Today at Practice (Tuesday June 6th)

The paving of the new sidewalks surrounding the stadium began today.......the crews did the West end today and it's quite a difference!....very nice! (the let me be the first to drive across it to test it out....whoop dee doo!).... :lol:.....I wish it was concrete so I could secretly carve a message into the wet cement....maybe 'Argos S..."....??

Visitors to the practice included 'Box-J-Dad-Stan' and his delinquent son 'Box-J- Boy David' (just kidding David). Seriously, it was great catching up on the off-season stuff with them....Stan and David tipped me off to a special 'uniform change' for opening night.....and no, it doesn't involve lifting their kilts.....sorry ladies.... :wink:

Also making an unexpected appearance today was famed Tiger-Cat receiver Andrew Grigg who looked particularly 'spiffy' in his Tim Hortons 'owners garb'. I was secretly hoping he'd disappear into the locker room and come out all geared up to join the practice.....sighhhh....

Oh yeah, the players.....well they looked really loose and relaxed. Maas and Eakin were both very sharp as were Boreham and Fleming.....and both pairs seem to be very 'buddy-like' which is great! for the rest of them?.........I can't say as they are just a bunch of numbers running around the field at this point to me....but I heard lots of good belly-laughs out of them so that's a good thing!

By the way, Eakin tried some ill-fated attempts at running a receivers route and shagging a punt someone kicked straight up......ummmm, Kevin, don't give up your day job.....hahaha (these weren't plays but were just during 'horsing around' time}

There's a real chemistry developing on this team like I haven't seen in quite a while!

Well, there's your practice report from your roving 'spy-guy'...... :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Have a great evening all!



Thank you very much for your report.

The info about the team laughing brings relief to me about my tabbies :slight_smile:

Yah, it's the things like chemistry between the players themselves that will bode well for success.....but it's still going to be a little tempered till the final cuts happen........ and then the "real" fun will begin......We'll have our final team set on Sunday and with this bunch of guys, look for lot's of laughs between them.....I'm predicting some good old fashioned pranksters emerging again! :lol:

(and hey!...I think some players should get some locker room cribbage games going again like the old days!....I understand Anthony Calvillo was the cribbage champ back in the day :stuck_out_tongue: )

lets not go abck to any season where AC was paid to play QB for nine home games in hamilton (or at least look like one)