To the Ticats: It's time for all good men to stand together.

To the players and staff of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

As a fan I an not going to pretend to know what happens away from the field, in locker room, on a practice field or during a game to effect a team's dynamics and ultimately their performance while playing.

What I will say is that now more then ever is the time you need to rally together as a team. Most of you have played this game all your life and have achieved your status as a professional football player because you are champions.

My hope is that coaches players and staff, take that embarrassment, take that frustration, take the anger and take the passion to win you all have and direct it within yourselves.

Coach Lancaster said when he was given the coaching duties, "Make each other play better by playing the best you can." Look withing yourself and fill your role and then some.

Finish the 2007 season with your heads held high Hamilton Tiger Cats, and my hope is you let every opponent know from here on in, that when you play the Hamilton Tiger Cats you are playing a focused team that plays together and plays to win.

You can do this guys, make each other better today!

Eat'em Raw Tigers!


So we won't hear any heckling or mocking of players next game from box J then????

Nice rallying speech.

You’re right in that professional players have to rise above adversity tho that’s easier said than done when it situation gets to this point.

Each player has to do what they do best as well as support each other. Don’t think coaches/mgmt aren’t going to be paying att’n to this as rest of season unfolds. It’ll tell them who can play when times are rough and who doesn’t give in.

The time for platitudes is over,
The time to be inspired by speeches is over.
The time to hold hands is over.

It's time to do the job you're paid to do and act like a professional and show a little pride and respect for the people that help pay your salary.

This isn’t about the fans, this is about the players rising above and doing what we all know what they can do.

I’m sure there will be some very frustrated fans throughout IWS when they play Saskatchewan.

The one thing I know is that the Cat’s have everything to play for and nothing to loose. The Cat’s are going to come out to win next week.



I'm glad you see the point of the initial post now.

It's good to see the Ticat fan community rallying behind their Cat's.

Keep up the good work.

I wish they would have “come out to win” last night or last week.

Again , will we hear any heckling or mocking of players from the rallying "fan community" in Box J next game, Jare?

I don't know, will we hear any diappointed and frustrated fans yelling at the team from any other sections?

Like I said earlier, I'm sure there will be many frustrated fans voicing their opinions if there is any lack luster play.

I know I'll be cheering the good plays and being patient with the bad. Though I may let out a "What was that!" or a groan of dismay.

It's great to see your concern how the fans in Box J cheer the Ticats. Thanks.


There should be concern about what comes out of Box J.

Afterall aren't they "ambassadors" for the team? :roll:

The rest of us mere plain clothes fans and nobodies can't say that.

I've always considered the "Box J Boys" just a bunch of guys who get dressed up in costume for attention. Sure, they're great supporters of the team and all, but what they do at the games, who they cheer for or who they boo, is really much ado about nothing.

I'm fascinated by the jealousy the Box J Boys create in some fans. At the end of the day they are just a bunch of loyal fans who sit behind the TiCat bench in women's clothing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but come on, leave them alone.

Yep, the players and the game are THE SHOW not the Misters Dressup.

Gee Zontar, so your comments are directed at a specific group of fans.

Doesn't that go against the rules of the forum, it would seem to me you are trolling.

I really don't see how any of your comments directly relate to my initial post/letter to the Ticats.

Seems to me you just want to stir up trouble, that's too bad since you are such a loyal fan of the team and so supportive of them and the members on this page.

Hey like I said in the original post, I know these guys can play better, they need to over come whatever it is that has them in this funk.

Ockham and Pope...thanks for the support you at the game.


Front row Box J right here and I have to agree with Zontar.
(bring on the villagers with torches)

What come out of Box J should be a concern to both the team and fans.

As much as most fans seem to think it's fine to yell whatever they think sounds cool after a dozen beer or so unfortuntely Hamilton fans have a knack for coming up with some of the most bizzare crap ever heard.
Some games it's fine but some days it just gets so out of hand you've got cops and security manning a busy stairwell just to keep the fans and team apart.
I know it's popular to think they have to maintain a level of profesionalism but like I said...Hamilton just has this ability to go above and beyond what normal fans might express.
Sudsy,Lancaster,Marshall,Mass, Darren Flutie,
Oz, and last game Cavil, have all had altercations with drunk mouthy fans behind the bench.
Most often ones passing by that like to shoot and scoot like the couragous souls they are.
The Box J boys? Pretty mild and to be quite honest do fall into the more normal least by Box J standards.

Since you're just a "new" member Jare, I can forgive you. But really, I don't think I can bear seeing you in a kilt!!! :wink:

I hope it's not windy that day.

Thanks Jare For The Great Post. :wink:

I believe we have a great bunch of guys that are not being utilized properly.
To all the Players and coaches, Upper management, Caretaker, and Office staff.
We need you all on the same page.
Inside and outside blaming one or the other does not ever help any organization.
All of you take a look into your hearts and minds and ask yourself one question.

:? Am I putting 100% into my job that I am supposed to love?

We as fans have proved our Loyalty.

Now as far as bashing the Box J Boys. The KILT'S they wear are for MEN, REAL MEN AS THEY ALL ARE.
I am in Box J too and I have dressed up in crazy outfits lots of time. Dose that make me want attention too? Not on your life. There was a beautiful, wonderful young lady that dressed up in a Tiger suit who lost her battle with Lukemia that just wanted to give the fans and players a little more to cheer about. Just like Pig Skin. The lady in Box I who wears a Tiger suit and all the rest of us Ticat supporters who like to dress up.
So whatever your reason is to jump on the Box J boys. Please give it a rest. They are only trying like all the rest of us to cheer there team on.
I am sorry you do not have the courage to be a little different.
GO CATS GO. pat_cat

Thanks Pat, you said it all.


You are quite a women, thank you, and it goes with out sayin' we love ya!