To where we happily eat crow.

I'm not entirely sure that the B.C. Lions wasn't replaced by pod people in this stellar win against Montreal. If not that was a hell of a game and I'll gladly eat crow with my prediction they'd get humiliated again. It almost makes me want to make the same prediction for the next game.

Defense was fairly awesome this game and although there was a few glitches J. Jackson had a very good outing as a starting QB. If not for some bad dropped passes and a untimely fumble, BC could have actually ran away with this game.

A bizarre no play called against Montreal (And, for some reason Wally was really mad at the call???) solidified a well deserved win.

Montreal must be wondering just what the hell they need to do to win in Vancouver. :smiley:

To clarify (since a lot of Montreal fans, of which I am one, seem really steamed about that call) Buono was steamed because there was a holding penalty on the play (which the TSN crew did a piss poor job of explaining). Therefore, if the play stood the touchdown was coming back and Montreal would have faced 3rd and 6 instead of 3rd and 1.

Nevertheless it was a real mickey mouse call. They had already reset the clock and even if they hadn't they could have reset it after the play.

Good game B.C., enjoy it while you can though - We'll beat you in the game that really matters, if you get that far! :stuck_out_tongue:

On the radio they said about that play:

First try: Wally called a time-out and ref. was waving and his arms and blew whistle before ball snapped. Play got going because no one near the line could hear it and the other refs didn't stop it but you could see on the TV the ref. nearest Wally jumping onto the field running toward the play waving his arms BEFRORE the ball was snapped.

Second try (Montreal touchdown called back): The game time clock did not match the scorekeeper official time and they signalled the ref's to stop the play just before the ball was snapped. Again, due to noise, no one could hear it. However, Wally was pissed because Montreal was also called for off side and had the play been allowed to run the touchdown would have been called back and Montreal would have still been 3rd down, but they'd be 3rd and 6 instead of 3rd and 1, as they were after the dust settled. Wally was understandably upset because the difference was only 2 seconds and could have been adjusted after the next play (I guess he was thinking).

Third try was obviously the stop by BC defence on 3rd and 1.


Well, I guesss I have to eat my share of crow since I figured B.C. didn’t have a hope though admittedly I was hoping they would at least make it close.

I’ll be convinced if they beat Montreal in Montreal next week that B.C. is for real.

I agree with the previous posters about that bizarre sequence near the end of the game. The time keeper was doing his job telling the refs to blow the play dead so the clock could be reset but this should have happened only if the ref was able to blow the play dead BEFORE the snap of the ball. Was he able to and did he or did he blow it dead AFTER the snap? If it was after the snap then the ref was wrong to do it and the play should have been allowed to continue. B.C. would have benefited because as someone said earlier, it would have been 3rd and 6 which would have been huge. But then again had there been no penalty then the game would have been tied because the TD would have stood.

If the ref did in fact whistle the play dead before the snap of the ball and things progressed because no one heard it then Wally should not have gotten his nose out of joint. Why not? Because the ball would not have been snapped and there would have been no penalty but hind sight is hind sight.

Kudos to the Lions for beating Montreal yet again in B.C. Place. Kudos to Mallet for tying if not setting a new CFL record for most yards rushed in single game. Kudos to Jarious for directing a well prepared offense. And kudos especially to the Lions defence who played with an intensity that I’ve not seen in a while. Kudos to Paris Jackson for making some clutch grabs despite dropping some catchable balls.

I don’t think B.C. won because Montreal was not up for the game. Both defences played well. Montreal had their chances. Despite the low scores it was an entertaining game. Had B.C. decimated Montreal then I’d have to say Montreal did not come prepared to play. What the game showed me is that B.C. can keep pace with any team in the CFL if it gives its all each and every game.

Next week will be huge against Montreal. The game will be on their turf. They know B.C. has been struggling. Back to back wins against a team that was 7 and 1 will speak volumes.

Congrats B.C. for a fine performance.

As an avid Als fan, I am still livid about the last minute of the game and I don't have any reason to think the Als were going to be called for anything. The flag was thrown, IMO, because of this wierd clock thing and the official's egually wierd mind set.
NEVERTHELESS, I also believe this was the best game, from a purist's viewpoint, of the season so far. Great hitting, good execution on both sides of the ball, and great tenacity. What made the difference was the B.C. O-line. Their run blocking was awesome. I'm glad a Lion offensive lineman was awarded gladiator of the game by Duane Ford.
While I'm naturally disappointed the Als lost, I'm also encouraged that such a game indicates the league is making progress towards parity. To me, the perfect season, from a league standpoint, would be when every team finishes 9-9.

I was going to make a long reply to the two posters above. But, then it occurred to me that maybe both of them didn’t read the post above. So I’ve quoted it below. It sums up what happened in a very clear way.

I know every fan of their team wants to find inconsistencies as to why their team lost. But, if you read the above quote… had there been no “non-play” called it would have benefited B.C. as the touchdown would have been called back and a 5 yard penalty assessed to Montreal, making it 3rd and 6 rather than what they ended up as 3rd and one. THAT is why Wally was pissed because he wanted that play to stand. The “non-call” benefited Montreal not B.C.

I will say that Armour really backed-up his word and I was glad to see that he was a integral player in stopping Cobourne. Especially that 3rd and one at the end of the game.

"THAT is why Wally was pissed because he wanted that play to stand. The "non-call" benefited Montreal not B.C. "

Actually I did read the previous post providing that explanation. The fact still remains, either the whistle was blown before the ball was snapped [Montreal's second attempt] or it wasn't. If it was blown then the play was dead regardless of how many flags were thrown. According to radio 1040 Montreal was being called for illegal procedure which nullified the TD. BUT in essence it was moot because the play should not have taken place at all. And if it wasn't suppose to take place then it would still have been 3rd and one for the Als after the clock was reset. This was not a "benefit" to the Als. It simply meant the game was being played according to the rules.

