on this day(april 28 1996)we lost our most beloved team the winnipeg JETS

:cry: it will even be worse if we lost the bombers

1972-1996 RIP

hope weill get a new team soon

thanks for reminding me :cry:

With your new building, couldn't the NHL return after they get rid of Bettman?

........10 years, doesn't seem that long ago......

if you lived in winnipeg like us you'd know it feels like a hundred years. :frowning:

jets will be back in the next 4 seasons, or some teams will outright fold

We shall become a strong hockey city again.

I dont want to squash dreams here, but I dont think that the Jets will be back anytime soon. Unless they move the Penguins or another team that is on the brink of bankruptcy, I dont see much of a chance for Winnipeg to get an NHL team back. I thought that the NHL needed to contract during the lockout and still feel that way. I would say that 6 teams need to bite the dust. Last year my choices were --- Atlanta, Florida, Carolina, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Nashville. This year the list hasnt changed much, though Carolina and Nashville seem to have stable finances. A leaner NHL would mean less diluted talent, and better hockey. Contraction is definitely on the NHL horizon, it just a matter of time.

i would actually want either the penguins or predators. if we get pitsburgh we have crosby that would bring people to watch him and colby armstrong a soon to be star then on the predators we got jordin tootoo

Plus, with Pittsburgh, youd get Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury.

your just jealous saskatchewan will never have an NHL team.

lol, i agree w yogi! .... but after watching the play-offsso far this year, i surely wudn't say that the league is diluted. there's been some awesome hockey so far. just finished watching the buff / philly game - awesome hockey - hitting, scoring, skating.....! look at such good teams like van & tor with their skill level missing the play-offs! there's at least 10 different temas right now that cud challenge for the cup. it's a shame to see some of the crowds over the season in some of the markets mentioned above! having said that, back to football!!!! Go bombers and keep dancin yogi!!!

Yogi , give me a break! I really could not care less if Saskatchewan got a team or not. Im saying to your pea brain is that unless Winnipeg can get a team on the verge of bankruptcy, and the current owners of that team dont seek local investor to keep a team where it is currently located, then Winnipeg’s chances are virtually nil. There will be no expansion in the NHL and quite the opposite , contraction, could happen. The salary cap is going to be higher next year and could increase in the next few years , much to the dismay of smaller market teams(Edmonton, Calgary), so how do you expect Winnipeg to get a franchise with only a 15,000 seat stadium??? Its not going to happen.

selling out there 15,000 seat arena every game would be better attendance then quite a few teams in teh NHL now. Plus the arena is able to be upgraded. And trust me Winnipeg would easily sell out every game. Look at Minnesota, 5 years (I think) in the league and have sold out every single game.

Average NHL attendance is just over 16,000. Expand it a bit maybe. But if not there are still lots of teams averaging under 15,000. Chicago only averages 12,000. It the lowest. Montreal has the highest, selling out every game with 21,273.

...I was having such a nice day......WHY....did you have to go there... :cry:

One other point to this is, does the NHL want to come back to Winnipeg? The NHL is looking at keeping teams in the market they are already in, and I do think that Winnipeg does deserve to have a team, but you need to look at this realistically. If the NHL does move a franchise, you would have to consider Hamilton as a prime location for the NHL as well. They have the facility(and dont need to expand it), they just need a tenant. A team in Hamilton is like having two NHL franchises in Toronto.

PS- BTW Yogi, I know Saskatchewan will never get an NHL franchise(mind you Bill Hunter had 18 000 people willing to buy season tickets, and Don Cherry would have considered coaching that team), but it doesnt bother me in the least bit. So your juvenile little comment means that I have more respect for BBfan12's comments than I do yours, cause at least his comments are well thought out before he posts them!!!


there is penty of optomisium, and I have a feeling that they will be back in either 2007 or 2008, and if not, we still have the Bombers, and the CFL!!!


and remember, it tock Minnesota ten years to get their team back.


Sambo, lay off, your on dangeous ground here. besides, your home province of suckatchewan will never see the light of day of the NHL, at least Manitoba got 24 great years!!!

It seem I said that in my post, that Saskatchewan would never get an NHL franchise. All im saying is that dont expect Winnipeg to get an NHL franchise back anytime soon. Salaries are going to escelate over the next few years, and will put small market teams at a disadvantage once again.

that's why their is now a Salary Cap, mate, and it works in favor of smaller markets, like Winnipeg.

go to, you will see that it is more likly than you think.

and talking about the Jets is a tender issue for me here, I'm a HUGE Jets fan.

salary cap or no salary cap, salaries on their way up again. Next year the cap will be at 42 million at least could be even higher, and if league revenues go up, so could the cap.