Today at Training Camp......Sunday

Wow!...the new turf at McMaster is excellent!

Nice to see all the vets and hopefuls show their stuff. It was hard to tell who is who without a program

I didn't watch to closely this time as I was having a good time catching up with chatting to old friends like Caiteag and her hubby Lloyd.......and I can tell you that Caiteag was busy with her camera so I'm sure she'll have some of her usual excellent pics in soon....(she might tell you a funny story of her attempt to get a pic of Boreham and I)....lmao!

I saw Eakin throw a beautiful bomb to the corner which was deftly snagged by DJ Flick (who, by the way, has the coolest yellow shoes!)

Had a short catch-up chat with Boreham who is looking to be in great shape and said he feels that way too....

It was chilly but I dressed warm and so did most others so it wasn't that bad actually....

Maybe other fans can add their more detailed observations...

Thanks for the insights. I won't be able to make it to the training camp at all this weekend. Can anyone else provide an assessment of who looked good or bad on Sunday? I'd appreciate your observations. eagerly awaiting the pics!

Don't expect the pictures too soon.. But I will get to work on them, I promise.

BTW, Mikey.. hubby's name is Earl :stuck_out_tongue:

Doh!.....sorry....I was doing an e-mail to a "Lloyd" a few minutes before I posted......

again....doh! (old age kicking in I


My hubby? Nope. My hubby doesn't post on here often.. his username is Thunarvin though :slight_smile:

Here's a great report of today's camp just posted on the CHML website that contains some unique who weighed in the!..wouldn't want to be run over by this dude! :shock:

click here

...and a mention of a -barenaked lady- at camp on Tuesday........say what??? :wink:

I saw on another board that Amerson was there.
Anyone know how he did today or did he take it easy?

Just there as a spectator (as far as I know)....he's not currently a member of the Ticats based on what I know as a fan.

But that's cool he was there offering support and friendship.

Who knows what the future holds.... :?: