To the Ticats Orginization(There is always next year!! ) is hard to watch meaningless games...I watch sports in general because of its comptetive nature...Every year or 2 yrs there seems to be a New coach...or a new OC/DC..etc..etc....they bring in new players with NO experience, letting players go that do exceptionally well with different teams...finding maybe 1 to 2 diamonds in the rough...I stand behind Bob Young, however his 5 yr no many times do we have to sit through re-building?...For the last 7/8 yrs...we have been rebuilding...the one year we actually made the playoffs (fluke?) Why is Montreal so competetive year in year out? why is B.C. so good year in year out...Calgary, some teams may have a bad year or 2 then they rebound with a strong few good years.....go figure...What is so different about this orginization being great and competitive next year...I hope no one gets there hopes up...I do not see this orginization being a contendor for at least 3 yrs...and by contendor i mean finishing with a 14-4, 12-6...or 11-7..record(s)...consistently for years to come....Next year we maybe a 6-12 team or a 7-11 team...or a 1-17 team or a 2-16 team....This orginzation NEEDS to SERIOUSLY do something for the LOYAL FANS...who are losing PATIENCE, in a LEGENDARY CFL CITY!!!



i agree,,,


Too many more seasons of what we've been through and you might not be able to say "There is always next year".

I feel the answer to your question is "This oganization continually hires other teams rejects. These people have been cut loose or fired by other teams in this league or have simply stopped working for them for whatever reasons. My question is why should they be any better here?
Until this team recruits and hires new people this cycle will continue.They had a guy once as head coach who won several games but someone didn't like him or thought he wasn't good enough or qualified enough or whatever and released him. I believe his name was Greg Marshall. Well they haven't improved since."
They have sent so many good players packing who have excelled with other teams and are poised to do it again. I don't think they'd recognize talented players even if they bit them on the toe. This process has been going on for so long it's unbelievable. If you don't think so, think about this name.. Anthony Calvillo.
Not good enough for Hamilton, But adequate for Montreal.
That's my rant for the day. Good luck Tiger-Cats. You'll need it.

I find statements like these interesting. How many seasons is too many?

Have you talked to a Detriot Lions fan recently?

how about talking to toronto maple leaf fans or chicago blackhawk fans or chicago cub fans

Other teams, e.g. Montreal, have identified their key players (Calvillo, Cahoon, etc.) and kept them, though thick and thin. Even though they do replace a few players every year, the nucleus of the offense and defense have been together for several seasons. The Ticats need to use the last few games of this season to identify those players on this team, and rebuild around them. We have to stop the yearly change of administrative personnel which then trickles down to yearly blowing up the team and starting all over again.
One could argue successfully that when the admin personnel have not done their jobs they must be replaced, but we all have seen that " a new broom sweeps clean".

    Ticats, please spend these last few games identifying the areas of greatest need and responding via trade, FA, or recruitment from USA or CIS.

Completely different.

With the Lions, there are 16 teams in each NFL conference. The top six advance to the playoffs. This means that only 37.5% of the teams will make the playoffs.

With the Cubs, and factoring in the two available wildcard spots, eight teams out of 30 MLB teams will make the playoffs. This means that only 27% of the teams will make the playoffs.

With the Leafs and Blackhawks, there are 15 teams in each NHL conference. The top eight advance to the playoffs. This means that 53% of the teams will make the playoffs.

Now, with regards to the Cats… They are in a league whereby a whopping 75% of the teams make the playoffs.