To York, or not to York....that is the question

Argo fans!

Let’s hear from you. What do you think about the potential for the Argos pulling out of the York stadium deal? There was a lot of grumbling on the old forum about the location at Keele/Steeles before, so is this a good thing?

I look at it this way:

  • the Dome is centrally located and easily accessible by transit and car (most times)
  • If the Rogers Centre owners (Jays) can guarantee favourable date availability for the team (i.e. give the Argos preferred tenant status, second only to the Jays) that is a good thing.
  • While Dome seating is not the best for football, it is far from the worst and much better than what we had back at Exhibition Stadium (I once had seats there that didn’t even face the field!).
  • I can only imagine the complaints that would happen upon the first rainy fall game that would happen at an outdoor stadium. Face it, the Dome is the best of both worlds, they can have the roof open (and probably should open it more) when the weather is good and close it when it rains. In fact, that should be the only condition for closing the roof: rain.
  • I drive over an hour (from Kitchener-Waterloo) to the games and prefer the Dome location over the proposals for Varsity and York. With good scheduling (i.e. Fridays, Saturdays) getting downtown is not a problem and there is much more to do pre and post game than at either other location.

But enough of my opinions…

Argo fans, what do you think, and what would you like Argos ownership to do?

My vote is stay downtown! The Dome was rocking with good crowds last year, and it could be even better if we can just grow that crowd out a bit more

The Argos have to get out.

If they could stay downtown with a NEW stadium, they should. However, its either the Skydome or York.

Here are my reasons for York:

  1. Many Argos fans do not live in the downtown area, but instead in the suburbs.
    2)Terrible sightlines…there are only a few areas in the dome that you can get a great view, plus you are not close to the action
  2. Condos, condos and more condos…every game i went to last year when the dome was open all i could see were condos and cranes to build more condos…i feel like im in a tomb when im sitting in the dome.
    4)Demand for tickets…(see example Montreal)
    5)Argos owners can control concessions and will receive more revenue from ownership of York stadium

I’ve been to Skydome twice in my life so I am far from an authority, but my buddy lived in Burlington and he says Skydome, sorry, Roger’s Centre is the best location because every form of public transport goes to the Centre front door. My only knock about Roger’s Centre is there is too many seats. I don’t think it does justice to the die hards (when you see it on TV) who show up to try and fill a 50,000+ stadium. Would you rather have good location or better atmosphere (smaller stadium)?

What they did in 2004 was close the upper half, but last season we filled the lower half so thats not an option

The only Argo game I’ve been to was in '98. It was pretty cool. How would you rate the atmosphere there today. I’m not asking to offend, just want the perspective of an Argo fan?

The Atmosphere totally depends on the number of people in the building. During the 2003 season when there were crowds of barely 15,000 it was downright miserable and depressing in there.
Last season when crowds topped 30,000 several games in a row, it was pretty energetic and fun to be there. The Eastern Semi-Final vs the TiCats was amazing with over 37,000 in attendence.

So, short version: the more people that are there, the better the experience is.

As an aside, I think the addition of the new FieldTurf field last year really brightened up the place from the old raggedy Astroturf surface they had before. The more natural look of the field added to the experience in my view.

Horus, Nice to see you finally made it into the huddle - same here - the slow site was bad but it is much better now. I am of 2 minds on this.
Living in Oakville I was concerned about the drive up to York and the possibility of not having proper transit there for the commute back to Oakville when I had a few wobbly pops. On the other hand, I work in Guelph and the drive across the 401 to York wouldn’t be too bad. Having said that, if they get a stadium at York = more weekend games and a longer drive from Oakville. Staying at the Dome probably means more weeknight games and a crappy drive downtown from Guelph! Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
Also, now that SportsCo is out of the Dome, hopefully the gameday experience inside the facility will be better. Nothing like lining up for 30 minutes to get a beer because they had one server on and all the other beer vendors/bars were closed. Also I hated the fact that tickets were affordable but every time you bought something at the Dome you felt as though you had been RP and P’d (Raped Plundered and Pillaged) - will this change? Doubt it.
I never had many complaints about my seats (I’ve had the same ones for about 8 years) and my view has always been good - but I miss the outdoor games - I love going to Hamilton when we play the Puddy Tats.
Rogers Centre or York - I will take either one as long as the atmosphere is good and I can enjoy myself. We make what we can of any situation, right?


One Of The Only Good Arguements For Moving The Team To York Is How Well It Worked For Montreal, But The Reason I Felt It Worked Well For Them Is That It Ment The The Team Was Leaving A 40 Year Old Stadium The Was Falling Apart And Moving To A Downtown Location With A Beatiful View Of The City. Nobody’s Talking About Moving The Lions Or The Eskimos To A Smaller Stadium. I Think Instead Of Moving The Team To A Smaller Place Just Work On Filling Up Dome, Do Something Like The Jays; Sell Cheap Seats For $2.

