To the Ticat players regarding this Friday's game!

The bottom line is that the gelling time is over, it’s time to see this team solidifying. I feel they are going to play a good game and come out with a close win.

To the Ticats who may read this…your time is now guys, focus, take the extra time you need to and get it done!

You can do it!


P.S.: I’m just a fan I know, but I am one of many that see’s the talent you guys have and knows if you play as a team you can do this!

You keep gellin we keep yellin.

Not sure if any Ticat players are reading this but im sure KEN PETERS is!

Good post Jare.

It will be a slap in the face for Marshall if the clowns who have been letting him down suddenly stop playing like 13 yrs olds and play like men .

Everyone will go on about what a great job Lancaster is doing when all it took was looking at themselves in the mirror and saying I may be costing myself a job as well as a great head coach .