a team loss.

This is a good synopsis of the game, Wolverine. I think too much onus is on Burke's decision, especially when the offense couldn't get one more, maybe two, 1st downs to eat away the clock...... It's a sad situation when your ST is the best part of your team.
it still seems that other teams know what our offense is going to do. If that's the case, then why not say, here's Chad Simpson, we're going to get him the ball because he gets almost 10 yards a touch. This baffles me. Cal. does it with Cornish.
Boatman and Mainor, no excuse, stupid, selfish penalties!!! Green's initial penalty can sometimes change the returning teams" attitude. A 15 yd. penalty deep in their end may not affect anything except their willingness to catch that ball another time.The 2nd part of the penalty,unsportsmanlike, hurts. My question is why do the Refs always jump on the second retaliation and ignore the first? After the initial illegal hit, the Sask. returner retaliated on Green. When Green answered back, he got the penalty. If both parties were penalized I could understand. The Refs have this outlook in other sports too.

How many mistakes did we put up with Lapo early in his career? These are going to happen, but some of the shine is starting to come off Burke.

Just wanted too mention that I liked the move Burke made switching Johnson to LB. I thought he played one of his better games all year. Stewart also looked good. Is Sears back for Friday?

that rookie head coach thing is getting kind of old and hate it being used as an excuse Burke's been in the CFL for how many years and your gonna tell me now that because he has a HC title its okay he's just learning the rules, like he never had to follow them before c'mon man!

But honestly its like Jovon was on record as saying it was a smart move if executed right or if the defence doesn't play soft the ball goes out at the 10 its an extra 25 yards where if the D played the same sask still wouldn't be in FG range so we win then hindsight. and these so called fans we have on here shouting for peoples heads how come renaud's name has yet to come up he is terrible at angling punts out of bounds and has never been good at it.

My biggest pet peeve here is that Burke is gonna get scrutinized as not being a good HC or not qualified enough because he's working with Lapolice's staff not his own he isnt working with what he wants he's working with what he's got so people need to back off a little bit on that.

Are you sure about that?

Renaud leads the CFL this season with 10 punts downed inside the opponents’ 10 yard line.

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......Burke will suffer growing pains along with the team as a whole....I'm looking for some improvement with each passing game....By the end of the season we should have a pretty good idea IF he has the goods or not...There's a full off-season to go coach hunting IF Mr. Burkes' future with the club doesn't pan out and looks dim... :wink:

Absolutely correct papa, you are of sound mind my friend.

Losing 25-24 is a marked improvement over 52-0. Only one game to be sure, but at least it was an improvement. As you say, if they continue to improve then Burke will look good; if not, then as you say go coach hunting in the offseason.

.....We may have to go head-coach hunting if this team doesn't show at least that they want to play and put in an better effort for the guy...The game against the argos was pathetic on a number of different fronts...Lapos pal Crowton has to go....We can't wait around forever on this guy and his learning curve...So far it;s been 'crap'..A lot like when Lapo was calling the shots....

I think if Tim Burke isn't going to make the grade...Dave Dickenson would be on my short list for one...possibly a guy like O Shea ..someone definitely with a CFL pedigree...I guess we;ll have to wait till Burke has a chance to get things together...I know it's tough to make a call on a guy who 'most likely' has a few malcontents in the dressing room.....AND it may go furthur up the ladder to Mack, that the players have a dislike for...Whatever this team is a mess and it has to be righted soon... :cry:

Unfortunately Burke may be in over his head. Sideline demeanor makes him seem like too much of a nice guy and they needed someone stern I think after the shock and timing of the LaPo decision to reel the players back in and focus them to the task at hand. Not enough veteran leadership also sunk them IMO. Buck seems to be the only vet who could get the players going and some of the others, like JoVo and Hef, thanks to their offseason twittering seem like they are more likely to complain privately than be positive vocal mentors to the younger guys. I would like to see Buck move into a QB coach spot like Dickenson and Khari Jones started out with. He could make a good OC in a couple of years. The team could really use a more dedicated QB coach. That and some new talent there to work with. I would hate to see Burke go entirely though as that would mean an entirely new coaching staff yet again. We can't keep going 2 and out on the field and on the coaching staff. O'Shea needs time as a DC somewhere before I would look at him as a HC. He had a great first year as the ST coach but I'm not sure if he's grown enough as a coach over the last 2 years to take over as a HC. Dickenson would be a good thought. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I still think BC's OC Chapdelaine would be a good choice also. Would anyone want to give Reinbold a second shot now that he's toned it down in MTL? heh heh just kidding