to those character players who showd up in Calgary thank you

To Hank,
the o-line full of rookies,
the d backs and d line who were quite good (except for one or morestupidddddd penalties)

To Avon Colbourne (who played with the heart of the ticats on his sleeve) and Chevy Walker

to the receivers Stala, Wlliams, Kelly (what an onside kick grab!!!)

and to Luc Congi!!!
thanks to all for a great game...

but there were serious and noteworthy exceptions.

Im never eating cereal again - its overpriced for the return...
and it comes from Saskatchewan-- no excuse....

and to our once famous linebacking corps... similar sentiments --- a change is as good as a rest.. in 2 thirds of the corps tonight... bye bye... to the SAM Markeith its good to have you back

to my fellow fans....its past funny. :cowboy:

Ive figure we have another ten year rebuild... (even Ottawa might make the Grey Cup before we do)

I have been overly optimistic in some posts, as to the Cats still having a playoff shot (they still do) yet I have been pointed in my criticism of Creehan and what the havoc he has caused with our defence.

Still cautiously optimistic in the sense that a good many of the Cats displayed heart and effort tonight that was missing all year. Sure, the ending sucked, but s**t happens as they say. Burris frustrated me yet he was a warrior, as was our best warrior all year, Avon. the kids on the O-Line. There were others, and the key thing that will come from this game, is whether this team folds it's tent and says it just ain't meant to be, or whether this little bit of spark tonight with bad luck, can energize them to play like gang busters the next two weeks. Pride alone say you blast the opposition the next two games and let the chips fall where they may with Edmonton. This could be a spark, we will see.

Having said the above, I still continue with my displeasure with the defence. I just cannot believe that our middle line backer just absent mindedly vacates his area for nothing, or that it is just a fluke that all teams exploint our soft underneath when we are in a zone. No folks, we all know that whether or not some of our defensive players have the requiste talent to play in this league or not cannot be in any way determined by what has gone on.

They are forced to play the schemes and systems that Creeahan creates and orders them to play, and more times than not, that means putting yourself out of the play as the schemes have been studied by other offensive coordinators, and found to be far less intricate and difficult than Madden video game defences. TSN picked it up when they noticed Peach making a tackle in the middle area that was vacated by Williams, and Peach certainly should not have been there, but he made a football play there, and probably will get dumped on for Creehan for being in the wrong spot despite making the play,

The blessing of not making the playoffs may just be the earlier termination of Creehan. I thought Chamblin was a joke last year, but wow, Creehan is plain brutal.

Chamblin You mean the head coach whose team is streaking to a winning season out west

na, you cant mean that guy..

must be another Chamblin :cowboy:

Chamblin may be a head coach now but he sure could not coach D for the Cats last year

true, although who would you rather have as the Cats DC, Creehan or Chamblin?
(and you can’t choose neither)

*hint: the less crappy, but still crappy one.

the devil or the deep blue sea

Seems to me the skill sets required for being an effective head coach, and being an effective coordinator are so different, that success at one doesn't necessarily translate into success at the other, and vice versa.

I can stomach a loss when there’s an honest effort. That game came within a whisker of being one of the most remarkable comebacks I’ve ever witnessed by a Ticats team.

I was proud of our team last night. Can’t say that about much of our season to date.

Well said Trippier, they fought to the end and lost but still made us proud. Sure, many things could have been done earlier, but overall, the clawed their way back. I feel sorry for them and for Fantuz, but that is the way it is.

The eternally optimist taking over the keyboard says that despite the loss, they did "not shoot their wad" but gained a feeling of confidence that they can go head to head with anyone at anytime, and I see them winning out, perhaps winning out ugly, but winning out the rest of the season. I can only hope that the Esks falter, and going into Montreal will not be a cakewalk, in that MOntreal is not about to roll over an play dead against them in that is the Esks win, they are in the playoffs and may play the Larks a few weeks later. So the Als will not let the Esks get any psychological advantage.

The Esks last game is in Calgary and you know that the Stamps will not roll over in the Battle of Alberta.

Who would you prefer to play if it was on the line, the Argos and Bombers, or the Als and Stamps?

when you take the game by itself forgetting the rest of the season, it was just a heart breaker.

I agree with most of what you say. Not the part about Fantuz though. I don't blame him for that failed FG effort; in fact I'm amazed there weren't other major mess-ups earlier given the conditions. He made a couple of key catches too. There were lots of "if only's" in this game.

All in all, they played hard against a better team, and overcame some serious obstacles to make room for some late-game heroics that almost paid off.

There certainly were many slip-ups in the snow, and by both teams. So it seemed appropriate that the game ended and would by decided by a slip-up.

I would also like to thank those who played well. Jones certainly comes to mind, by catching that short kick that everyone knew was coming, and by averaging 35.4 yards per return on kick returns. And some of the usual suspects, like Cobourne and Stala deserve credit as well.

I did like how this team did not quit. And of course, you have to remember, this game was supposed to be one-sided in Calgary's favour. That seems to be something that isn't remembered because of how the game ended.

They didn't deserve to win but they didn't deserve to lose.

Perhaps the Calgary game is an omen of good to come... to paraphrase a popular film

British Naval Commodore James Norrington: Well, well. Jack Sparrow, isn't it?

Jack Sparrow: Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please, sir.

James Norrington: I don't see your ship, Captain.

Jack Sparrow: I'm in the market, as it were.

Murtogg: He said he's come to commandeer one.

Mullroy: I told you he was telling the truth. These are his, sir.

James Norrington: No additional shot, nor powder. A compass that doesn't point north.  (and as he partially unsheaths Jacks sword) And I half expected it to be made of wood. [re-sheaths the sword] [b

]You are, without doubt, the worst pirate I've ever heard of.[/b]

Jack Sparrow: [proudly] [b]But you have heard of me.

This years ticats? Perhaps they may be by far the worst team you have ever heard of......

But (after the valiant effort in the Calgary game ) you have heard of them !!!!!

Eat em raw ! :cowboy: :cowboy:

We had that one and let it slip away...literally.
Team showed heart and deserved to win.
Feel bad for the whole team, especially Fantuz.