Today marks the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve"

He has been a huge disappointment. Incredible that he could do worse than the Liberals before him. I wonder what Trudeau's mafia has on him?

Who do you predict will take over? The charisma-challenged Del Duca, or the (shudder) leftist Horwath?

According to the Yankees website as it is now with the limited capacity that have been allowed to attend Yankees games these have been the regulations.

"Negative COVID-19 tests (PCR or rapid antigen COVID-19 test for fans 3 years and older) or proof of full COVID-19 vaccination in the form of a CDC-approved COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and temperature checks are required for entry into Yankee Stadium through Sunday, May 9 . Please note the required timeframes associated with each test option so you can plan ahead accordingly."

So I assume they may do something like give wrist bands to those who are allowed to sit in the vaccinated sections who have shown the 'CDC approved Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card.'

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If I had to guess I would say Del Duca even though I wouldn't recognize him even if I bumped into him on the street.

Even though Horwath (who actually is MPP for my riding) in an April Innovations Research Poll of which party leader would make the best Premier received 20% and Del Duca only 10% - she has already been NDP leader for three elections and the NDP always lost ground during those campaigns. No reason to expect anything different next election. (Ford was 28% in that poll so over 40% undecided or none of the above. lol

In that same IRG poll to the question 'Which party would you support in the next provincial election the Liberals led. They also lead in an Abacas Poll

Libs - 35% in both polls received 19.6% last election)
PC - 30% and 34% (received 40.5% last election)
NDP - 26% and 23% (received 33.6% last election)

So I would guess as long as Del Duca is inoffensive as Ontarians get to know him the Libs should outperform the NDP.

I know the question wasn't posed to me, but IMO Ontario is screwed no matter what.

Mixed Ontario numbers today. Of course the most important number another 26 have died from Covid in the last 24 hours.

  • 26 more deaths
  • 3424 new cases (431 more new cases than yesterday)
  • 1964 hospitalized (down 111 from yesterday)
  • 877 in ICUs (down 5)
  • 600 on ventilators (down 20)

141,038 vaccine doses administered in 24 hours a record high so now 384,589 are fully vaccinated and 5,356,172 Ontarians have had one shot.

Province wide positivity rate down to 6.8% but in Toronto 12.3% with a goal to get that below 3%

Not sure how that would work . The whole idea is eradicating the virus with the vaccine with herd immunity . If it is used as a incentive then I get that .

If it means a temporary measure just to get started I can see that to give those a feeling of false comfort then maybe it's okay ; but really if the virus is dormant I don't see why they would need to do it . If the virus is not then why go on the cruise in the first place .

Another virus is on it's way after this one . Every few years we have a new one .

I would hope we learned how to deal with them with effective measures both with our healthcare infrastructure and protecting private business .

Going on a Cruise is a gamble who knows who's has what even before covid 19 but if showing you have the vaccine gets the industry moving then so be it .

It is a wasteland and if anyone can field a respectable candidate its an easy win

I suspect Del Duca will make major inroads simply by riding Trudeaus coat tails
Too many hate Ford and Horvath outright

Assuming no viable 4th choice comes up I can totally see PC getting Ford to step down to win again. I am curious whether the alt right can harness the power they have gained

Otherwise its a grim possibility but another NDP in power is frightening

Curious whether all the indys can keep seats (Ford kicked like 5 out already, most of them for being anti-Covid)

The cruise lines have already stated that not even 100% of their crew will be vaccinated

After watching last year when ships were left at sea and countries refused to let them dock anyone thinking of booking a cruise should be committed to a padded room

who are the indys again??

Hillier is the biggest one but Barbar (spelling?) I think stands best chance for re-election (due to simple fact he is not a known ally of the alt conspiracy groups who I think will hurt Hillier long term)

I forget the woman's name (she was mixed race though so lots of support)

The old guy was booted for sex crime not covid so he is gone

That's 4... either I forgetting 1 or I miscounted...

are you talking independents?

That is what you responded to... Indys... ?

I wasnt sure that is what you meant by Indys. Never thought of it that way. Pardon me while I smack my head against the wall

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Two busloads of protesters who came to Montreal's Olympic Stadium may have been exposed to COVID-19
Two buses organized to bring protesters from Beauce carried people who were later found to have the virus. A public health spokesperson said the callout was necessary because 'some people are not cooperating.'

This video sums up the entire pandemic quite nicely

Trudeau = BC Lions
Ford = Toronto Argos

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trudeau equals charlie brown trying to kick the ball that lucy keeps pulling away.

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I dont know if I posted these thought before, but some people on some issues are like single minded police, who decide early on who is guilty and then proceed to build whatever kind of case they can against that person, and any evidence or lead that might lead elsewhere, they just cast aside and ignore.