Wally was not justified in wanting the play to stand just because it would have benefited his team by giving the Als 3rd and 6. If the play wasn't suppose to take place then it wasn't suppose to take place regardless of whether or not the whistle was heard. If the play is blown dead it's dead. That's pretty simple.

No matter, B.C. won and that is all that matters.

This article explains things: ... story.html

The CFL has apologized for screwing the Als. The penalty on the play would have been against B.C. and the touchdown should have counted. This isn't my opinion, this is straight from the league office.

B.C. didn't win the game. Simple as that. It would have been tied and likely headed to overtime. No pride in winning like this.

Cry moar. What is the FINAL score of the game? 19-12. Mistakes happen, such is football. Tell me the Als never benefited from a mistake.
Also, how do you know we wouldn't be able to make it down the field to score a single to win? Easy, you don't! Because that isn't how the game unfolded. Yes, the Als lost not in a great way but they lost. Learn to accept it.

Only problem being no one will ever know how the game would have turned out, because it wasn't played out. You can cite the final score all you like, it doesn't change the fact that the League office admitted that the touchdown should have counted.

If you can take pride in winning like that then so be it. I sure wouldn't. And to your question, the Als haven't benefited from such an obscene call because one hasn't happened in anyone's memory.

It was a great game that was destroyed by this BS call. You should be as mad about the call as I was when I thought it benefited the Als (because I thought the call was on MTL). You sure could have won fair and square, it was anyone's game after Cobourne's touchdown. But the bottom line is you didn't win fair and square.

Sh!t happens, this is football. We've lost more than a few games due to mistakes over the years. Get over it and certainly do not come to the Lions section of the forum to cry about it.


Here's the Al's forum, cry here.
Instead of bitching about a call, perhaps try to figure out how your offence couldn't score a single TD and the one you did get was gift wrapped from our long snapper?

I think it would be really hard to expect BC to win next week and be disappointed if they lose. Montreal is the best team in the league right now and a team like that would be hard pressed to lose 2 in a row to the same team. I think BC can do it but i won't count them out if its a decently close game.

Define "stallar"...

Apparently Montreal is "protesting the win by BC" and wants the last minute of the game played over because the officials made a mistake.

ummm yeah right

it happens

suck it up buttercup,

the officials screwed up on a call, not the first time it will happen, not the last, it's called a game, and human nature, get over it, move on to the next game. File your protest so they have it on file you weren't happy, hopefully that incident type won't happen again......but to replay a portion of the game? come on.

I dare anyone here to say they wouldn’t be hitting the roof if the situation was reversed and B.C. had a touchdown called back.
Besides, isn’t the great thing about being a sports fan is that you can scream and rant? Imagine if you were at the office and started hollering that post-dating a cheque was a b.s. call and accounts payable sucks. Human Resources would cart you off to a shrink’s office.
Despite it all, I stand by my previous post that this was the best game of the CFL season, so far… and I also hope Montreal stomps the Lions next week. (Hey, I’m a fan).

The oh mighty Als got beat by the lowly Lions. I've seen Montreal (and every other team in fact) get a win because of a bad call. I agree it was a bad call but what's done is done and the Lions got the W. It's not a matter of being proud of winning that way or not but a win is a win, no matter how you look at it. Unless I'm missing something, I'm pretty sure they can't take the win away now. And as for the speculation on if the Als would have won if the TD had counted is a non issue. Game didn't go that way so we'll never know

I'm sure if it's another team that gets screwed on a call, this game will be forgotten as well. Every team has either been screwed or benefitted from bad or non calls. Won't be the first and won't be the last this season. I've seen the Lions lose that way but didn't have the need to cry about it. Life goes on.

I personally think Als fans are just pissed because the Als were expected to roll over B.C. and Lions didn't accommodate. It's not like the Als did anything in that game offensively to even show they were gonna win. So all I gotta say is, deal with it and quit your crying.

Can't argue with any of that. I'll even add that it is fine for fans of other teams to come here and b*tch and complain about things like the bad call. You know as long as your not trolling and you understand that the foreign board your on will most likely defend their team.

Further up thread someone said that no team gets such a blatantly bad call against them. Now, I can't site exact times, but over the years yes there have been calls that make you go hmmmm. And, yes they have been against the Lions but really at some point or another every team has been royally screwed by a bad call. I'll even go as far to say that I have seen more sketchy calls that are in favour of Montreal than against. Is it Montreal discipline? Or, bias because Montreal is the model of a successful team and could be argued that they are the flagship team of the CFL. It'd really bother me if I believed the latter because that would mean cancer in our league.

For the Lions it WAS the best game of the year,.......weird... it felt like a playoff game, usually a game is a game, but this one you could feel something happening.
As for the call, yeah bitching would be long and loud if the call was reversed, but it's not like calls have always gone BC's way, let's just take this one say thanks, and when we get screwed ( as we IS sports) just say thank you and move on.

Best game of the CFL season so far? I don't think soo.

First off it was Higgins (CFL office) who said that this was an unprecedented error. So if you think it's happened before take it up with the CFL, because they don't think so.

And the win can, and may be, taken away from the Lions. Montreal has filed a formal protest with the league and if it succeeds the touchdown will count and the game will be played on from that point. Seeing as we had to re-run the same play three times I don't think Lions fans can bitch about re-running the last minute of the game. Maybe we'll get the nailbiter finish (and possibly OT) we were ALL cheated out of.

Here is the story: ... story.html