Today marks the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve"

They make me laugh, they won't even tolerate photo ID to vote but a vaccination passport is life and death LMAO

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That's great news . He is heading it off at the pass so to speak just in case the feds try to do it or a business like Disney or cruise ships
docking in port .

It will be interesting to see if there is push back .

Great point .

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Doubt the people in Brazil and India would understand or share your enthusiasm with that type of decision? As one commentator mentioned (sorry, can’t remember who, they are all starting to blur together in my memory) giving a “pass” to vaccinated folks is maybe one way to combat vaccination hesitancy. An acknowledgment, if you will.

And, De Santis is probably seeking re-election, and maybe even taking a run at the presidency. Maybe basing his decisions on what’s best for attracting votes, not for public health? He is a politician, after all.

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What's your position? People need to be vaccinated/present proof to purchase essentials like bread?

Same can be said about politicians who are considering invading the people's privacy. They are just in it for votes.

Covid has really brought out many people's inner tyranny and desire to punish those who have differing views on government role and individual freedom

Let me guess. . . Big Pharma and CTV bribed her to say that.


Hmmm I wonder if she was saying to present proof of a vaccine before you are allowed to purchase food for yourself?

Puleeze! More reductio ad absurdum to bolster a silly position? Who, besides you, has suggested this? And if a merchant does, shop elsewhere.

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You are the one complaining about a law against vax passes calling it "political".

So you are suggesting leaving it up to corporations to force you to provide proof of vaccination? So are you suggesting Walmart should be able to card you before purchasing a loaf of bread?

Yes or no? If no, what would you say should be covered.

I'd err on the side of freedom.

If Bob the butcher down my street, or Frank the barber around the corner, choose to exercise their freedom to request proof of vaccination before allowing me into their establishment, I'll support their right so to do.

Just as I have the right to go elsewhere for meat or a haircut, if I'm paranoid about disclosing that I've been vaccinated.

That's all predicated of course on butcher shops and barber shops being allowed to open. . .

What does a vaccine have to do with purchasing meat?

Seems bizarre.

I wouldn't say I'm paranoid as much as I dont think it's anyone's business (certainly not Walmart) if I have the Covid vaccine. I'm a bit old school that way.

We regulate business all the time. Don't see why we should allow them to carry this out. Legitimacy: we allow business to operate within a society in exchange for not implementing ridiculous ideas like vax passes.

  1. I did not complain about the law being political, I just pointed out that De Santis, being a politician, probably proposed it with a view to attracting and maintaining a particular voter base, as opposed to public health reasons.

  2. No, I am not suggesting that Walmart should require proof of vaccination to purchase bread, nor do I expect they would, being a US company. If they wish me to wear a mask while shopping, I would. If they insist on “carding” me to enter the store, and I felt I wished to object, I would make other arrangements, such as curbside pick up, or delivery, or alternate vendors. You raised this pass required to feed yourself scenario, no one else.

  3. In mentioning the “pass” I was citing a television commentator, who was spitballing thoughts on ways to overcome vaccination hesitancy, which apparently is a growing concern in the US. His idea was that a “pass” might make people more willing to get vaccinated. I can’t say he suggested how it would be used. As an aside, my son in California was given a sticker, lapel pin and certificate following his vaccination. He is free to either wear and carry them, or not.

  4. Points 1 and 3, I already made in my original reply. Point two, as indicated, is your red herring, which I have answered.

  1. Yes politicians act somewhat on a platform that will get them reelected. They also create laws to prevent business (or other institutions) from trampling people into submission.

  2. We regulate business all the time. While I agree with you somewhat, the issue with masks are they are government mandated. Even if a store wanted to allow maskless shoppers, they couldn't without risking hefty fined (which in all likelihood would put them under). Is that the same agenda being pushed with the vax passes too?

  3. I realize there are tyrants out there who want to punish you for not falling in line. Certainly the press is trying to pushing the vax pass just as they did masks a year ago.

  4. Not a "red herring" at all..when people start talking about carding your vaccine info befor going into a store, should I not be able to ask questions?

This is exactly what i was trying to say. Thank you Palmer.
If anybody has gone though having a relative in LTC or knows someone who works in LTC you see a different POV from both sides.
Nobody is condoning or making excuses for abuse but abuse from patients is quite common too. When a patient is neglected for a while it may be there is an emergency down the hall. If you want personal service for each patient 24/7 it will cost way more than 10 grand a year. I know a nurse who was attacked by a patient and he broke her nose, fractured her skull and broke ribs. She never nursed again. We don't hear about these stories.
Yes elderly abuse has been going on for too long but the nurses and PSWs don't go into their careers because it pays well. they do because they want to help. Are there assholes ? For sure.


Saskatchewan just announced easing of restrictions.

Looking like 150 people at outdoor gatherings by end of May. Most restrictions lifted in July.


Here's hoping it is a trend across the country. . .

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The reason there are staffing issues at least in the public LTC of Quebec and Ontario is mainly funding related. The issues uncovered in the "chain" of LTC in Quebec was funding, greed and mismanagement.

In the case of the the private chain "Heron" (the one where families were paying 10k and more per month for their relatives to stay there). The Owners where residents were abandoned and 47 of them died, settled quickly last month the civil suit brought by some families of the dead residents for $5.5 million dollars. The Judge approved of the settlement 4 days ago.

Meanwhile the investigations led by the Coroner's Office of Quebec are ongoing and expected to be completed in the fall of 2021 but so far for the most part while the Coroner's conclusions are obvious that the residents died of neglect he commended staff for fighting in what became inhumane working conditions with no protection due to a failure of government acting quickly enough to realize that this was a National Health Emergency. Some other recommendations are being made such as the elimination of multiple residents sharing rooms, which appears will become unlawful and other measures.

Bottom line the government will have to face the fact that more financial, training and logistic resources need to be made...

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Agreed. Our Premier has done well. Haven't agreed with it all but he has shown he has very little appetite for excessive measures or prolonging those.

Also may be good news for the CFL in western Canada province isn’t trending too well