today i woke up proud to be a ticat fan

i havn't felt this way in years....last night was everything that the last 4 years hasn't been...way to go everybody!

We all can hold are heads High in Tigertown.
Winning Football is Back

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: EVERYBODY WAKE UP AND BUY A TICKET

Amen brother!! I havent felt that excitement and energy walking out of a stadium in a long time... that pride, and unity with all those streaming out with me..and the crowd wasnt even that huge!!

Lets PACK that IWS up next week.

BTW I noticed 2 drumlines, one was outside of the gates of the South stands on the West side, then there was a different one in the smoking section in the SE corner of the stadium.

Who were the ones sitting in section 6 or whatever section it is?

Whoever they are, both of them are amazing.. every time I come down to a game .. a good drumline gives me chills.

You actually went to sleep last nite? How could you? Weren't you jacked like me beyond belief?

I have ALWAYS been proud to be a Ti Cat fan!

Last few years I've been a sad but proud fan, now things are better.

Congratulations! Tied for second in the League? Who woulda thunk it? I bet Mr. Cobb is one proud Papa today. I hope the Beast from the East is back for good.

The Cobbs where here in The Hammer Tuesday and Wednesday
They drove here From Vegas Spend Too Spend a few Days with DC.
They Left Thursday
They where Driving down to Family Function in Memphis TN.
What great people they are .
I see where DC gets it from.

I know how Proud they are
Cause we feel the Same

Same with me, this team could be something special over the next few years.

Yeah, I woke up and my neck made this weird cracking sound. My head hadn't been tilted in that position for a number of years....feels mighty fine!!!

Any of you guys go "streaking" with Drew Edwards?

Me too.

It's great to have the good feeling of competing, knowing you have a shot to beat anyone, winning our share of games and more, and seeing the team getting better all the time.

We've already matched last season's win total! :smiley:

The wife and I drove down from Gravenhurst on friday to catch the game and straight back after it was over but did not regret a minute of the trip as we were both so pumped after our Cats kicked some Lion ass. On our way home we stopped off at the 400 Wendys for a coffee refill and as we were leaving saw a couple people going in to the rest stop with Tiger Cat sweaters on. My wife put her window down and yelled Oskee Wee Wee to them as we rolled slowly by and they turned to look at us with grins and yelled Oskee Waa Waa back. It sure is a great feeling this year. Im planning another visit this Saturday to catch the Eskimos. A Cat win just makes it more desireable to spend money on tickets and gas a few times a year.

P.S I just love this thread where (so far) nobody has been negative

I'll admit it, I had lost hope and respect for the team, it wasnt the fact they they were losing, it was the fact that they couldnt even compete, it was sad. Believe me though, I am overjoyed with what the team has done so far this season, and I am PUMPED for labor day. Could this possibly be the best labor day classic of all time? I think so.