Today the Fat Lady will sing for some team...

Good luck to your Bombers today. This should be a great game, playoff game really. Looking forward to it. :thup:

I'm not sure what to expect with this one. On one hand we are playing better. An interesting stat in todays paper showed we have the best offence in the league through the last 5 games, shocked me actually! We have also beaten the Ticats for like the last 30 games, or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:
But on the other hand we are pretty beaten up right now, big emotional game for the tabbies, close out for their stadium in front of their all time greats.
Should be a good game.

Don't count on it. . . it's pouring rain in Hamilton. Environment Canada says steady temperature at 6 degrees, north wind to 30km, and 15 to 26mm of rain.

Probably going to be a sloppy game loaded with turnovers and other assorted weather-related goofs.

.....the team with the best run-game will take this one.... :wink: AND it seems we have the best back(Simpson) ...just ask Rey Williams :lol:

Works out well for the Bombers who excel at knocking out balls.

It's an important game for both teams. If they both show up and battle hard, I will be entertained - hence a good game.

Anyone watching the pregame? Shultz is such a bad ass.

OKay, it’s raining and it’s windy.

Last week Simpson and Ford ran all through, around, and over the Argos’ D.

So, in this rain and wind, Crowton has them come out throwing. Odd.

Your so polite :wink:

And there goes Pierce out of the game. Way to go Crowton...

Now, no Buck, no Simpson, and no Ford, to go along with no Mainor, no Hall, no Vega. . . all of which I suspect adds up to no hope.

No kidding ? :?

.....Goodbye 21012.....see ya next year... :oops:

This was the best result for Winnipeg as they would not have been able to compete in these playoffs anyway. Much like Toronto, Hamilton, and Edmonton. We now have the first overall pick,thank you Hamilton. Not that Hamilton would care as they have had that pick lots and done nothing with it. So lets load up on canadian talent. Force Buck to retire and make him the QB coach. Sign Free agent QB Reilly away from BC and let him and Elliott and Brink fight for the starting spot. Rumour has it there are 3 interior D lineman available in this years draft that can be the next Doug Brown and step in a make a difference right away.