To those of you who love Doug Flutie

i have the found the most incedible and possibly greatest webpage dedicated to this God among men.

read and be amazed!

Darren gets mentioned as well but its all fun and games

Wow Doug is really old.......

Some good photos on that page.

Anyone ever hear the Moxy Fruvous parody song called "Doug Flutie"?

Lyrics here:

Apparently the tune is from a song called "Windy" by the Association.

Man that site is hilarious.....

playing for the Calgary Stampeders with his brother..
Aside from getting his facts screwed up, I find this offensive. This person is obviously anti Flutie and is just being an ass.

The accomplishments attributed to Doug on that site are actually humble compared to the accomplishments attributed to him on any given afternoon on Buffalo sports talk radio at the height of the Flutie vs Johnson saga.

FootbalYouBet: perhaps you should look up either satire or hyperbole on


Doug Flutie to become the next offensive coordinator of the ticats, darren fluties as WRs coach, Danny Mac as Qb Coach, Joe Montford as Lineman Coach, Paul Osbaldiston as Special Teams Coach.

another funny site about that mullet midget from Natick, Massachusetts.