Today Masoli Must

A. Dominate, If not now, when ?
B. Just be better than MBT
C.Does it matter. Aren't we all waiting for Evans ?
D. Stop putting so much pressure on him, hater.
E. Don't like it ? Then buy your own team and run it the way you like.
F. Other.

I'll bite:

Combination of B and F - be better than Watford and MBT.

At this point, I would settle for "average"... :upside_down_face:

I’m going with “E”.

The only thing Jeremiah Masoli has to do is be on the winning team at the end of the game today.


F: show signs that he can return to his old form.

Coach O likes what he saw in practice this week:

Masoli impressing Orlondo Steinauer with ‘Jeremiah-like’ throws as Ticats QB gains confidence following injuries

“He’s becoming more and more confident in his arm and becoming fully healthy. And his reads, I think the most important thing are those reads and those things coming in a timely fashion, I do see an improvement from last week,” Steinauer said.

“He hasn’t played a ton of football over the last three years. He’s becoming more comfortable and in watching what he’s done in practice, I’ve been very impressed with quite a few throws with what I would phrase as ‘Jeremiah-like’ where you’re wowed.”

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I'll say this: if Masoli doesn't start to show something approaching his play before injury in 2019, he won't be the starter next year. If there was any doubt in my mind that Evans should be our guy (there really wasn't), it was completely erased when he scrambled against Toronto, put his shoulder down into a defender to get closer to the first down. That was a Dunigan moment. Masoli looks....detached somehow.

All of which begs the question how did he beat out Evans at camp ?

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He needs to play well enough to get the team a win. He wont be here next year. If he wants a grey cup this is his best and IMHO only chance.


Not a fit in Hamilton
Not a fit in Saskatchewan
Not a fit in Toronto

Wins Grey Cup in Winnipeg

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Matt Nichols

Not a fit in EDM , WPG, TOR, OTT.
Wins nothing.

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Same thing with Jeff Mathews. Cornell product. Coached by.........?


Same thing with Johnny Manziel .

Why did Ottawa think Nichols was still 'starting material' when he couldn't make it through a season here in Winnipeg? Didn't the label 'Game Manager' clue most GM's into the fact that Nichols was a capable backup at best? :thinking:

F. How about just having the offense as a whole take a couple of steps forward.

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You disappoint me shutt40. Your suggestion is waaaay too reasonable. Right now Masoli must 'carry the team' or be considered an absolute failure.

If Doctor Evil was running this discussion he'd push a button and you'd disappear into a pool filled with angry bass wearing laser beams. :grimacing:

It's week 10.

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Given the way they have played so far to you think they will suddenly become the best offense in the CFL. Lets set the expectations based on where we are not where we want to be.

He needs to show some progression from last week. More accuracy in his passing and be confident enough to pull the ball down and run occasionally to give the Argo defence something to think about. He doesn’t need to throw for 300-400 yards, but the offence can’t disappear for a quarter and a half either. We certainly can’t expect him to carry the team on his shoulders, but I would like to see him come through with the odd run or pass when the situation warrants - similar to what Count Floyd described re. the Evans run against Toronto. And as an offence they can’t abandon running plays. Keep using STE or Jackson often including flare passes and screens.

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