To the Joseph Haters

He is better than Greene and Crandall
He's a great passer and rusher
He really didn't cost us that much. Who is a better QB in the CFL for the Riders? I don't think anyone would fit that position in the Rider line up better! I guess maybe Printers would have been a great choice, but he is not really available, and even if he was, it would have cost a little more than Holmes to get him.


You could almost argue that joseph is the best quarterback in the league? think about it for a second, he threw for 4500 yards with little or no help (only armstead), ran himself for 1000 yards (under a suspect offensive line), how could you hate a guy who's going to be the best quarterback we've seen in 10 years in a riders jersey? come on now, everyone who hates the riders are just looking for an excuse to bash us. I know shivers promised us a christmas present, and he didn't deliver...but think of joseph and armstead as an easter gift.

Im glad that the rides got Joseph and Armstead , but it remains to be seen what kind of impact they will have. We have had a revolving door it seems when it comes to QBs, so lets wait and see how good(or poor) the Riders do before we start planning a GC celebration.

Revolving door at QB ??? Ha

How long did we beat Nylon to death and don't tell me about that the 2003 season when we went 11-7 cause Calgary, Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto were just terrible. Eight years in the league and he didn't even throw for 300 yards in a single game.

Anyone who plays in Riderville gets a fair chance.

That may be true Green, but QBs dont seem to stick around for very long around here. Look at how many QBs have come and gone since Lancaster retired. We've even had proven starters that have not lasted very long or do you remember the Tom Clements era that lasted half a season??

The Qbs don't stick around here too often because the fans put so much pressure on them, look at Reggie Slack, Marvin Graves, Kevin Jones for petes sakes. If we lost it's the quarterbacks fault, if we won it was still the quarterbacks fault for not winning by 50. Yeah i suppose we're putting alot on kerry joseph because we have to succeed. What else does regina have other than the riders? the pats? that's a good one but every other city excluding hamilton and winnipeg (god i loved those jets) but every other city has some other sports team to carry them through the good times and the bad. when the stamps sucked, the flames were making headlines. in b.c. theres the canucks that used to be good. the point i'm getting at is that in these one sports cities we rely on football. i open up the leaderpost(regina based newspaper) and immediately go to the sports section to see if there is anything about the riders. we as rider fans don't have that other option of the pro sports team.

I agree with that to a point. We can follow other teams, just they are not based here. Yes, we do put a lot of pressure on the QBs, but then when one does come here, he should realize that will come with the territory. Its not just QBs that face that pressure, other face it as well. Look at what happened to McCallum after he missed that FG in the Western Final in 2004. A couple of so-called "fans" got stupid. I do want the Riders to do well, but lets not hang the "saviour" tag on Jospeh, and expect him to perform miracles on the field.

I'm not saying we should do that at all...but as you should we do have some "dedicated" fans here in regina that will do so and tag joseph as the saviour.

Its unfortunate , jamie, that some fans do that, but a lot of fans have unrealistic expectations for Joseph. Aside from Dominguez and Armstead, we have no receiver to speak of,really. There are some up and comers,but who knows if they will pan out or not, lets hope that they will be able to step up. Shivers reputation is on the line here, wether or not he is a good judge of talent. He obviously missed the boat on Clermont and Ryan, who where right under his nose. Maybe its import talent that he knows, rather than Canadian talent.

All Kerry Joseph is going to have to do is throw for 4000 plus yards, complete 60-65% of his passes and have a one to one touchdown to interception ratio and if he rushes for 500 plus yards, its all gravy after that.

He did all that and more with Ottawa with only one receiver and a crappy O-line. Our O-line is better, KK is better than Ranek, French is a better Canadian receiver than Woodcock ( yeah, sad but true ) plus Dominguez and afew our really promising prospects at receiver ( Breeden, Richardson, fantuz). Plus our defensive will keep him on the field longer.

You have to remember the glory days and pressure of playing football for most of these american players was college. 80,000 fans , burn down your house if you don't win etc etc

Hate to rain on ur parade, but rushing QBs have shorter careers cause obviously they cant take a hit when running when thyere old and josephs already what 37 or so...

Not quite that old,and he's only played 4 years as QB , Joseph spent 4 yrs with the Seahawks as a safety

Well Green, Fanutz wont be around until his NFL options are over with, so that could be half a year of a full year, I dont expect to see Fanutz until 2007. As for French being a better Canadian than Woodcock, the jury is still out on that, but the player who needs to step up and show that he can be an effective receiver this year is Karsten Bailey. He has to show that he will pay the price to make a catch, and not be afraid of the football.

Karsten Bailey is gone. I don't see him riderville anymore.

Bailey was injured, if I recall correctly, and I believe he is also a FA.....whether or not he returns is dependant on his injury status, from the rumours I've heard.....which may or may not be true.....

He resigned weeks ago. He was also playing injured all of last season. Aparently when he didn't run after the ball, it was because he couldn't run fast enough with his bum leg, not that he didn't want too..... so says Danny Barrett. He was great at the beginning of the season, hopefully that is more typical Karsten then what we saw at the end of last season.

Go Riders!!

That is a poor excuse to me. If he coudnt run after footballs , then he shoud have never been on the field, and let the leg heal. Someone who was healthy should have been starting at that position. We have a lot of receivers in camp, so im wonderng if Bailey will even be on the roster once the regular season starts. Its funny that the trainer or the receiver coach didnt pick up on the fact that he was injured.....

Any ideas as to why Bailey is not listed on the Riders' online roster?

Bailey may have been injured, but then he should have taken himself out. He has soured many fans towards him. Right or wrong people see him as a "lazy" reciever. If he on the roster for TC and DOES earn a spot on the team, he will need to play exceptionally well to win over any fan support. Personally, I hope that we can replace him with better players.