As Far As The Building Itself Goes, It’s A Really Great Building. Aside From That I Really Hate It And I Hope That Ted Rodgers Has To Fake His Owe Death To Get Out Of Dedt, If It Wasn’t For The Fact That I Love The Argos (And CFL) So Much I Would Hope That Nobody Goes To Anything That’s Held There.

If the Argo franchise wants to commit suicide, go ahead and move to York.

You’re right, I live out of town, coming to games dpwntown was very convenient, going to UofT wasn’t a bad idea, but would have preferred a new stadium down by the EX, about 35,000 seats would have been good. They made the right move getting away frfom York, but they left a sour taste in everyones’ mouth.

I have to agree with most of what you say, however, had the Varsity Stadium been a go, IMO, that would have been the best. Location and history aside, think of the possible boost to the ailing Varsity Blues football program.

The Blues have been in a tailspin since their Vanier Cup win in '93. The University has made it clear that football is not in their interest, and hammered that point home by ripping down the old Vars.

It would have been so great to have both university and pro football in the same house.

Anyway, watching the game at the “Rogers Centre” will be a helluva lot better than out in the suburban waste-land of Keele & Steeles. You can only imagine how quiet the crowd would be because they couldn’t have a beer, because they all have to get into their mini-vans after the game and go back to Brampton! :roll:

I don’t understand all the complaints from people who obviously don’t even attend Argo games. You complain about being inside, but I have been to every Argo home game since 1983 and I know that the roof of the dome has only been closed for 2 and one half games in the last 2 years. Both playoff games were closed because it was raining and the half game was because it was raining, but they opened the roof at half time when the rain stopped. It cannot remain open when it rains because there are no drains to take the water away. It was not designed to be open in the rain.
Like someone else said, I go to to watch the Argos, be it in a dome or in someone’s back yard. There are worse stadiums. I love my seats in the 200 level. I am near one end zone so I am very close to the field because that level curves around the ends.
It is also obvious the way you talk about closing off the upper levels that you have not been around for a long time. The 500 level was closed off for several years. they opened it up for all the games last year. I used to sit up there when the place first opened and I loved it. I could look right down on the play.
I would have been happy moving to York if they made it as intimate as Ivor Wynne in Hamilton. I was looking forward to seeing what it would be like, but I am equally as happy staying at the Rogers Centre.
As far as atmosphere goes, whether there are 10,000 or 30,000 fans there, I am still pretty hoarse by the end of the game. I still enjoy myself. It’s what you make of it. You should not have to depend on the reactions of others.
It’s only 10 days out of a whole year that we get to go to an Argo home game so stop complaining and get out there and cheer them on. You should be thankful that you don’t have a stadium like they do in Edmonton. They get big crowds there but you need a telescope to see the players.

All you downtowners should also realize that York University is not in the suburbs. It is actually within the city limits. A lot of people downtown think the city ends at Eglinton.

Hear Hear ArgoFan!

I too enjoy my seats in the 200 level endzone. I’m right on top of the play in my endzone and am sitting high enough to see the play at the other end of the field. You’re also right about the frequency of the roof being open/closed. It’s only when it rains, and really why would you want to sit in the rain with a perfectly good roof available to be overhead. Makes no sense to me.

If as many people actually went to a game as complain about it, the Dome would be full all the time.

Woah, woah, woah, ArgoFan1! Having lived both downtown, and now in the 'burbs, I can honestly say that having a stadium downtown is much better. Downtown is where life is more condusive to getting out of your car and enjoying the downtown atmosphere.

York University, while technically within the city limits, is most definately in mini-van land (as I am only too-well aquainted). Where do you go after the match when you pour yourself out of the Rexall Centre? At least the dome is stumbling distance to many fine establishments. And close to subway and GO Train for the drunk sububanites!!! :wink:

I do not stay downtown at all. It is usually late on a week night so I head straight home as it is a 45 minute drive for me. That is why I never bought into any of the location talk as far as what was around the stadium. Same thing for pre-game. By the time I get home from work, I have to hit the road to get to the stadium on time. It would actually take me longer to drive to York. I think you will find that most people do the same, and there is not much overflow into neighbourhood bars.

I’m sorry to hear about your situation ArgoFan1. I suppose there are plenty of other Argo fans who are in the same boat. However, for 9 games per season, I think that if people would go to some of the pre-game/post-game hang-outs, they would get a lot more out of the game-day experience.

This year should be much easier than last, as the schedule is far better than that poor excuse for a schedule of last year!

Once a year I get a group of buddies together and go to the game. I even get a hotel room downtown and really sink myself into it. You’ve really got to try it out!

Why are sorry for my situation? It’s just a small problem. If the game is on a Saturday, ot a holiday Monday, then I have been known to visit some establishment downtown. It is a little easier to do now. I have taken my son to every home game since he was 7 years old. He is now 20. It made it difficult to go into a bar with him until fairly recently.

Play in the heart of the town

Well…ARGOS fans have already spoken…people who buy season tickets like me…

After annoucing that they were staying at the SKYDOME…they only lost 16 customers and actually got 417 more , closing in at 10 , 000 :smiley: