Today at the Stadium..

I got to The Field About 11 AM
There Already Working out

Very Up Tempo Work out Today
Coach Lancaster was All over the Field
With D the O and Specials Teams

They Spent a good 20 Mins on Special Teams

They have some Great thing Plan by the looks of it for The Stamps..

I am looking forward to Friday night Football at IWS..

Thanks for this report. For those of us who can't get to the stadium (I'm back in North Carolina), this is the kind of post that allows us to feel involved in a way traditional media can't offer.

Actually, gives me chills thinking about Ron Lancaster on the sidelines again. A CFL legend, someone who has been through it all, thick and thin.

Just looking over there Friday night will give me that feeling that everything is going to be OK.

The best part about this, is eventually we'll be able to give Ron a true and proper sendoff for all he has done for Ticat football as our head coach.

I cant wait.

Moi aussi Crash. I hope that his thoughts are given full consideration on who the next coach will be, even if he thinks that after looking at all the candidates, he would be the best. At this point in his life, Ron would not lie, he doesn't need to, he just would want to tell the honest truth I think, for the betterment of the Cats.

I was very Please with Things
Guys Looked Lose and Ready to play..
We won't See Bobby Brooks I don't Think
He was lipping Pretty Badly..

Also Team Cheatwood was not working out.
He was there But his Leg was Wrap

Looking like Holmes is ready to go..,

Gee, let's not give away TOO much... lol

Not giving anything else away..
Hell For All I know I am Wrong ..


It wasnt too long ago you guys wanted to get rid of Lancaster . You dont seem to know what you want do you ??

was at stadium too at lunchtime noticed Fleming was kicking field goals, and not doing bad at it either....Boreham was just standing on sidelines wonder if that means anything.....


Habman, all we want is a professional, well coached team whomever the coach may be.

Great, no need to practice his punting.

I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or not. Though I'd like to point out that Fleming's average punt (distance, not net yards) right now is the EXACT same as Boreham's was last year (39.6). I wouldn't mind seeing someone dealt for Pikula. Right now though, I'd have Jamie doing both jobs, he seems more concentrated when he plays both kicker and punter.

Sarcasm indeed. I agree, bring in the Brantford boy if available and put pressure on these guys asap.

Wait until he loses a game or two...

Personally I am looking forward to seeing what Ron can do. I do know that the last time around he had nothing to work with, no players, no payroll and no future. Ron Lancaster has always had tremendous success with any organization with the cash and administration to back him up... I bet he feels pretty good about the tools he has this time around.

Go Cats Go