Today marks the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve"

The reason there are staffing issues at least in the public LTC of Quebec and Ontario is mainly funding related. The issues uncovered in the "chain" of LTC in Quebec was funding, greed and mismanagement.

In the case of the the private chain "Heron" (the one where families were paying 10k and more per month for their relatives to stay there). The Owners where residents were abandoned and 47 of them died, settled quickly last month the civil suit brought by some families of the dead residents for $5.5 million dollars. The Judge approved of the settlement 4 days ago.

Meanwhile the investigations led by the Coroner's Office of Quebec are ongoing and expected to be completed in the fall of 2021 but so far for the most part while the Coroner's conclusions are obvious that the residents died of neglect he commended staff for fighting in what became inhumane working conditions with no protection due to a failure of government acting quickly enough to realize that this was a National Health Emergency. Some other recommendations are being made such as the elimination of multiple residents sharing rooms, which appears will become unlawful and other measures.

Bottom line the government will have to face the fact that more financial, training and logistic resources need to be made...

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Agreed. Our Premier has done well. Haven't agreed with it all but he has shown he has very little appetite for excessive measures or prolonging those.

Also may be good news for the CFL in western Canada province isn’t trending too well

Same in NS, we had two people from Ontario come down for Easter who didn't isolate and went all around Sackville to bars, restaurants and contaminated a bunch of people. gone from 2 active cases to 1200 in two weeks.

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sask numbers still high. Might be too soon to ease off.

40% have recieved the vaccine.

I guess we will find out if they work or not

According to the CEO of Pfizer, this is just a stepping stone in the pharma fight against this thing.

40% is only a little more than half of what they say is needed

Saskatchewan's plan was first to get folks in health care and care facilities vaccinated then opened it up gradually based on age.

Right now it's open to 37 and older. Expecting it to be open to 18 and up by end of May.

They will gradually roll back restrictions based on % of population vaccinated.. something like 66% of age 60+ have their first dose. That's the first milestone and so on.

While cases are high hospitalizations have dropped over the past couple months largely due to vaccine rollout.

Much of the issues are lack of supply. Those in charge of the distribution have really done a great job considering how sparse the population is. They have come up with creative solutions; churches, pharmacies, the U of R have all been turned into vaccines sites. Those in charge here of that portion should be recruited for bigger things as far as I'm concerned. Saskatchewan is apparently the leader in the the country.

Apparently production will ramp up it May (finally). That's outside the control if local health authorities though.

Let it be dear Lord, let it be :slight_smile:

Indians are suing the Australian government to be allowed to travel back from India, people are hypocrites. They complain until they feel "infringed.

I have no idea what you believe in the area of controlling the virus.
Sometimes its just a flu, society should open up, the controls are pointless but end up with this post.. Or maybe you just like to complain and blame and want to keep your own beliefs behind the veil.

we are making good progress here in BC. Hope they dont screw things up by easing up too much too soon again.

I haven't seen anyone suggest you shouldn't isolate if you have Covid.

Question specific measures? Absolutely.

New case numbers in Ontario were below 3000 the last couple of days which is encouraging. But the number of deaths reported Wednesday morning was 44 which is simply devastating. A third wave high.

Of the latest deaths, one person was between 20 and 39 years old, 11 were between 40 and 59 years old, 19 were between 60 and 79 years old and 13 were 80 and older.

Hospitalized - 2075 down 92 from the day before
ICU - 882 down 4 from the day before
On ventilators - 620 up 11 from the day before.

with cruising one of the reasons cruise lines planning on sailing this summer are requiring proof of vaccination for all crew and passengers is because they are hearing from the majority of their clients that having only vaccinated passengers and crew on board is a prerequisite for them to book,

Besides some of the countries the ships visit are likely to have proof of vaccination required for entry. So vaccine passports are coming to cruising and other international travel whether Desantis likes it or not.

Canada is working with the G20 in developing vaccine passports/certification of xome sort as it is a key element in giving people confidence to travel again and therefore to help tourism recover.

Anyone travelling into Nova Scotia (resident or not) must isolate for 14 days, and follow testing procedures (11th day and await results), these people who were confirmed to be the vectors that started this new wave in Halifax, arrived Easter Thursday and departed on the Monday. Contact tracing made public displays clearly where them and their family members all went during that weekend.

Oddly enough, no one seem to catch that the whole idea of travelling to Halifax for 3 days and isolate for 14 would be quite a feat to accomplish. And even worst the Province decided not to pursue fines as since they residents of Ontario this would be too difficult. In other words NS residents face a different stiffer justice than outsiders.

Again an unelected body, unaccountable to anyone making decision for sovereign nations.

The Yankees and Mets are joining with other NYC attractions to give free tickets to those who get vaccinated at their stadiums. In New Jersey they are doing a "shot and a beer' promo where you are given a free beer for getting a shot.

And in news that will undoubtedly be of interest to the Blue Jays who move their home games to Buffalo as of June 1 - New York State has announced that MLB teams can fill sections of their stadiums to 100% capacity for vaccinated fans only. Sections with unvaccinated fans limited to 6 feet apart and 33% capacity.

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How do they know you are vaccinated?