Today marks the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve"

Nothing could be further from the truth . The real and actual reason that the LCBO is deemed essential and allowed to stay open is the fact that being government run they are a cash cow for the coffers of the province .

It has nothing to do whatsoever with alcoholics and withdrawals or clogging up hospitals . It has everything to do though with the steady overflowing revenue stream it provides the province that deems it a so called "essential" service .

The same goes for the dope business especially now that the government has figured out how to get their fingers in it by apparently running it and so called controlling it by putting up their own pot shops on every corner .

This narrative that the Government is so concerned about addiction as being the reason that booze and dope are essential services is absolutely laughable.

The only addiction here is the governments and their addiction to cash revenue .


Yet they kept Casinos closed.

Wrong on this one Bobo. It was at the advice of regional public health entities and addiction experts at CAMH not provincial financial entities that the decision was made to keep LCBO and beer stores open.

Besides even if that was not the case a very strong.argument could be made that beer and booze and cannabis are groceries since they are used in cooking, are something people drink as part of their meals or smoke like cigarettes.5

They are still making their money off of all the never-ending different Lotto games that are available on a nightly basis . Scratch tickets are also a huge source of revenue not to mention Pro line betting on a daily basis on sports ranging from the NHL , NBA, MLB , NFL , NCAA etc .

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It just keeps getting worse here in Ontario.

Today's new case number isn't just in the alarming 3000 range. Today's number 4227. 18 more dead.

Pressure getting so bad on hospitals that the province has ordered a stop to all non emergency surgeries.

And get this - Sick Kids Hospital is now accepting adults for the first time into an emergency 8 bed ICU it has set up for those up to age 40.

I get my first shot in a couple of hours. I won't know until I get there which vaccine it is. The Premier coincidentally had his first shot this morning. He received the. Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Open it all. Who's the government to determine which purchases are essential anyway? Or activities.

Maybe someone has anxiety and painting helps calm them. Purchasing paint is essential to them even if the crack smoking mayors brother says otherwise

Actually I give the LCBO - at least the one next to our agency credit for having some of the best ENFORCED PROTOCOLS I have come across.

Not only did they diligently enforce masks and 6 feet separation in lines and being 100 percent certain that you sanitized your hands when entering and STRICTLY enforced following directional arrows on the floor etc. Not only that when checking out you were kept 10 feer away and not allowed to approach until the previous customer had moved on and the employee spray and completely wipe down the entire counter surface and the Interac terminal.

Plus until very recently they were closed Mondays across the entire province and I would see them not only washing floors but wiping down shelves and all the cans and bottles on those shelves.

Plus I was entertained by all the people who would literally smash into the sliding doors with a look of shock that they had not opened for them unaware of the Monday closings.

The hospitalization numbers for Ontario have been released and we are officially in unchartered territory.

Hospitalized - 1492 (up 75 from yesterday)
ICU - 552 (up 27)
On Ventilators - 359 (up 28)

You almost become numb to the numbers after awhile which is why hearing that for the first time they are opening Sick Kids Hospital to adults - hearing that news is what sent a chill through me this morning.


Nothing but bad news today.

Well, Madjack, there are good news on the employment front. In March 2021, 303,000 jobs were added, including 175,000 full- time and 128,000 part-time ; unemployment rate went from 8.2% to 7.5%.


I think the government and the press trying to scare you.
1,500 hospitalized with covid right now in the province and they say "filling up rapidly" and "close to breaking" - according to the Ontario government site they added 4,000 beds at the beginning of the pandemic to deal with the expected covid influx. Lockdowns are not working, many people are fed up and just ignoring them.

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4,227 dead today.

Government and press aren't scaring me.

Reality is.

Sounds like they treat people like cows. Moo

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Were you scared when you heard that the flu kills people every year?
There is a vaccine for the flu but very few take it.
We should be outside enjoying ourselves and not hiding inside. People are fed up with the lockdowns and restrictions, businesses are going under.

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Throw back Friday to when the news media and those who followed them blindly told us all not to worry about Covid and you are an xenophobe if you do.

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I take the flu vaccine; every year, so your point on that is irrelevant.

Yes the flu kills people every year; but not 4,227 IN ONE DAY.

Hell that's more than died in the US on 9/11. Just let that sink in for a second.

To me it is the Exact opposite of that. To me it illustrates they actually care about the well being of their customers and staff and are doing what they can to keep them safe.

Nothing the media or government has said has scared me in the sense that usually they were just repeating info friends had already told me who re on the front lines of this battle.

In fact being completely honest the thing that has scared me the most about this 9entire experience is just how many seemingly don't care if hundreds more get sick and/or die. Or those who think they know how the entire Ontario health system works and when it is or is not under strain just because they read a report about how many beds are in the system. To quote my Respirologist friend (who I had never heard swear before). 'OMG they don't have a fucking clue.'

Well I think, again, your flaw is that you assume that just because people don't agree with you they want people dead.

Just my observation from people like you. Your virtue won't save lives my friend.

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But when almost every expert especially with the variants situation we are now in say relaxing restrictions means disaster - even if my comment might be considered harsh I am not alone in thinking that.

I have asked before and I'll ask again - what do you think Ontario's numbers would look like a month from now if Ford lifts restrictions like so many of you have been advocating for.

just wondering, who is "people like" TP1