Today is my Birthday and Garney Henley is my Idle,My Age????

Garney Henley was the greatest football player
ever to play in the CFL I feel. I will be at the
game today and We will WIN!!!!!!!NO DOUBT!!!!
GUESS MY AGE? :cowboy: :cowboy:

Well, you told Bob (and us) that you were born and raised in Hamilton. You use the phrase "Right On", and you agree with me that Garney, a Tiger and a Gentleman, was the best I ever saw.

Happy Birthday to a Boomer!


I don't know what your exact age would be, GOTC, but

if you are calling for the Ticats to win tonight,
it has to be past the age when senility sets in. :lol: :oops:

Happy Birthday!

Just a wild guess 56.

Bye the way I'm 60 today and I use to
play wide receiver for westmount s.s.
and watching the game tonight I think
i should have put my pads on and went
out there to help the team, I don't
think i could have done any worse.

Happy belated birthday GOTC. Soory the team didn't come through for you. I too grew up in the Henley and Mosca era. I was a corner linebacker in Montreal, and those two were my inspiration. Had a nice chat with Angelo at the Hall of Fame dinner on Friday. I was like a kid again.

Garney should come out and work with the D on there tackling skills.

Happy birthday!
Garney Henley was one of my heroes in 1961 when I was in Grade 12 at the old Central high school. He was one of the most popular Tiger-Cats back then.
But its "idol". "Idle" is what I was in high school. :oops:

Do you guys remember Garney's final
year when he ran back either a punt
or interception for about 60 yards
and simply ran out of gas and ploped
down on the 10 yard line exhausted.
one body touched him. i think he was
about 40 years old then and the game
was close to being over and he had
played 50 of the 60 min's.
He was just amazing!!!!!!!!

Woe is me....I actually DO remember :frowning:
Those WERE the days though :smiley: