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For all the hype and things going right Stoudermire had before his injury - he sure hasn't reclaimed any of that since.
Lost his job when Veltung comes back next game I'd guess.

Much improved game all around. It was just what us fans needed. Enough to give us hope, and send us into the bye.
Most impressed with the improved line play on both sides.
We'll be much better with Veltung & Adams back.

Decent game. Bombers were at least competitive. Marve showed he can compete, and the RB subbing for Cotton looked good for a while. But compared to the Argos, the Bombers just don't have enough good players...especially on the O Line, and at receiver. Imagine how Trevor Harris would perform if he was throwing to Rory Kohlert instead of Torey Gurley.
Hopefully player quality will improve in time, after Walters is canned and replaced with an experienced GM who actually knows what he's doing.

If this game was the first or second of the year I could see the positives and there were many. Marve is my kind of QB. Marshall is my kind of RB. The pass-rush was there and working..... Now if all we talk about is all the good things, then just like this Bomber team and coaches, we will start to believe all is well. It isn't. Stoudemire should be gone. Washington played a horrible game as most of the secondary did. Even with major penalties, the Argos marched downfield with impunity. We need better players !!!!.............'Once I see the game film, I will be able to answer all questions and tell what went wrong. You gotta understand that the guys are working hard out there. They want to win.' NUFF SAID !

Just watched the post game interviews and Marve mentioned that he’s staying in WPG over the bye to watch game film & run. Said he didn’t run for a couple weeks with the Achilles injury…I haven’t heard about this before - is this why he wasn’t put in for Brohm a bit back?
Sure seemed like he was exhausted by the end, better cardio would help and I admire that he’s taking this shot serious enough to not take a trip somewhere, but stay and work. I also really liked how he works with his teammates.

OShea’s interview he was asked if the area that needs the most improvement was the special teams - he wouldn’t agree.
Come on MOS…really?

And I’ll bring it up here - 2 play calls at the end were very suspect and costly. Going for it on 3rd & 9 with 2 minutes left and on the 50 was stupid. We could have pinned them deep like we did earlier.
D got the ball back for us, and then it’s 3rd & 1and we’re in shotgun? :thdn:

Overall we were in this game, and outside of a few terrible calls by the refs in the first half, we easily could have won this game.

During post game Marve said he had some kind of stomach flu and was throwing up during the game. Might explain his exhaustion. To his credit he was reluctant to talk about it or use it as an excuse.

Isn't that what Marve did by bringing it up in the post-game interview?

No, he was asked by a reporter about it or are you punning by saying he was bringing it up ?

Ooh, that's a little harsh, isn't it? I would have to disagree. Harris had his worst passing game of the year with only 168 yards passing according to stats. His previous low this season was 228. And combined with rushing yards, if my math is right, it doesn'l look like the Argos got to 300 yards offense if the stats page is accurate. I think that is probably one of if not the lowest yards allowed against by our D all season thus far, so hard to say the Argos were marching IMO.

My take on the D was overall decent but I think our tackling isn't very good. Khalil Bass' smack on Kackert aside, I thought there were way to may times guys who got initial contact were bounced or shaken off allowing for YAC's for the Argos. If we had taken down Kackert or a couple of their receivers on first or second contact we probably could have cut down the yardage against by 1/3. Hard to say exactly though with the stats pages so limited in information. C'mon CFL, get with it!! Watching games this weekend, and pretty much this season all around, it seems defensive tackling for is an issue for a lot of teams except for the top ones like the Ticats and Stamps. I wonder if, given the restricted allowance of contact in practice now, whether some teams aren't focusing enough on that and this is how it's manifesting on the field. It's especially infuriating since it's your own team though.

Specials was a let down AGAIN! I think each game we've lost you could look and probably see a special teams aspect that cost us points - Banks TD return at home vs the Ticats, blocked punt and return fumble vs the Stamps, bad punt and a bad return vs the Ticats last week, Jefferson TD return vs the Argos this week. How can this be happening so often? We can't have this because every time something bad happens this team has another quick let down shortly after compounding the problem, like Kohlert's fumble on the next drive after the return TD giving the Argos a short field. For all of our problems, returning and defending returns is one of our biggest IMO, it costs us points much too often. I would agree with the earlier sentiment that Stoudemire probably sits once Veltung is healthy again.

Only gave up 3 sacks, better performance from our Oline. Losing Jace Daniels to what looks like a long term injury will hurt though. Devin Tyler wasn't very good replacing him in Edmonton and may still be hurt himself. Maybe Neufeld takes that spot if he's healthy after the bye week? Maybe he'll be better in his more natural position of tackle than he was at left guard, and he remains an injury risk. I'd also like to see the stats on Oline penalties per game and compare ours against the other teams in the league, it seems our Oline takes at least 5 or 6 a game and it seems like all of them wipe out a positive play, though that could just be my jaded perceptions. The oline also gave up the sack on the crucial 3rd and short play at the end of the game and the Argo was basically untouched en route to Marve, but it's not all on them. If you're having your QB in shotgun with the game winding down on a 3rd down play, you need to expect that the opposition is going to go after your QB hard to limit his time to make a play. If you don't max protect or have a RB or receiver cut slant out for a quick throw then you get what happened. The coaching let the team down on that play, though some of that was also due to lack of recognition and adjustment on the field prior to the snap.

Marve IMO earned to start after the bye week vs the Stamps and hopefully they stick with him. We'll need a better performance if the same Stamps team shows up here in Winnipeg in 2 weeks that took it to the Redblacks last night.

Yes, evidently he was hurt which is why he didn't get into the game in Edmonton and why Brohm was running the short yardage package for a few weeks there.