To those who say...

To those who say replace Taman/Hopson/Marshall/Hall/Berry/Durant: Who do you replace them with? It's easy to trash someone but you won't improve the team unless you replace them with "better" people. For the record, I think the idea of replacing Hopson/Durant ridiculous. As for Taman/Marshall/Hall/Berry, name a better jobless GM/HC/DC/OC waiting in the wings and why they will turn this around.

I felt Joe Womack should have gotten the job in the first place, and feel he would be a great replacement.
For Berry, you are likely stuck with him for the year at this point, but, Jeff Garcia if he is interested. Ham or Allen would be interesting because they would understand DD.

I am fine with the rest.

Heck even grab somebody's QB coach, seems to be working for Edmonton, as for Taman well I don't follow GM's enough to know who's good and who's not with the exception of Popp and Tillman. But I know enough from Bomber fan posts that Taman ran that team into the ground, but he's gone and notice a difference? As for Head Coach I give Marshall until the end of the season, to really see if this is a transition problem or do the players just not get him? As for Defensive Coordinator, Hall is doing fine but you can't change a system mid-season and the system were running was designed for our 2009 roster when we had Chick, Baggs, Morgan, and Eddie Davis (hey speaking of the :twisted: wonder if we should give him a call for a DB coach or assistant D-Coordinator?) as for Hopson again I don't know enough about the guy to comment. And as for Durant the only weapon I could see us signing for an extra WR is P.K. Sam and that isn't saying alot but is it better than what we have? Who knows, we can Arm Chair Owner, Manager, Head Coach, Offensive and Defensive Cooridnator and QB all we want but it comes down to the decisions they make and what they think is the best, weather it's right or not we have to go for it and support our team...

Go Riders Go

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The decision to forgo Womack and hire Taman was, IMO, the beginning of this train wreck we are now witnessing. Womack was Tillmans guy and was as much responsible for what Tillman brought in as Tillman himself was. That and not promoting Crandell to O.C., as he and Durant had been together for pretty much Durants' entire time is Sask. and had a good relationship, and together could have devised an impressive offensive package, again IMO. As for Marshall, well if you can get opposite enough from Miller they accomplished that. But guess what, the team loved Miller and went to the wall for him, I don't see that happening as much with Marshall, thus all the talk about a heartless and effortless team today.

Regarding Joe Womack, he left after the 2010 season. If Joe Womack was the key, we sure fell apart quick between January and June this year. I won't argue that Womack wouldn't improve things over Taman because there is no way to know. I think there is plenty of blame to go around. Womack alone would not return us to Grey Cup form (at least not quickly). It'd be nice if someone can find us a rush end. I've noticed two other teams in the league bring DE's in over the last couple of weeks. I here from some fans that Womack has better US contacts than Taman. Who are they? How do you know who these respective scouts know?

Regarding Marshall not inspiring the troops: He seems to have a philosophy that is not compatible with the players.
i.e. if you need a speech to be motivated, you shouldn't be playing.
Clearly, they need the speech because they are not motivated. To me, this means the personalities on the team are fragile. Too many players lack self motivation. I think it is the grind of loosing the last two Grey Cups that has worn down the players. They, subconciously, are giving themselves a year off from the strain it takes to make it to the show. Miller won't change this. No one will. The players are not machines, they are human. I think we have talent who are tired. Blaming Marshall is simplistic. He is a sound coach who most people were in favour of when he got hired. The team needs a sports psychologist.

Regarding the defense: Richie Hall can coach. Our defense sucks in part because we have players resisting the change from Etch's style. This may be a case of forcing round pegs into a square hole. Richie isn't the problem as much as we don't have the right players for the system. We can either go back to Etch's system or be patient until we get the right people for the system. If you fire Hall, the next guy with a conventional defense will have the same problems. I'm afraid patience is required. a DE pass rush will make them look better very quickly I would guess.
Etch isn't coming back.

Regarding the offense: I question the coaching here. DD is not looking off the receiver, he is throwing with little accuracy and he is not using his legs when he has to. Is this Doug Berry's fault? I notice we don't have a dedicated QB coach. We need one. Unfortunately, Crandell is gone... I am all for getting Damon Allen or Doug Flutie. Would they be interested is the real question. Doug Berry can coach (he was successful in Mtl). The tension between he and DD is made up. People say it but never substantiate it.

Rider fans be patient. Cleaning house at this point will just make it worse.

The only guy who really needs to go is Taman. Womack would have been the proper hire in the first place, so now I'm not sure who would be available other than Miller himself, at least for now.

Yeah I don't get that at all. Crandell was doing well with DD, and now that he's in Edmonton looks like a genius.

It's clear to me that the Riders need to bring in a dedicated QB coach to help DD out. If Matt Dunnigan wants to get back into coaching, I think he'd be a great choice.

[quote="Tridus"]If Matt Dunnigan wants to get back into coaching, I think he'd be a great choice.
I agree and think that Matt would not only be an excellent mentor for DD but he would be an excellent replacement for Doug Berry - the sooner the better.

Why the hate on for Doug Berry ?

He was a pretty good offensive coordintor when in Montreal.

Under Berry as Saskatchewan's offensive coordinator last year, DD threw for over 5,000 yards (highest in the CFL), Fantuz led the league in receiving yards, and Cates led the league in touchdowns.

That tells me that Berry ran a pretty effective offence last season. Did he get stupid all of a sudden?

Berry has been just fine as OC.

He's even been innovative in the past, doing a great job exploiting coverages in different ways.

