To the TiCats Front Office Who Made Tigertown Great.

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know what happened at Tigertown.

The effort and thought put into Tigertown was obviously detailed in nature, from lighting effects, to Hall of Fame displays, they ever present spackling of Ticat player personalities and of course the extensive line up of Hamilton musicians. (Tom Wilson you are rocks!)

The point of this letter is The Toronto Convention Centre had obviously never seen and event that was the magnitude of the Grey Cup Festival and dropped the ball on staffing the bars. For each event line ups to get beverage tickets and beverages where extensive.

For the two bars in Tigertwon they had only 2 bartenders on each and only two people selling beverage tickets. This was the situation at every event I attended, Riderville, Lionsden, the Atlantic Schooners, The big room, the one exception where there was alot of bartending was the exclusive $135.00 a ticket lounge (surprise on that one eh?).

In Tigertown the Ticat front office staff saw the discrepancy and disappointment on the attendees faces and jumped into action.

Throughout Friday and Saturday night I saw my ticket agent Joe Gallager and the rest of the ticket and marketing staff behind the bar pouring as fast as they could and one of the Ticats training staff (who had smart serve certification) up front with the paid Convention Centre bar staff serving. These folks were working their tails off.

Remember, this kind of stuff in NOT in their job discription.

They didn't stop until the lines went down and they came out from behind the bar, they went around and apologized for the waits. Then they jumped right back behind the bar when the next rush came.

I also heard that Mark B. was personally apologizing for the long ticket line up and handing out a beverage ticket for the wait.

I have to say that the staff of the Ticats value our patronage, and take their level of service personally.

I know this might not have been good enough for some people but I for one am throughly impressed by your dedication to make Tiger Town a success.

Thank you Ticat Staff, you truly went above and beyond the call of duty! I had already planned on renewing but if didn't you earned my season ticket renewal! You were awesome, and I was even more proud to be a Ticat fan!

Just give us a winner!

A bump to make sure it's read by the staff!

Thats awesome. Glad to hear it.


On behalf of the entire staff, we would like to thank you for your kind words.

It was a great weeekend and we are all looking forward to a great 2008 season.


I echo JareCanada
The only bad thing about the whole weekend were the beer token and then beer lineups at the events.
The big room too. Thousands of people and only 2 beer lines...insane! Good thing we loaded up on tokens at Tigertown.
I heard that the Cats staff were reactive and was happy to hear that. At the Great Big Sea event, the line ups were 1/2 hour at minimum.
Great job Tigertown!

Thanks to the organizers, but waiting 30 mintues in line for a beer ticket was just ridiculous. also budweiser is better then coors light, other then that great event.

Tiger Town was awesome; my compliments to all the staff that made it happen. Teenage Head rocked the joint Saturday night. If TH gets booked for Grey Cup 96 in Montreal consider me there (and crashing at Oskie Wee Wee's place).

The beer lines weren't too bad in TT, but I wasted half an hour of my life and missed the first few songs of the Great Big Sea concert because of poor event planning. Aaargh.

Share the sentiments of others - Tiger Town was excellent.

However, that hapless woman selling drink tickets, good heavens...when I saw her use the calculator to "add" the price for one beer!

Other than that, one of the best Grey Cup events I've attended of late.

Thanks for all the great response! The one thing we had no control over was the beer ticket sales and the bar service. Sadly, it was lacking in all of the rooms at the MTCC but fortunately our great staff did step in to help out. (Probably broke every rule in the book too!)

We are already making plans for next year. It should be doubly fun when we're in the game too!!!

Thanks for coming to TigerTown!



As I mentioned in another thread, excellent all the way even if the slow beer line almost got my wife picked-up by someone. lol
Had a great time, watching Ken Peters dance was priceless.

Tiger Town was great! I have to agree that the concessions were terrible. Mark Bowden, Joe Gallagher, and Kevin walsh, etc. worked like hell to serve everybody. Good job. I want to mention the concessions at the Dome. The worst I have ever seen! They actually ran out of beer at the Grey Cup! What genius planned this debacle. They knew how many people were going to show up. Even the Vanier Cup was pathetic. Huge lines for no reason. Why is it so hard to get good service at these types of events? It's not complicated.

Hi mid-field, welcome to the site...where were your seats at the Grey Cup?