To those who want to see MLB back in Montreal

Have a read and decide for yourself if Montreal should ever allow MLB back...

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Don't think it's going to happen, Hfx, but it was sure nice to see 50,000 in the Big Owe once again.

Also not sure we'll ever the Als drawing that kind of a crowd any time soon, either. One can only hope!

I have read that the TB owner might be interested in moving his team to Mtl, not selling it to someone else.

So if, for example, Bell decided to get involved they might offer to build the stadium for say 49.9% ownership and TV/radio rights. The challenge would be negotiating their way out of the TB lease, but the City of TB can't like being the butt of MLB jokes about attendance.

It is a longshot, but it never hurts to dream.

A new stadium is what it will take and the Rays owner is not happy in Tampa.
In the meantime MLB and the Rays owner would likely want to see more of a sample size than 2 spring training games.
Which could mean a longer week to end Spring training with the Rays participating.
If things get bad for Rays owner he could want to play a series of games in Montreal.
Hosting Team Canada's pool for WBC could be another sample size. As attendance for WBC has been scattered especially when home country in not playing.
Of course all of this will take fixing the roof.
Bell may be better off getting away from MLSE anyway with or without MLB in Montreal.

Don't see the link between MLB and MLSE for Bell. MLSE owns the Leafs and the (ridiculously European-themed) Toronto FC; Rogers is solo on the BJs. Don't know that a revived Expos would impact the MLSE deal.

I think it would impact the Als in a negative way.

The whole thing is a pipe dream. Quebec is full swing in Austerity measures with a debt larger than California (the 8th. largest economy on the planet). I looked at Quebec's public debt last year it was 196 billion dollars. Six months later it stands at 206 billion... The bill for the two super hospitals isn't in yet. Quebec Schools need 3 billion dollars in replacement and Montreal needs bridges and new infrastructures. Any rise in interest rates by more than a couple percent and Quebec is bankrupt.

For decades, the Expos could not pack more than 6000 fans beyond their home opener. How can this living experiment not constitute undeniable proof that Montreal cannot sustain a MLB franchise? No amount of wishful thinking, no clever business plan or self-fulfilling fan survey can overcome this hard evidence. Well if we need another stadium, tough, because we can't afford one!

Given the billions tax payers have poured into the Big O, to me it's more than overzealous political correctness on the part of the mayor to even entertain the idea of a new MLB team, it verges on irresponsibility. As HFX pointed out, Montreal and Quebec have far greater issues to tackle than the implications of this outrageous suggestion. Coderre should stop paying lip service to the handful of real baseball fans in Quebec, the retired Expo players and disgruntled US MLB team owners, and should declare inadmissible the hint of a suggestion of tax payer money every again being used to finance this futile endeavor.

In the infamous 1994 strike season the Expos averaged 22,392.

They then averaged between 18-20,000 for the next three seasons despite the 1994–1995 offseason fire sale/dumping of Larry Walker, John Wetteland, Ken Hill and Marquis Grissom. Expos ownership (MLB?) was so bad Kevin Malone resigned as general manager in October 1995 because: "I'm in the building business, not in the dismantling business".

So ............ not so much

274 billion my friend, 274 Billion

I think you need to re-check your figures

Holy Shiat !

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Your right about that. I am aging trouble seeing what Bell is getting out of MSLE. Yes they get half of the Leafs regional games. Rogers mentality is to support BMO for international events and supports neither TVA Frenach Impact nor the TFC team with matches mostly on360.

Not to take this off topic but
Its mind numbing to see those idiots students on strike again protesting austerity
They dont pay taxes but feel they have a right to dictate where taxes are spend

I actually LOLed when I heard one of the leaders say that the Quebec government is trying to
privatize breathable air


Holy Shiat !

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L'IEDM est un instument de validation idéologique des théories économiques de la gang de Bush à Montréal­. Sa crédibilité est au niveau des vers de terre, puisqu'elle s'est améliorée légèrement...

Du baseball de retour à Montréal. Bien sûr! 2 semaines après celui des Nordiques à Québec.

Sérieusement, personne ne pourra rentabiliser une franchise de baseball à Montréal à moins d'avoir une équipe qui va aller à la Série Mondiale (qui n'a de mondiale que le nom). Ça n'arrivera jamais dans les prochains 100 ans. Remplir un stade pendant 2 ou 3 parties exceptionnelles, ça peut se faire. Le remplir pendant 82 parties, c'est une utopie. Les gens de Tampa sont mieux de regarder ailleurs, parce que c'est pas demain la veille qu'une franchise de MLB ou NFL serait rentable à Montréal.

La Ville ne réussira jamais à vendre l'idée que de construire un nouveau stade est seulement une bonne chose. Coderre roule sur la même recette que Labeaume, mais un moment donné, la bulle va pèter et il va devoir carburer à autre chose.

Bell gets not only the half regional games but also a share of Raptors and TFC games. If Bell let Rogers buy them out, they would eventually lose all those shared properties. Bell also gets half of MLSE profits from all sources (Leafs TV, internet video, concerts, etc.),

Quebec City meet Montreal, build it and they will not come!
Heck, the former has a much better chance of landing a team then the latter ever will.

Yup, I should have replaced 'decades' with 'years' before I clicked Submit. I got carried away :oops:

The conclusion remains the same: We did the experiment, it was a failure and the results are plain to see. Let's move on. Hopefully Coderre will soon discover some other smokescreen to divert our attention from actual, relevant issues.

MLB average attendance in 2014 was 30,458.

Attached is the Expos average attendance over the years:

[url=] ... -per-year/[/url]

Even with the pipe dream open air downtown stadium could we hit the 30,000 mark in Montreal?

Again the Expos were in town for 35 years...quite a long experiment!
Im sorry but it was not a failure At least not by the fans

Do you know the history of the ownership that threw the team to the wolves?

Did you know that Claude Brochu voted in 1995 to cancel the season? The team owner who had a 10 game lead voted to end the season...Not that his vote would have made a difference but who in his right mind would do that?
Did you know that he voted to move the Atlanta Braves to the east? The team had taken 1st place for maybe 10 years in a row and he votes to be in the same division? Really? Again one vote no difference but are these the actions of an owner who wants to win?

Then we had Jeffrey Loria...The Glieberman of MLB He traded and cut every name player on the team because he didn't want to pay...Then when attendance dropped...he tried to et the city to give him a stadium...not rent him one...give him one...He made the big announcement that he had bought land for the city to build on(I think it was were the Bell Center is now..not sure) but later the owner of the land said it was all BS and the land was not sold.

Then the league who owned the Florida Marlins actually traded teams....Have you ever heard of this in any sport? Trading teams? Loria was out to make a buck...HE didn't give a crap about the team of the fans...That's why it failed....but to call the experiment a failure in not fair IMO

With a half decent owner...A team will thrive in Montreal...that has been already proven

Over their 35 year existence, attendance at Expos games exceeded the National League average only 6 times. Is this the sign of a thriving organization? While Charles Bronfman was still owner, attendance declined from 28,000 in 1983 to below 17,000 in 1990. Is he to blame for this decline, like the others you mention?

You single out the owners. People also blame the stadium and the strike. Other professional sports organizations face similar issues, yet manage to survive: the Maple Leafs are a fine example. Montreal simply does not have enough core baseball fans to support a MLB franchise.