Honestly, I liked most of what Tanam accomplished in the off season. I was very pleased actually. He did not find a DE, but did well in all other aspects. Not finding a DE was disapointing, but perhaps he simply could not snag anyone, and there is potential he is eyeballing a potential NFL cut yet right…

For Berry I get frustrated that he has moments of brilliance overshadowed by moments where it seems he went for coffee or something. Using the GC as an example…absolutely horrid play calling in the second half…I don’t know how one could say otherwise. Another example is they way he ran up the gut a pile last year to draw in the LB, but then failed to pass behind him…the whole reason you do such a run. Now that being said, it does seem better this year already, so he may have seen the flaw when reviewing footage. The other thing that frustrates me is that he does not roll pockets. DD should awlays have his feet moving…not saying run, but feet in motion…roll the pocket. Again, I do not actually mind Berry for the most part, but there are a lot of moments that he really frustrates.

Joe was on the outside looking in after Tillman. One generally fills such a position with their own people, and he was not one of Tanam's boys, and therefore had reduced infuleance towards the end. How do we know that he has great US contacts...well, Tillman said that he relied heavily on Joe because he had even better US contacts than himself. Who are they...well, one would never openly disclose your bread and butter would they? How else do we know....Chick, Baggs, Rey Williams...enough said.

Hopson must go.
He has created a monster wtih staff structure

IE: Taman being GM has gotten grief for the Marshall hiring.Yet reading the Greenzone, Miller states emphatically how he (Miller ) would hire Marshall again.

"As we have gone through these three weeks and as I've met with him on a regular basis, he has been absolutely stellar. After each one of those meetings I think to myself, if this were a job interview, I would hire him again because I absolutely believe he's the right man, in the right place at the right time"

This is speculation. Taman was hired June,2009 to fill in while Tillman was on trial. Tillman didn't resign until Jan 2010. If you think Taman strong armed both Womack and Tillman during that time you are free to do so. I would speculate that it was still Tillman's team until Jan 2010. This would lead to Taman basically ruining the team in the last off season. It's ALL speculation argued both ways. He gets all the blame when they lose (now) and no credit when they play well (2009/2010). In terms of Womack's list of great US signings, Taman has brought in or signed: Milt Stegal, Khari Jones, Terrence Edwards, Charles Roberts Fred Reid, Geroy Simon and Arland Bruce. Also, prove to me that Chick, Baggs, Rey Williams were Womack's and not Tillman's finds. There is a lot left to be said.

It is fairly well known that he Joe found them. I know he did, as do a lot of people on the is board. You want proof...spend 5 minutes on google. Tanam did not "ruin" the team, he just has fell short on getting defensive linemen in...and everyone knew that was an issue, which is why it is so disappointing. He has done fairly well otherwise. I have never said he has done a horrid job, I only stated that Joe should have got it because he has payed his dues, knows the club, has proven he can sign players to, and was a very very well respected person in the club. A lot of players stated that he was often they guy they felt they could go talk to. That is a big loss. Also, considering Berry was in the Peg, it was ALL Miller signing/luring Simpson, and that is extremely well documented. I find that fairly interesting in itself.

Oh yes, and let's not forget that about three days after the daly moved the board decided it would be best if miller signed off on his moves. In other your job, but we don't actually trust you pulling the trigger.

Womack signed those players. Fair enough.
Womack can find talent. Fair enough.
Everyone knew we needed defensive linemen? That is 20/20 hindsight. If you posted such a statement before training camp, send me the link. If the media did the same before training camp, send me the link. Hawkins injury was a big blow.
Womack would have anticipated and/or solved our problem on the line. Speculative.
Womack is an option going forward. Negative.

The point of this thread is what to do going forward. Do you keep Taman or find someone else (and who). Womack is not an option.

This was stated several times even last season...that we needed a de. Our pass rush sucked last year to. Something like a quarter or a third of our sacks came in the first three games. Several posts on this. Not sure if I had one on THIS board or not as I don't think I was very active on riderville at that time...but I definitely felt that way, and it was discussed a lot amongst my friends. Hawkins helped, but was out a lot, and is still not a top ten rush end.

I Actually did post something on it...was one of my first posts, and was from last season...
I have taken excerpts from a lengthly post:

Here is another...viewtopic.php?f=7&t=63527

There...happy....I prooved that I, and others, have been saying this for a long time. It is not 20/ was WELL KNOWN. Joe is not an option? Why is that? He is an assistant GM in Hamilton, not a GM.

Oh, and here is my thoughts on Tanam:

Another thing I forgot about that pissed me off when I reread it was when they waited to cut Dorsey, then had to put him on the 9g so his salary didn't count on cap. This ate up a 9g spot that someone else could have gone on (I think you get 3 in a season), and we went over cap.

and Berry:

They won't go after Womack even if he was willing to leave Hamilton IMO. I assumed he is under contract as a player would be but I don't know the answer to that. Beside, You don't tend to fire someone and then hire them a short time later with an apology and a promotion. So again, he is not an option now IMO. But it is an answer to the question I posed in the post. At least you know who you want to replace him with and why which is more than most of those who chronically demand that heads roll (which I am not implying you are to be clear). I would put forward that Womack, having been here last year, is equally responsible as Taman for the lack of recruited talent on the D-line that everyone knew about. Oh yah...they wouldn't have been "Taman's boys".

Who do you replace Berry with (your 8 year cousin aside)?
Special teams is still bad post Daley. Should we fire Dickinson?

The players aren't playing. Who knows why. Only those inside the team truly know. This team as it is would make any coach look bad.