To watch East-West Bowl today

Game is being webcasted at 1pm eastern

Incredibly, there is no audio feed, not even a stadium mic.

Hopefully they'll get it figured out as the game goes on

Thanks for the link anyways...tough to identify anybody without names or audio.
Some good plays nonetheless.

This is why I hate this country. We have 35 million people and have 5 TV channels dedicated solely to sports and yet you can't watch this game... Yet you can watch a plethora of American college sports that no one (and I mean no one)care about or watches. Canada is the only country on the entire planet that this happens.... Considering that we are 35 million people makes it that much more pathetic.

The fact is that Canada doesn't sell here...too provincial. We want to watch and expect the best and Canada just don't cut it. Take today's broadcast with no sound, that would never happen in the NCAA or major leagues. :expressionless:

Gave a new meaning to watching a football game :x

To make it worst the online roster had no numbers attached and the resolution was too poor to even make out teams by helmets.

Annnnd the live stats link did not work.

Total fiasco.

The sad thing is that Quebec is only 7 million people and yet they broadcast their pre university games.... I am not even going to attempt to spell it, but it is pronunced Say jep. The english tv networks in Canada are simply lazy. They are too lazy to invest in canadian content that will eventually get ratings and be profitable. It is so much easier to pay a small fee and put on american broadcasts that no one cares about... Our sports radio is the biggest joke... A city as large as Vancouver will switch it's radio coverage over to Fox or ESPN at 9 pm, where they talk about college basketball!!!!!! Like who in Vancouver even knows where Villinova is (or how to spell it for that matter) never mind how they are doing in the sweet 16?.... . The question I ask always is if the USA was blown off the face of the earth, where would these lazy Canadian companies get their content from?

Can't disagree. But its not merit in Quebec, just that there is no cheap French content for them to buy from the Americans so they kind of don't have any choice. Its definitely help preserve the culture in Quebec.

Players who stood out

1- Adam Thibault the Laval receiver, played DB, 2.5 tackles , 1 interception and a kick return touchdown for 101 yards
2- LB Max Caron 6.5 tackles
3- DE Dylan Ainsworth 4 tackles and 2 sacsk
40 LB Eishko for the West with 6 tackles

That is simply outrageous!!! :x :x :x
What buffoons are running the sporting scene in this country? They would have difficulty managing a lemonade stand!!! (would probably forget to buy lemons)...