Today marks the one year anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve"

Never getting this year back... Can't trust the government...


You and me both.

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or our MSM .

Yes it's been a year of confusion and chaos. Here's hoping for a CFL season

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Sure I speak for loads of people when I say, Flatten the curve was more like “flatten my income”.
Really hoping they don’t Flatten the Football again.


They deflated income too no doubt more than the damage the virus did itself.

I told some friends and family this weekend that if I am ever in some divine court of judgement having the tape of my life played as evidence, I am going to tell them to fast forward from 7 March 2020 through 12 March 2021 except for my trip to Dallas.

The day before and the day after were the dates on which I was able to eat in a local restaurant!

Hehe, yeah, there’s not too much to see over those 12 months. Wouldn’t say it’s been the worst year of my life, but certainly the least interesting :sleeping:

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Well, the vaccines shall prevail, no Astra Zeneca or JnJ for me thank you, and I think the only things that need some flattening now are some of those ivory tower pompous Ontario heads in Toronto and in certain state capitals like Harrisburg here in Pennsylvania USA. :unamused:


I think I'll stamp my foot and say "no, its my body". That seemed to work for another organization.

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Saddest part of the last year we could have and should have saved hundreds of thousands of lives but didn't by not acting fast enough and strong enough the way places like New Zealand did.

Heck last month a couple of cases pop up in Auckland AND BOOM TOTAL SHUTDOWN of the city. Restricted access to enter and leave the city. All non essential activities TOTALLY shut down.

We kept tippy toeing around the edges with half assed measures just enough to screw up the economy but never enough to truly get a handle on the virus.

Dr Birk now admitting that after losing the first 100,000 in the USA which was pretty much unavoidable they blew it by not acting faster and more stringently and as many as a quarter million American lives would have been saved.


New Zealand was easy, it's an island and not easy to get to. All they had to do was stop flight coming in, they don't have a land border.
All you have to do is look at the border cams, there are thousands of truckers entering Canada, Canadian and American drivers back and forth, no covid tests to get in and no quarantine. Rail workers too are exempt from any testing or quarantine
New Zealand relies on imports and exports by sea, no road or rail A ship is docked, unloaded and the crew has no need to step ashore.

Canada has millions of dual citizens - Brits, Italians, Irish, Chinese etc - most dual citizens have two passports. You are not prevented from leaving Canada and as a Canadian citizen you have rights to re-enter Canada.

It's pretty easy to say what we should've done - everyone knows that covid originated in China. If we had known we would've stopped flights from China sooner but Italy was one of the first places outside of China to get it, the garment industry in Milan had direct flights to Wuhan and of course we had so many flight to Italy too.

When the virus hit last spring, the US was in the middle of the tourist season. Florida with the theme parks and the cruise ports are the most visited place on earth.
Easy for Birks to say that the US should've been shut down in January and February and thousands of lives save, by March tourists from all over the world were in.
We all thought the virus would be over by May, I had booked a trip to Europe and Med cruise for the last week of April. We were due to fly from Florida to England, visit relatives and then to Spain and the Med cruise, I then re-booked for September thinking it would be over by September. I doubt we will be going on a cruise this September or flying to visit relatives in England


Hindsight was indeed 2020 (Yeah, I know, poor choice of words).

Shows what type of leadership we have in government and politics.

It's not necessarily sour grapes if the CFL folds as a result of this pandemic but I am more concerned about the long term effects of this mishandling of the pandemic in terms of potential health and human psychology.

I'am more concerned about our youth that are in youth sports for not having any sports to compete in for the last 13 months.

Can see a drop in youth sports enrollment for the next year at least.

Oh well, they will safer and healthy right?

There's more to health than just the physical aspect.


To me, those who refuse to observe public health measures like masking, distancing, sheltering-in-place, and vaccination, should stand on their principles and refuse to accept any treatment should they contract Covid. I mean, if they refuse to acknowledge that the virus is real, what would they expect to be treated for anyway?:smirk:


Ah yes the social dilemma we face.

Which are facts , which are fiction.

As along we are willing to do what it takes to stay safe, that's all we can hope for.

It will be over soon, I hope.

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I agree. Diabetics(sugar,exercise), Cancer: Smokers and potheads, Fatsos (fast food), The alcoholics, The women on the pill (breast and ovarian cancer) should all be denied care.

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I didn’t say they should be DENIED care, I said they should maintain their principles and REFUSE care. I doubt extremely few, if any, health care workers would deny care anyway. I’m just getting tired of people who say “what happens, happens, I’ll take my chances”, maybe putting others at risk, and then want to be in line when their poor behavioural choices come home to roost.

Wouldn’t it be something to watch the news and hear someone say “I made my bed, now I have to lie in it”? End of heartless, insensitive rant.


The issues go back long before Trump or Trudeau. Governors and provincial governments have decided to institutionalize the elderly for decades. Covid just exposed the weakness in that plan.

There's also the whole issue with people crying "xenophobia" at this time last year. Travel should've been restricted last January


Totally agree with the travel restrictions.

Haven't left my area since early November 2019.

Will not travel out of country until it's safe to do so.

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I know what you are trying to say. I don't think people should be reckless but your point is stradelling the line of a Fascistic position. I have no plan to get vaccinated at this point. I have valid medical concerns and that right should not be infringed upon and I should not be denied access to any public place or event. My wife has been vaccinated this week and it makes sense for her.

Herd immunity requires 50 to 70 percent of the population be vaccinated. We have never ostricised people for not being vaccinated in this country and we should not start changing the science because people are "scared".

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Also, why I am against state endorsed euthanaisa. Look what Cuomo did in NY and how little he gave a shiat about the elderly in his care. Do we want people like that having the OPPORTUNITY to use this kind of intervention?

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